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Revision 1.25 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Sep 6 09:49:01 2011 UTC (7 years, 5 months ago) by wiz
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CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3
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Update to 1.11.7:

02-09-2011: version 1.11.7

Added demandoc utility for stripping away macros and escapes. This
replaces the historical deroff utility. Also improved the mdoc and
man manuals.

16-08-2011: version 1.11.6

Handling of tr macro in roff implemented. This makes Perl documentation
much more readable. Hyphenation is also now enabled in man format
documents. Many other general improvements have been implemented.
Furthermore, a 64-bit Windows binary is now available at
and a Mac OS X universal binary is available at

24-07-2011: version 1.11.5

Significant eqn improvements. mdocml can now parse arbitrary eqn
input (although few GNU extensions are accepted, nor is mixing
low-level roff with eqn). See the eqn manual for details. For the
time being, equations are rendered as simple in-line text. The
equation parser satisfies the language specified in the Second
Edition User's Guide.

This is also the first release featuring a distributed Windows
binary, available at /binaries/

12-07-2011: version 1.11.4

Bug-fixes and clean-ups across all systems, especially in makewhatis
(note: still not connected to the general build and must be compiled
with make makewhatis) and the man parser.  This release was
significantly assisted by participants in OpenBSD's c2k11.  Thanks!

26-05-2011: version 1.11.3

Introduce locale-encoding of output with the -Tlocale output option
and Unicode escaped-character input.  See mandoc and mandoc_char,
respectively, for details.  This allows for non-ASCII characters
(e.g., \[u5000]) to be rendered in the locale's encoding, if said
environment supports wide-character encoding (if it does not,
-Tascii is used instead).  Locale support can be turned off at
compile time by removing -DUSE_WCHAR in the Makefile, in which case
-Tlocale is always a synonym for -Tascii.

Furthermore, multibyte-encoded documents, such as those in UTF-8,
may be on-the-fly recoded into mandoc input by using the newly-added
preconv utility.  Note: in the future, this feature may be integrated
into mandoc.

12-05-2011: version 1.11.2

Corrected some installation issues in version 1.11.1.  Further
migration to libmandoc.  Initial public release (this utility is
very much under development) of makewhatis, initially named mandoc-db.
This utility produces keyword databases of manual content mandoc-cgi,
mandoc-tools, which features semantic querying of manual content.

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