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Revision 1.5, Thu Sep 28 04:19:23 2017 UTC (2 years, 8 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.4: +5 -5 lines

p5-Text-Hunspell: update to 2.14.

2.14    2016/01/14 08:36:00 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        No functional changes. Now Text::Hunspell depends on Alien::Hunspell
        version 0.04. Should finally compile nicely on Win32 platform.

2.13    2016/01/11 10:59:00 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        Win32 build support added (Graham Ollis, @plicease).
        This should make Text::Hunspell build correctly on Windows. \o/

        *** If you're using Win32, make sure you use a recent version of
        Alien::Base (>= 0.024) and/or Alien::Hunspell (soon-to-be 0.04)

2.12    2015/12/18 10:35:00 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        Replaced ExtUtils::PkgConfig with Alien::Hunspell. This should allow
        Text::Hunspell to build on non-pkgconfig-enabled systems, even though
        I'm not sure how reliably it works. Will have to evaluate from CPAN
        testers results. Thanks to Alien* expert Graham Ollis for this

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.5 2017/09/28 04:19:23 wiz Exp $

SHA1 (Text-Hunspell-2.14.tar.gz) = ae2f34baec365a62a20a054d8554f83fe6bed838
RMD160 (Text-Hunspell-2.14.tar.gz) = fb9c8e665471354a1290aa8879ce938054258d8b
SHA512 (Text-Hunspell-2.14.tar.gz) = 927d9e12fd5998dd4999b9b4f3bbc63d0200e7ed021995b27504d1d799363eb598354933adaeb45cb28c02ee7dc655f3948368f8577d08386fb0e8637c349054
Size (Text-Hunspell-2.14.tar.gz) = 281296 bytes