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Revision 1.15, Mon Apr 27 15:16:45 2020 UTC (3 years, 7 months ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.14: +7 -1 lines

(sysutils/webadmin, sysutils/wbm-*) Updated 1.831 to 1.941

 - sysutils/wbm-acl Added
 - sysutils/wbm-proc Added
 - sysutils/wbm-file deleted
 - sysutils/wbm-cyrus-imapd converted 2.1 to 2.4

Version 1.941 (15th January 2019)
     o Put back an updated version of the built-in Let's Encrypt client.

Version 1.940 (28th December 2019)
     o Removed Webmin's built-in Let's Encrypt client, in favor of
        recommending the official certbot command.
     o Added support for creating "safe-mode" Webmin users who have access
        only to modules and permissions that don't grant root access.
     o Added support for CAA records in the BIND module.
     o Postfix maps with more than 100 entries by default are now shown with a
        search box.
     o Updated the Authentic Theme to the latest version, which includes
        numerous improvements to the file manager and overall UI.

Version 1.930 (17th August 2019)
     o Fixed a security hole that allows remote exploits if the option to
        change expired passwords is enabled. All users should upgrade
        immediately to pick up this fix!
     o Updated the Authentic Theme to the latest version.

Version 1.920 (6th July 2019)
     o Updated the Authentic Theme to the latest version.
     o Added an option to disable (comment out) hosts file entries.
     o Added a monitor type to check if a bootup action is running or not.
     o Translation updates for multiple languages.

Version 1.910 (9th May 2019)
     o Updated the Authentic Theme to the latest version.
     o More translation updates for multiple languages.
     o The next run time of each cron job can be displayed by enabling a new
        config option.
     o Added a tab for managing APT and YUM repos to the Software Packages
     o Added support for file ownership and permission checks to the File or
        Directory monitor.

Version 1.900 (19th November 2018)
     o Updated the Authentic Theme to the latest version.
     o Translation updates for multiple languages.
     o When installing a package, the list of other dependencies that will be
        also installed is displayed for confirmation.
     o Wildcard SSL certs can now be requested via Let's Encrypt in DNS mode,
        if the native client is installed.
     o Announcements to all Webmin users can now be displayed on the System
        Information page.

Version 1.890 (19th July 2018)
     o Added support to the Network Configuration module for the Netplan
        interface format used on Ubuntu 18 and above.
     o Bulgarian, German and Catalan language translation updates.
     o Theme updates to the file manager, high-contrast mode, Japanese,
        German, Swedish and Albanian language updates, better date display and
     o Improved support for freezing and thawing dynamic zones and IPv6 zone
        transfers in the BIND module.
     o Scheduled funtions are now recorded in the Webmin Actions Log module.
     o Improved detection of new Postfix versions.
     o Email autoresponder option to prevent replies to forwarded email.
     o OpenSuSE Leap, Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18 support.

Version 1.881 (16th March 2018)
     o Bugfixes for the Cron module.
     o Further updates to the Authentic theme.

Version 1.880 (4th March 2018)
     o German, Catalan and Bulgarian translation updates.
     o The newest version of the Authentic theme.
     o Added a page for manually editing the MySQL config files, and
        implemented support for config includes.
     o Added a page for manually editing the allowed hosts config file.
     o Added a config option to set a minimum interval between notifications
        for each monitor in the System and Server Status module.
     o Bugfixes for DNS validation for Let's Encrypt certificates.

Version 1.870 (8th December 2017)
     o Major updates to the Authentic theme to speed up page loads and add
        real-time system statistics.
     o Greek, Bulgarian, Catalan and Russian translation updates and encoding
     o Severel fixes for Let's Encrypt SSL certificate requests.
     o UI cleanups in the Majordomo module.
     o UI unification in the IPv4 and IPv6 firewall modules.
     o Numerous fixes for minor Perl error and warnings.

