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[TXT] patch-extras_swig_makefile  1.2   16 months  schmonz   Use swig3 to get Perl bindings building again on NetBSD. Bump PKGREVISION.
[TXT] patch-makefile  1.4   6 months  schmonz   Update to 3.50. From the changelog: - added lineno, column parameters to OnStat...
[TXT] patch-src_core_platform__fs.cpp  1.3   6 weeks  schmonz   Extend patch to a new function, re-fixing the Illumos build.
[TXT] patch-src_gui-qt_mainwindow.cpp  1.3   4 months  schmonz   Update to 3.51. From the changelog: - SVG output: added `white-space: pre` in s...
[TXT] patch-src_gui-qt_showtextfile.cpp  1.1   14 months  schmonz   Fix textproc/highlight build with 'x11' option.
[TXT] patch-src_makefile  1.7   2 months  schmonz   Update to 3.53. From the changelog: - fixed out-of-range exception with repeate...

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