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Revision 1.23, Sun Aug 18 10:00:12 2013 UTC (3 years, 11 months ago) by bsiegert
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2013Q4-base, pkgsrc-2013Q4, pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3
Changes since 1.22: +5 -5 lines

Update mksh to R48b.


R48b is a minor bugfix update:

[tg] Fix display issue with multi-line prompts and SIGWINCH

R48 is a small but important bugfix update:

[tg] dot.mkshrc: unbreak hd(1) function in UTF-8 mode
[Jens Staal, tg] Improve buildability on Plan 9 and support kencc
[tg] Clean up and improve build process and testsuite
[Michael Langguth] Add multi-layer ICO file from mksh/Win32
[tg, Steffen Daode Nurpmeso] Fix interactive shell exiting on ^C or
syntax error when the EXIT pseudo-signal trap was set (to anything)
[tg, Daode] Display longer command excerpts in job control
[tg] Rewrite Emacs mode display window sliding calculation code
[tg] dot.mkshrc: ochnow keeps standard input
[tg] Reduce memory usage and improve comments and documentation

R47 is a bugfix everyone must upgrade to:

[tg] Do not accidentally remove lksh.1 for in-srcdir builds
[tg] Fix post-build non-Qoutput for lksh
[tg] Silence some configure-time warnings for clang-3.2 and GCC
[tg] Prevent recursion loops for namerefs; found by ormaaj
[tg] Replace wcwidth code by mine based on Unicode 6.2.0
[tg, Alexander Polakov] Fix quoting in word part of ${var+word} etc.
when the expression is in a quoted brace or a here document
[tg] Fix some compiler warnings; improve sig{,handler}_t detection
[tg] Keep SIGCHLD blocked in some more semi-critical code paths
[tg] Fix uninitialised variable causing random nn-numerical input to be
accepted and acted upon in the select built-in command
[tg] No longer chown(2)/chmod(2) the -T tty(4) argument
[tg] Don fork(2) if the -T tty(4) argument begins with  eliminates
the need for things like oneit_line/cttyhack/etc. on Linux
[jca] Fix or var in; doto not be interpreted as or var; do[tg] Use %zu for printing size_t (ipv %lu with casting around)
[tg] use ${SIZE-size} for lewellyn cross
[fgsch, espie, millert, tg] Write more testcases
[millert] POSIX specifies that for && and || lists, only the exit status
of the last command matters for et -e fix and document
[millert] check.pl: Add -T flag to set the tmpdir; use mkstemp(3) and
mkdtemp(3) instead of $$ in /tmp for tempfiles
[jca] Make $(<nonexistent) behave like $(cat nonexistent)
[tg] Let shf_open return an errno; display why file wasn read
[tg] Finally decide on regression-39 desired outcome (sync with AT&T
ksh93 and GNU bash --posix as well as mksh behaviour)
[tg] Fix post{in,de}crement in not evaluated side of e.g. ternary operator (LP#1187729)
[tg] Fix et -xproblems; add et +o inherit-xtrace(LP#1179287)
[tg] Simplify some code
[tg] Fix segfault related to mixing funsub/valsub and comsub

R46 delivers these changes:

[tg] dot.mkshrc: prevent lksh from running it
[tg] Add the lksh manual page to the mksh distribution
[tg] Make both lksh and mksh interpret numbers with a leading digit zero
( as octal precisely iff et -o posixis active
[tg] Point out the octal digit and the integer arithmetic differences
from POSuX verbosely in the manual pages (point people who need octals
to et -o posixand who need longs to lksh) and elaborate on the
horrors of ISO C Undefined Behaviour which is allowed to delete all your
[tg] Unbreak et -o(list flags) in lksh on LP64 machines
[tg] Implement Emacs mode PgUp as Vi insert mode Curfor Yofuh
[tg] Allow setting both et -o shand et -o posix if done in the
same command; shuffle around compatibility levels (mksh/lksh, with -o
sh, with -o posix) again; permit a /bin/sh to set either or both
[tg] Sync lksh manual page with the exact code ifdefs
[tg] Change more use of signed integer to use unsigned instead
[tg] Implement et -o pipefaillike AT&T ksh93 and GNU bash do
[tg] dot.mkshrc: provide hd(1) in Pure mkshfor fallback
[tg] Implement VALSUBs (value substitutions): ${|REPLY=foo;}

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.23 2013/08/18 10:00:12 bsiegert Exp $

SHA1 (mksh-R48b.tgz) = 118ac3e920e6b440907b2879eff6017d7e23bbab
RMD160 (mksh-R48b.tgz) = f88dda7604198bb17a5b23081e5b95921cf22d94
Size (mksh-R48b.tgz) = 362969 bytes
SHA1 (patch-mksh.1) = a8c03c29b41a48f731012c4612e44ce61a27675b