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Revision 1.3, Sun Jan 22 10:30:09 2023 UTC (7 days, 15 hours ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.2: +1 -1 lines

libxml2: update to 2.10.3.

NEWS file for libxml2

v2.10.3: Oct 14 2022

### Security

- [CVE-2022-40304] Fix dict corruption caused by entity reference cycles
- [CVE-2022-40303] Fix integer overflows with XML_PARSE_HUGE
- Fix overflow check in SAX2.c

### Portability

- win32: Fix build with VS2013

### Build system

- cmake: Set SOVERSION

v2.10.2: Aug 29 2022

### Improvements

- Remove set-but-unused variable in xmlXPathScanName
- Silence -Warray-bounds warning

### Build system

- build: require automake-1.16.3 or later (Xi Ruoyao)
- Remove generated files from distribution

### Test suite

- Don't create missing.xml when running testapi

v2.10.1: Aug 25 2022

### Regressions

- Fix xmlCtxtReadDoc with encoding

### Bug fixes

- Fix HTML parser with threads and --without-legacy

### Build system

- Fix build with Python 3.10
- cmake: Disable version script on macOS
- Remove Makefile rule to build testapi.c

### Documentation

- Switch back to HTML output for API documentation
- Port doc/examples/ to Python 3
- Fix order of exports in libxml2-api.xml
- Remove libxml2-refs.xml

v2.10.0: Aug 17 2022

### Security

- [CVE-2022-2309] Reset nsNr in xmlCtxtReset
- Reserve byte for NUL terminator and report errors consistently in xmlBuf and
  xmlBuffer (David Kilzer)
- Fix missing NUL terminators in xmlBuf and xmlBuffer functions (David Kilzer)
- Fix integer overflow in xmlBufferDump() (David Kilzer)
- xmlBufAvail() should return length without including a byte for NUL
  terminator (David Kilzer)
- Fix ownership of xmlNodePtr & xmlAttrPtr fields in xmlSetTreeDoc() (David
- Use xmlNewDocText in xmlXIncludeCopyRange
- Fix use-after-free bugs when calling xmlTextReaderClose() before
  xmlFreeTextReader() on post-validating parser (David Kilzer)
- Use UPDATE_COMPAT() consistently in buf.c (David Kilzer)
- fix: xmlXPathParserContext could be double-delete in  OOM case. (jinsub ahn)

### Removals and deprecations

- Disable XPointer location support by default
- Remove outdated
- Deprecate module init and cleanup functions
- Remove obsolete XML Software Autoupdate (XSA) file
- Remove DOCBparser
- Remove obsolete Python test framework
- Remove broken VxWorks support
- Remove broken Mac OS 9 support
- Remove broken bakefile support
- Remove broken Visual Studio 2010 support
- Remove broken Windows CE support
- Deprecate IDREF-related functions in valid.h
- Deprecate legacy functions
- Disable legacy support by default
- Deprecate all functions in nanoftp.h
- Disable FTP support by default
- Remove elfgcchack.h

### Regressions

- Skip incorrectly opened HTML comments
- Restore behavior of htmlDocContentDumpFormatOutput() (David Kilzer)

### Bug fixes

- Fix memory leak with invalid XSD
- Make XPath depth check work with recursive invocations
- Fix memory leak in xmlLoadEntityContent error path
- Avoid double-free if malloc fails in inputPush
- Properly fold whitespace around the QName value when validating an XSD
  schema. (Damjan Jovanovic)
- Add whitespace folding for some atomic data types that it's missing on.
  (Damjan Jovanovic)
- Don't add IDs containing unexpanded entity references

### Improvements

- Avoid calling xmlSetTreeDoc
- Simplify xmlFreeNode
- Don't reset nsDef when changing node content
- Fix unintended fall-through in xmlNodeAddContentLen
- Remove unused xmlBuf functions (David Kilzer)
- Implement xpath1() XPointer scheme
- Add configuration flag for XPointer locations support
- Fix compiler warnings in Python code
- Mark more static data as `const` (David Kilzer)
- Make xmlStaticCopyNode non-recursive
- Clean up encoding switching code
- Simplify recursive pthread mutex
- Use non-recursive mutex in dict.c
- Fix parser progress checks
- Avoid arithmetic on freed pointers
- Improve buffer allocation scheme
- Remove unneeded #includes
- Add support for some non-standard escapes in regular expressions. (Damjan
- htmlParseComment: handle abruptly-closed comments (Mike Dalessio)
- Add let variable tag support (Oliver Diehl)
- Add value-of tag support (Oliver Diehl)
- Remove useless call to xmlRelaxNGCleanupTypes
- Don't include ICU headers in public headers
- Update `xmlStrlen()` to use POSIX / ISO C `strlen()` (Mike Dalessio)
- Fix unused variable warnings with disabled features
- Only warn on invalid redeclarations of predefined entities
- Remove unneeded code in xmlreader.c
- Rework validation context flags