Version 1.860 (10th October 2017)
     o Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the MySQL module (thanks to Munzir Taha).
     o Fixed a security issue that could be exploited by using the Upload and
        Download module to fetch an untrusted URL (thanks to Maor Shwartz)
     o Updated to the latest version of the Authentic theme.
     o More Majordomo module improvements, thanks to gnadelwartz.
     o Fixed upstart vs systemd detection.
     o German translation updates from Raymond Vetter, Albanian from Adalen
        Vladi, and Catalan from Jaume Badiella.
     o Let's Encrypt fixes when using DNS-based validation in a sub-domain.

Version 1.850 (28th June 2017)
     o Fixed multi-hostname DNS registration and the display of error messages
        in Let's Encrypt support.
     o Numerous Majordomo module improvements, thanks to gnadelwartz.
     o Added support for creating and editing port forwards in the FirewallD
     o Filesystems that have less than 1% free disk space are now shown on the
        System Information page.
     o Numerous bugfixes across multiple modules.

Version 1.840 (8th May 2017)
     o Fixes for XSS security vulnerabilities
     o Many updates to the Authentic theme.
     o SSHFP record support in the BIND module.
     o Thin provisioned LV support in the LVM module.
     o SNI (per-domain-name) SSL certificate support in Webmin itself.
     o DNS validation mode for Let's Encrypt certificates.
     o Manual editor for Cron jobs.
     o More German, Norwegian and Catalan translation updates.

# $NetBSD: wbm.mk,v 1.15 2020/04/27 15:16:45 mef Exp $
# Makefile fragment for Webmin modules
# Then following variables may be set prior to including this file:
# WBM_NAME		Module name.
# WBM_STD_MODULE	if "YES", then this package provided as standard
#			module.  defaults to "YES".
# WBM_MOD_REV		Updated revision number since the each release.
#			Updated modules are taken from following URL:
#			http://www.webmin.com/updates.html
# WBM_DEPEND_MODULES	Depending webmin modules.
LICENSE=	modified-bsd

.include "version.mk"


.if defined(WBM_MOD_REV) && !empty(WBM_MOD_REV) || !empty(WBM_STD_MODULE:M[Nn][Oo])
MASTER_SITES?=		http://www.webmin.com/updates/
EXTRACT_SUFX?=		.wbm.gz
EXTRACT_OPTS+=		-f tar
CATEGORIES+=		sysutils www

MAINTAINER?=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE?=	http://www.webmin.com/standard.html

USE_TOOLS+=	perl:run perl
DEPENDS+=	webmin>=${WBM_VERSION}:../../sysutils/webmin

DEPENDS+=	wbm-${m}>=${WBM_VERSION}:../../sysutils/wbm-${m}

WEBMIN_DIR=	${LOCALBASE}/share/webmin
WEBMIN_EGDIR=	${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/webmin
WBM_DIR=	${PREFIX}/share/webmin
WBM_EGDIR=	${PREFIX}/share/examples/webmin

			${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/${WBM_NAME}/config		\

INSTALL_TEMPLATES+=	${PKGSRCDIR}/sysutils/webmin/files/wbm-install.tmpl
DEINSTALL_TEMPLATES+=	${PKGSRCDIR}/sysutils/webmin/files/wbm-deinstall.tmpl

# WBM_NAME is the name of the module directory
WEBMIN_OSTYPE_cmd=	${AWK} '/^os_type=/ {sub("os_type=",""); print}' \
WEBMIN_OSVERSION_cmd=	${AWK} '/^os_version=/ {sub("os_version=",""); print}' \

.PHONY: wbm-configure wbm-build wbm-install

	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name "*.pl"   |xargs ${CHMOD} -x
	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name "*.html" |xargs ${CHMOD} -x
	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name "*.gif"  |xargs ${CHMOD} -x
	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name "*.png"  |xargs ${CHMOD} -x

	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name "*.orig" -print | ${XARGS} ${RM} -f

	${FIND} ${WBMSRC} -name '*.cgi' -print -o -name '*.pl' -print |	\
	${PERL5} ${WEBMIN_DIR}/perlpath.pl ${PERL5} -


	${PERL5} ${WEBMIN_DIR}/copyconfig.pl				\
		${WEBMIN_OSTYPE_cmd:sh:Q} ${WEBMIN_OSVERSION_cmd:sh:Q:S/^$/''/}\

do-configure: wbm-configure
do-build: wbm-build
do-install: wbm-install