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Revision 1.11 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Sep 18 11:59:12 2017 UTC (19 months ago) by adam
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py-lxml: update to 4.0.0


Features added
* The ElementPath implementation is now compiled using Cython,
  which speeds up the ``.find*()`` methods quite significantly.

* The modules ``lxml.builder``, ``lxml.html.diff`` and ``lxml.html.clean``
  are also compiled using Cython in order to speed them up.

* ``xmlfile()`` supports async coroutines using ``async with`` and ``await``.

* ``iterwalk()`` has a new method ``skip_subtree()`` that prevents walking into
  the descendants of the current element.

* ``RelaxNG.from_rnc_string()`` accepts a ``base_url`` argument to
  allow relative resource lookups.

* The XSLT result object has a new method ``.write_output(file)`` that serialises
  output data into a file according to the ``<xsl:output>`` configuration.

Bugs fixed
* GH-251: HTML comments were handled incorrectly by the soupparser.
  Patch by mozbugbox.

* LP-1654544: The html5parser no longer passes the ``useChardet`` option
  if the input is a Unicode string, unless explicitly requested.  When parsing
  files, the default is to enable it when a URL or file path is passed (because
  the file is then opened in binary mode), and to disable it when reading from
  a file(-like) object.

  Note: This is a backwards incompatible change of the default configuration.
  If your code parses byte strings/streams and depends on character detection,
  please pass the option ``guess_charset=True`` explicitly, which already worked
  in older lxml versions.

* LP-1703810: ``etree.fromstring()`` failed to parse UTF-32 data with BOM.

* LP-1526522: Some RelaxNG errors were not reported in the error log.

* LP-1567526: Empty and plain text input raised a TypeError in soupparser.

* LP-1710429: Uninitialised variable usage in HTML diff.

* LP-1415643: The closing tags context manager in ``xmlfile()`` could continue
  to output end tags even after writing failed with an exception.

* LP-1465357: ``xmlfile.write()`` now accepts and ignores None as input argument.

* Compilation under Py3.7-pre failed due to a modified function signature.

Other changes
* The main module source files were renamed from ``lxml.*.pyx`` to plain
  ``*.pyx`` (e.g. ``etree.pyx``) to simplify their handling in the build
  process.  Care was taken to keep the old header files as fallbacks for
  code that compiles against the public C-API of lxml, but it might still
  be worth validating that third-party code does not notice this change.

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