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Revision (vendor branch), Mon Nov 18 17:10:17 2002 UTC (17 years, 2 months ago) by cjep
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Initial import of the MUD-Shell into the NetBSD packages collection as

Is there any reason why a shell (or command line) cannot be as
tolerant or as intelligent as a text adventure game like Zork, or a
MUD (Multi User Dungeon)? Is there any reason why a shell cannot work
like such a game? ("Go North", etc.) 

Actually, the answer is no and this is a perl implementation to prove it. 
Have fun, and don't get eaten by a Grue!

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 2002/11/18 17:10:17 cjep Exp $

SHA1 (mudsh) = 545f3a095cad25e0334df598a63ced3a1c3aeef1
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