### Portability

- Use NAN/INFINITY if available to init XPath NaN/Inf (Sergey Kosukhin)
- Fix Python tests on macOS
- Fix xmlCleanupThreads on Windows
- Fix reinitialization of library on Windows
- Don't mix declarations and code in runtest.c
- Use portable python shebangs (David Seifert)
- Use critical sections as mutex on Windows
- Don't set HAVE_WIN32_THREADS in win32config.h
- Use stdint.h with newer MSVC
- Remove cruft from win32config.h
- Remove isinf/isnan emulation in win32config.h
- Always fopen files with "rb"
- Remove __DJGPP__ checks
- Remove useless __CYGWIN__ checks

### Build system

- Don't autogenerate doc/examples/
- cmake: Install libxml.m4 on UNIX-like platforms (Daniel E)
- cmake: Use symbol versioning on UNIX-like platforms (Daniel E)
- Port to Python 3
- Port to Python 3
- cmake: Fix build without thread support
- cmake: Install documentation in CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR
- cmake: Remove non needed files in docs dir (Daniel E)
- configure: move XML_PRIVATE_LIBS after WIN32_EXTRA_LIBADD is set
  (Christopher Degawa)
- Move local Autoconf macros into m4 directory
- Use XML_PRIVATE_LIBS in libxml2_la_LIBADD
- Update
- Don't overlink executables
- cmake: Adjust paths for UNIX or UNIX-like target systems (Daniel Engberg)
- build: Make use of variables in libxml's pkg-config file (Daniel Engberg)
- Avoid obsolescent `test -a` constructs (David Seifert)
- Move AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to AM section
- make AM_SILENT_RULES([yes]) unconditional (David Seifert)
- Streamline documentation installation
- Don't try to recreate COPYING symlink
- Detect libm using libtool's macros (David Seifert)
- disable static libraries by default (David Seifert)
- python/ nest python docs in $(docdir) (David Seifert)
- python/ rely on global AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE (David Seifert)
- install examples more idiomatically (David Seifert)
- remove useless AC_SUBST (David Seifert)
- Respect `--sysconfdir` in source files (David Seifert)
- Ignore configure backup file created by recent autoreconf too (Vadim Zeitlin)
- Only install *.html and *.c example files
- Remove --with-html-dir option
- Rework documentation build system
- Remove old website
- Use AM_PATH_PYTHON/PKG_CHECK_MODULES for python bindings (David Seifert)
- Update
- Update
- Remove ICONV_CONST test
- Remove obsolete AC_HEADER checks
- Don't check for standard C89 library functions
- Don't check for standard C89 headers
- Remove special configuration for certain maintainers

### Test suite, CI

- Disable network in API tests
- testapi: remove leading slash from "/missing.xml" (Mike Gilbert)
- Build Autotools CI tests out of source tree (VPATH)
- Add --with-minimum build to CI tests
- Fix warnings when testing --with-minimum build
- cmake: Run all tests when threads are disabled
- Also build CI tests with -Werror
- Move doc/examples tests to new test suite
- Simplify 'make check' targets
- Fix schemas and relaxng tests
- Remove unused result files
- Allow missing result files in runtest
- Move regexp tests to runtest
- Move SVG tests to runtest.c
- Move testModule to new test suite
- Move testThreads to new test suite
- Remove major parts of old test suite
- Make testchar return an error on failure (Tony Tascioglu)
- Add CI job for static build
- python/tests: open() relative to test scripts (David Seifert)
- Port some test scripts to Python 3

### Documentation

- Improve documentation of tree manipulation API
- Update xml2-config man page
- Consolidate man pages
- Rename xmlcatalog_man.xml
- Make examples a standalone HTML page
- Fix documentation in entities.c
- Add note about optimization flags

