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Update to 4.2.

1.  New Features in Bash

a.  `exec -a foo' now sets $0 to `foo' in an executable shell script without a
    leading #!.

b.  Subshells begun to execute command substitutions or run shell functions or
    builtins in subshells do not reset trap strings until a new trap is
    specified.  This allows $(trap) to display the caller's traps and the
    trap strings to persist until a new trap is set.

c.  `trap -p' will now show signals ignored at shell startup, though their
    disposition still cannot be modified.

d.  $'...', echo, and printf understand \uXXXX and \UXXXXXXXX escape sequences.

e.  declare/typeset has a new `-g' option, which creates variables in the
    global scope even when run in a shell function.

f.  test/[/[[ have a new -v variable unary operator, which returns success if
    `variable' has been set.

g.  Posix parsing changes to allow `! time command' and multiple consecutive
    instances of `!' (which toggle) and `time' (which have no cumulative

h.  Posix change to allow `time' as a command by itself to print the elapsed
    user, system, and real times for the shell and its children.

j.  $((...)) is always parsed as an arithmetic expansion first, instead of as
    a potential nested command substitution, as Posix requires.

k.  A new FUNCNEST variable to allow the user to control the maximum shell
    function nesting (recursive execution) level.

l.  The mapfile builtin now supplies a third argument to the callback command:
    the line about to be assigned to the supplied array index.

m.  The printf builtin has a new %(fmt)T specifier, which allows time values
    to use strftime-like formatting.

n.  There is a new `compat41' shell option.

o.  The cd builtin has a new Posix-mandated `-e' option.

p.  Negative subscripts to indexed arrays, previously errors, now are treated
    as offsets from the maximum assigned index + 1.

q.  Negative length specifications in the ${var:offset:length} expansion,
    previously errors, are now treated as offsets from the end of the variable.

r.  Parsing change to allow `time -p --'.

s.  Posix-mode parsing change to not recognize `time' as a keyword if the
    following token begins with a `-'.  This means no more Posix-mode
    `time -p'.  Posix interpretation 267.

t.  There is a new `lastpipe' shell option that runs the last command of a
    pipeline in the current shell context.  The lastpipe option has no
    effect if job control is enabled.

u.  History expansion no longer expands the `$!' variable expansion.

v.  Posix mode shells no longer exit if a variable assignment error occurs
    with an assignment preceding a command that is not a special builtin.

w.  Non-interactive mode shells exit if -u is enabled and an attempt is made
    to use an unset variable with the % or # expansions, the `//', `^', or
    `,' expansions, or the parameter length expansion.

x.  Posix-mode shells use the argument passed to `.' as-is if a $PATH search
    fails, effectively searching the current directory.  Posix-2008 change.

2.  New Features in Readline

a.  The history library does not try to write the history filename in the
    current directory if $HOME is unset.  This closes a potential security
    problem if the application does not specify a history filename.

b.  New bindable variable `completion-display-width' to set the number of
    columns used when displaying completions.

c.  New bindable variable `completion-case-map' to cause case-insensitive
    completion to treat `-' and `_' as identical.

d.  There are new bindable vi-mode command names to avoid readline's case-
    insensitive matching not allowing them to be bound separately.

e.  New bindable variable `menu-complete-display-prefix' causes the menu
    completion code to display the common prefix of the possible completions
    before cycling through the list, instead of after.

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