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Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Nov 4 01:32:08 2015 UTC (4 years, 4 months ago) by agc
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, pkgsrc-2019Q3-base, pkgsrc-2019Q3, pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2, pkgsrc-2019Q1-base, pkgsrc-2019Q1, pkgsrc-2018Q4-base, pkgsrc-2018Q4, pkgsrc-2018Q3-base, pkgsrc-2018Q3, pkgsrc-2018Q2-base, pkgsrc-2018Q2, pkgsrc-2018Q1-base, pkgsrc-2018Q1, pkgsrc-2017Q4-base, pkgsrc-2017Q4, pkgsrc-2017Q3-base, pkgsrc-2017Q3, pkgsrc-2017Q2-base, pkgsrc-2017Q2, pkgsrc-2017Q1-base, pkgsrc-2017Q1, pkgsrc-2016Q4-base, pkgsrc-2016Q4, pkgsrc-2016Q3-base, pkgsrc-2016Q3, pkgsrc-2016Q2-base, pkgsrc-2016Q2, pkgsrc-2016Q1-base, pkgsrc-2016Q1, pkgsrc-2015Q4-base, pkgsrc-2015Q4, HEAD
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Diff to previous 1.2 (colored)

Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for sysutils category

Problems found with existing digests:
	Package memconf distfile memconf-2.16/memconf.gz
	b6f4b736cac388dddc5070670351cf7262aba048 [recorded]
	95748686a5ad8144232f4d4abc9bf052721a196f [calculated]

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package dc-tools: missing distfile dc-tools/abs0-dc-burn-netbsd-1.5-0-gae55ec9
	Package ipw-firmware: missing distfile ipw2100-fw-1.2.tgz
	Package iwi-firmware: missing distfile ipw2200-fw-2.3.tgz
	Package nvnet: missing distfile nvnet-netbsd-src-20050620.tgz
	Package syslog-ng: missing distfile syslog-ng-3.7.2.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jun 7 22:02:24 2009 UTC (10 years, 9 months ago) by hasso
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2015Q3-base, pkgsrc-2015Q3, pkgsrc-2015Q2-base, pkgsrc-2015Q2, pkgsrc-2015Q1-base, pkgsrc-2015Q1, pkgsrc-2014Q4-base, pkgsrc-2014Q4, pkgsrc-2014Q3-base, pkgsrc-2014Q3, pkgsrc-2014Q2-base, pkgsrc-2014Q2, pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1, pkgsrc-2013Q4-base, pkgsrc-2013Q4, pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3, pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2, pkgsrc-2013Q1-base, pkgsrc-2013Q1, pkgsrc-2012Q4-base, pkgsrc-2012Q4, pkgsrc-2012Q3-base, pkgsrc-2012Q3, pkgsrc-2012Q2-base, pkgsrc-2012Q2, pkgsrc-2012Q1-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1, pkgsrc-2011Q4-base, pkgsrc-2011Q4, pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3, pkgsrc-2011Q2-base, pkgsrc-2011Q2, pkgsrc-2011Q1-base, pkgsrc-2011Q1, pkgsrc-2010Q4-base, pkgsrc-2010Q4, pkgsrc-2010Q3-base, pkgsrc-2010Q3, pkgsrc-2010Q2-base, pkgsrc-2010Q2, pkgsrc-2010Q1-base, pkgsrc-2010Q1, pkgsrc-2009Q4-base, pkgsrc-2009Q4, pkgsrc-2009Q3-base, pkgsrc-2009Q3, pkgsrc-2009Q2-base, pkgsrc-2009Q2
Changes since 1.1: +12 -5 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

Update to 1.1.9. The patch-a[d-j] are snippets from the patch borrowed from
Gentoo bugzilla - This makes
it compile on Linux glibc-2.10 and other systems (also DragonFly).

cdrkit (1.1.9)

  * wodim: In -msinfo mode, only suggest dvd+rw-mediainfo in verbose mode.
    Thanks to Michael Karcher <> for the
  * genisoimage: undo a mistake in the directory permissions change in
    the last release. Fixes handling of deep directory structures.

cdrkit (1.1.8)

  * genisoimage/joliet.c: Fix a potential memory corruption bug.
  * genisoimage/md5.c: Trivial cleanup
  * genisoimage/genisoimage.[c1]: Add command-line support for
  * genisoimage/sha1.h: Fix a type issue that broke sha1 support
    on 64-bit arches.
  * genisoimage/checksum.[ch]: Added test code; changed internal
    layout slightly to make for easier debug.
  * genisoimage: Applied patch from Roman Rakus <> to
    preserve directory permissions.
  * genisoimage: Add a patch from Ivan Shmakov. "-o -" will now write
    to stdout, as typical for command line programs. And we will try
    not to corrupt stdout by default if it's a terminal.
  * genisoimage/genisoimage.1: Add a mention of -chrp-boot.
  * genisoimage/mac_label.c: Fix an over-keen s/mkisofs/genisoimage.

cdrkit (

  * Re-spin the 1.1.7 release with a few silly release process errors fixed.

cdrkit (1.1.7)

  * lots of fixes to prevent gcc warnings
  * Fix for Joliet directory length bug in genisoimage
  * wodim.1: small fixes.
  * genisoimage/jte.c: add support for bzip2-compressed templates
  * genisoimage/jte.c: fix bzip2-compressed template data to be
    compatible with jigdo.
  * genisoimage/jte.c: fix exclude list handling.
  * genisoimage/checksum.[ch]: Add a generic infrastructure for
    checksums so we can use sha1/<whatever> as well as just
    md5sum. Will make things much faster for generating sha1sums for
    images and jigdos.
  * genisoimage/sha1.[ch]: Add GPL-licensed SHA1 implementation.
  * s/mkisofs/genisoimage/ in ABOUT

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sun Jul 1 00:26:14 2007 UTC (12 years, 9 months ago) by wiz
Branch: TNF
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2009Q1-base, pkgsrc-2009Q1, pkgsrc-2008Q4-base, pkgsrc-2008Q4, pkgsrc-2008Q3-base, pkgsrc-2008Q3, pkgsrc-2008Q2-base, pkgsrc-2008Q2, pkgsrc-2008Q1-base, pkgsrc-2008Q1, pkgsrc-2007Q4-base, pkgsrc-2007Q4, pkgsrc-2007Q3-base, pkgsrc-2007Q3, pkgsrc-20070701, cwrapper, cube-native-xorg-base, cube-native-xorg
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
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Initial import of cdrkit-1.1.6 (from my package in pkgsrc-wip):

cdrkit is a suite of programs for recording CDs and DVDs, blanking
CD-RW media, creating ISO-9660 filesystem images, extracting audio
CD data, and more. The programs included in the cdrkit package were
originally derived from several sources, most notably mkisofs by
Eric Youngdale and others, cdda2wav by Heiko Eissfeldt, and cdrecord
by Joerg Schilling. However, cdrkit is not affiliated with any of
these authors; it is now an independent project.

Tested by Blair Sadewitz.

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jul 1 00:26:14 2007 UTC (12 years, 9 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN

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