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Revision 1.1, Thu Sep 20 20:53:30 2007 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Move namazu2 to namazu, to make directory name match PKGNAME.

$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.1 2007/09/20 20:53:30 wiz Exp $

Here are general notes for the namazu pkgsrc package.

1. If you customize namazu configuration, please edit "mknmzrc" file
   in ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR} directory.

2. if you upgrade from namazu 1.X, you need to rebuild index files
   since index file format was changed from namazu prior to 2.0.

3. In order to processing Japanese, you should install any of the following
   WAKATI modues:
	KAKASI	(textproc/p5-Text-Kakasi)
	ChaSen	(textporc/p5-Text-ChaSen)
	MeCab	(textproc/p5-mcab)
   And specify WAKATI module in "namazurc" file or option of mknmz:
		namazurc		mknmz
   	KAKASI	$WAKATI=$KAKASI		-k or --use-kakasi
   	ChaSen	$WAKATI=$CHASEN		-c or --use-chasen
   	MeCab	$WAKATI=$MECAB		-e or --use-mecab

   Then, you need to set "LC_ALL", "LANG" or "LC_CTYPE" environment to "ja".
   Or use --indexing-lang option of mknmz.

4. In order to display Japanese message, you need to set "LANGUAGE",
   "LC_ALL", "LC_MESSAGES" or "LANG" environment to "ja".

5. If perl display locale related warnings, you need to set
   "PERL_BADLANG" environment.

6. Special notes for perl 5.8.1 users:  Please set environment

7. If you want to make index of bellow file type, please install
   appropriate package.

	Adobe PDF			xpdf
	Adobe PostScript		ghostscript
	JustSystem Ichitaro		DocCat
	Microsoft Excel			xlHtml or DocCat
	Microsoft PowerPoint		xlHtml or DocCat
	Microsoft Word			wv or DocCat
	Redhat RPM			rpm
	TeX source			detex
	TeX dvi				dvi2tty

   For handling non-English language, you might need lv and/or nkf
   package, too.

   DocCat is a commercial product from Dehenken Limited.
   See http://www.dehenken.co.jp/products/products-01/products-dc01.html
   in detail.