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Mar 12 07:33:22 2022 UTC (10 months, 2 weeks ago) by kim
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q4-base, pkgsrc-2022Q4, pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, pkgsrc-2022Q1-base, pkgsrc-2022Q1
Changes since 1.1: +5 -18 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

textproc/libxml2: Update to 2.9.13


v2.9.13: Feb 19 2022:
   - Security:
  [CVE-2022-23308] Use-after-free of ID and IDREF attributes
  (Thanks to Shinji Sato for the report)
  Use-after-free in xmlXIncludeCopyRange (David Kilzer)
  Fix Null-deref-in-xmlSchemaGetComponentTargetNs (huangduirong)
  Fix memory leak in xmlXPathCompNodeTest
  Fix null pointer deref in xmlStringGetNodeList
  Fix several memory leaks found by Coverity (David King)

   - Fixed regressions:
  Fix regression in RelaxNG pattern matching
  Properly handle nested documents in xmlFreeNode
  Fix regression with PEs in external DTD
  Fix random dropping of characters on dumping ASCII encoded XML (Mohammad Razavi)
  Revert "Make schema validation fail with multiple top-level elements"
  Fix regression when parsing invalid HTML tags in push mode
  Fix regression parsing public IDs literals in HTML
  Fix buffering in xmlOutputBufferWrite
  Fix whitespace when serializing empty HTML documents
  Fix XPath recursion limit
  Fix regression in xmlNodeDumpOutputInternal
  Work around lxml API abuse

   - Bug fixes:
  Fix xmlSetTreeDoc with entity references
  Fix double counting of CRLF in comments
  Make sure to grow input buffer in xmlParseMisc
  Don't ignore xmllint options after "-"
  Don't normalize namespace URIs in XPointer xmlns() scheme
  Fix handling of XSD with empty namespace
  Also register HTML document nodes
  Make xmllint return an error if arguments are missing
  Fix handling of ctxt->base in xmlXPtrEvalXPtrPart
  Fix xmllint --maxmem
  Fix htmlReadFd, which was using a mix of xml and html context functions (Finn Barber)
  Move current position before possible calling of ctxt->sax->characters (Yulin Li)
  Fix parse failure when 4-byte character in UTF-16 BE is split across a chunk (David Kilzer)
  Patch to forbid epsilon-reduction of final states (Arne Becker)
  Avoid segfault at exit when using custom memory functions (Mike Dalessio)

   - Tests, code quality, fuzzing:
  Remove .travis.yml
  Make xmlFuzzReadString return a zero size in error case
  Fix unused function warning in testapi.c
  Update NewsML DTD in test suite
  Add more checks for malloc failures in xmllint.c
  Avoid potential integer overflow in xmlstring.c
  Run CI tests with UBSan implicit-conversion checks
  Fix casting of line numbers in SAX2.c
  Fix integer conversion warnings in hash.c
  Add explicit casts in runtest.c
  Fix integer conversion warning in xmlIconvWrapper
  Add suffix to unsigned constant in xmlmemory.c
  Add explicit casts in testchar.c
  Fix integer conversion warnings in xmlstring.c
  Add explicit cast in xmlURIUnescapeString
  Remove unused variable in xmlCharEncOutFunc (David King)

   - Build system, portability:
  Remove xmlwin32version.h
  Fix fuzzer test with VPATH build
  Support custom prefix when installing Python module
  Remove CVS and SVN-related code
  Port python 3.x module to Windows and improve distutils (Chun-wei Fan)
  Correctly install the HTML examples into their subdirectory (Mattia Rizzolo)
  Refactor the settings of $docdir (Mattia Rizzolo)
  Remove unused configure checks (Ben Boeckel)
  python/ use *_LIBADD, not *_LDFLAGS for LIBS (Sam James)
  Fix check for libtool in
  Use version in for CMake (Timothy Lyanguzov)
  Add CMake alias targets for embedded projects (Markus Rickert)

   - Documentation:
  Remove SVN keyword anchors
  Rework README
  Remove README.cvs-commits
  Remove old ChangeLog
  Update hyperlinks
  Remove xmltutorial.pdf
  Upload documentation to GitLab pages
  Document how to escape XML_CATALOG_FILES
  Fix libxml2.doap
  Update URL for libxml++ C++ binding (Kjell Ahlstedt)
  Generate devhelp2 index file (Emmanuele Bassi)
  Mention XML_CATALOG_FILES is space-separated (Jan Tojnar)
  Add documentaiton for xmllint exit code 10 (Rainer Canavan)
  Fix some validation errors in the FAQ (David King)
  Add instructions on how to use CMake to compile libxml (Markus Rickert)

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Oct 31 13:15:44 2017 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by fhajny
Branch: MAIN
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