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Revision 1.14, Thu Nov 21 16:19:05 2019 UTC (10 months ago) by gdt
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.13: +9 -9 lines

sysutils/bup: Workarounds for dealing with haskell, github, github.mk

github.mk presumes that there is one distfile, but bup has two because
it uses pandoc which uses haskell.  Set variables that should result
in fetching both of them.  Because this does not work, I have put a
copy of the man tarball at MASTER_SITE_BACKUP.

(No PKGREVISION++ because if you had the distfiles before you'll get
the same binary package now.)

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.14 2019/11/21 16:19:05 gdt Exp $

SHA1 (bup/28876cde4a3dac518e773860aa7969c106f5390d.tar.gz) = 7621c8db2a6dc58ab3cc38e92f360f6de50b3eca
RMD160 (bup/28876cde4a3dac518e773860aa7969c106f5390d.tar.gz) = 463b18875c27b70ad0777456797f647eda7712a9
SHA512 (bup/28876cde4a3dac518e773860aa7969c106f5390d.tar.gz) = 56d424c11992c9e46d059e617b8979fe7f73bbe2496604524e52d2ab9c9af9f0d305ef99df3fa1b826f091ef78f4f938020c8f7b11080c3060a5c004ed421960
Size (bup/28876cde4a3dac518e773860aa7969c106f5390d.tar.gz) = 32954 bytes
SHA1 (bup/bup-0.30.tar.gz) = 1ac664d49844d8a11a4b3ab01d581f57e163dc80
RMD160 (bup/bup-0.30.tar.gz) = b716d4972990c0b2cda82b2cc2866123a8b6ef04
SHA512 (bup/bup-0.30.tar.gz) = 8c500568ca2609e6b437b3a67c08976bbdb6fbad39c77eb7e74e503b5ffdc1cbe1e51b5e834e7db0481a3cfc38a55aeae49a8e53657994524b612e54136e7af1
Size (bup/bup-0.30.tar.gz) = 431253 bytes