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Revision 1.1, Wed Mar 10 16:35:54 2021 UTC (10 months, 1 week ago) by jperkin
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q4-base, pkgsrc-2021Q4, pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3, pkgsrc-2021Q2-base, pkgsrc-2021Q2, pkgsrc-2021Q1-base, pkgsrc-2021Q1, HEAD

bash-completion: Update to version 2.11.

pkgsrc changes:

  * Stop pretending that share/bash-completion.d is supported, it isn't.
    Packages that are installing files there should install them into
    share/bash-completion/completions instead.

  * Stop installing profile.d script, only really makes sense under /etc,
    and it wasn't correctly handled as a configuration file anyway.

bash-completion (2.11)

  [ Alexander Meshcheryakov ]
  * _known_hosts_real: check that ruptime is present before calling

  [ Andrew Gaul ]
  * totem: reuse kaffeine completions (#372)

  [ Damien Nadé ]
  * __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref: avoid triggering nounset on
    indirect references

  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * lintian: complete paths for Ubuntu's .ddeb and Debian's buildinfo
    files (#397)

  [ Felix Yan ]
  * ip: complete route add table arg
  * ip: style fixes similar to ip-netns
  * ip: add more completions for ip-rule
  * ip: add support for netns (#391)
  * ip: improve completion of route subcommands (#326)

  [ Hans-Christoph Steiner ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: complete *.aar (#428)

  [ Jakub Jelen ]
  * ssh: add new -Q completions in OpenSSH 8.2p1 (#400)

  [ Kevin Locke ]
  * python: support executables with minor version (#389)

  [ Michal Suchánek ]
  * insmod, modinfo, modprobe: support xz compressed modules (#401)

  [ Phan Duc Nhat Minh ]
  * tshark: complete -r arg with all filenames (#422)

  [ Sebastian Jakubiak ]
  * openssl: update -starttls completions (#403)
  * _filedir*: update link to bug-bash discussion on -X (#404)
  * test/python: add testcase for submodule completion

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * Release 2.11
  * extra/make-changelog: check and output usage message
  * pre-commit: anchor exclude patterns
  * pytest: rewrite in bash, support toplevel funcs, avoid nondef ones
    and classes
  * test/xfreerdp: skip --help failure cases
  * test/tshark: fix multiple -O completion with no http2 support
  * test/ant: avoid complete-ant-cmd.pl interference with ANT_ARGS
  * _xinetd_services: avoid nounset error on bash 4.2
  * pre-commit: upgrade isort to 5.1.4
  * pre-commit: upgrade pyupgrade to 2.7.2
  * pre-commit: add pyupgrade, run it
  * test/ant: gitignore all target cache files
  * _known_hosts_real: exclude Host negations
  * pre-commit: upgrade isort to 5.0.7
  * pre-commit: update shellcheck-py URL
  * test/inputrc: do not set print-completions-horizontally
  * test/inputrc: comment typo fix
  * pytest: complete async test class methods
  * __get_cword_at_cursor_by_ref: fix regression on bash 4.2
  * test: upgrade markdownlint-cli to 0.23.2
  * _known_hosts_real: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and
  * _longopt: exclude too many dashes, allow underscores, require ends
    with alnum
  * _included_ssh_config_files: support globs
  * _known_hosts_real: prevent unwanted pathname expansion on host
  * test/shfmt: upgrade to 3.1.2, reformat with it
  * test/_known_hosts_real: add explicit no globbing test case
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.782
  * CONTRIBUTING.md: add posix and nounset mode item
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.781
  * test: upgrade perltidy to 20200619
  * _known_hosts_real: fix completion of Host entries after a wildcard
  * _known_hosts_real: fix # handling in ssh configs
  * test: upgrade flake8 to 3.8.3
  * test/xhost: multiple expected result handling fixes
  * test/slapt-src: single expected result handling fixes
  * test: partial hostname completion fixes
  * test: simplify completion parsing
  * test/dpkg-query: mark as xfail on non-Debian based systems
  * .gitignore: clean up some no longer needed ignores
  * test/lspci: skip -A arg test if lspci fails -A help, e.g. busybox
  * test: regex escape our magic mark for completeness
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.780
  * test/_known_hosts_real: don't modify class scoped base expected
  * test/_known_hosts_real: reset COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE
    between tests
  * test/_known_hosts_real: tolerate duplicates
  * bash_completion: trivial cleanups
  * gcc: avoid errors in nounset mode
  * pytest: fix test class method completion with BSD awk
  * man, mutt: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * java, make: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * README: document GNU make build requirement
  * pytest: add test class method completion
  * _known_hosts: avoid errors in nounset mode and no arguments
  * bash_completion: fix array set checks with empty elements in them
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * cfrun: fix $hostfile leak
  * _command_offset, route: cleanups
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * qemu: add -machine arg completion
  * qemu, sbopkg: avoid unintentional globbing on option arg
  * test: enable shellcheck SC2035
  * *: drop support for bash 4.1
  * _init_completion: fix unassigned redirect completion in nounset
  * ip: route shfmt, arithmetic evaluation
  * _filedir: avoid unbound variable error on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * _pids, _pgids, _pnames: improve shfmt formatting
  * scp, sftp, ssh: fix completion on options bundled with -4/-6
  * modprobe, tshark, _included_ssh_config_files: use [[ ]] instead of
    [ ]
  * test/runLint: warn about [ ] instead of [[ ]] use
  * test: skip various tests if we don't get a useful usage message
  * *: mark nounset mode as supported, issues with it are bugs now
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * test/inputrc: comment and whitespace tweaks
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * test/unit: sort files included in dist
  * test/unit: include test_unit_known_hosts_real.py in dist
  * bash_completion: line wrapping tweaks, NFC
  * 7z: fix -o/-w attached arg completion
  * postfix: try to arrange a fake tty so we can tickle the usage
    message out
  * _bashcomp_try_faketty: new function to try running command with a
    fake tty
  * mr: avoid herestrings, simplify command parsing
  * test/mr: handle missing "clean" with skipif
  * test: mark known non-ASCII issues with test suite as xfail
  * dpkg-deb: add --raw-extract and -X arg completions
  * test: add some dpkg-query test cases
  * dpkg-deb: fix --show/-W completion
  * test: upgrade markdownlint-cli to 0.23.1
  * *: use more arithmetic evaluation
  * test: try harder to restore environment and cwd on failures
  * *: use $ifs for storing/restoring $IFS
  * test/irb: xfail options test if --help is not available
  * test: upgrade flake8 to 3.8.1
  * test: pre-commit config cleanups, ordering
  * test: upgrade pre-commit to 2.4.0+, drop shfmt kludge
  * test: sync shfmt and shellcheck configs
  * test: shfmt bashrc
  * test: remove unused run-shellcheck, shellcheck is in pre-commit
  * test: remove old test suite code no longer used \o/
  * test/_known_hosts_real: port remaining test cases to
  * test: remove more no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/_known_hosts_real: port more test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test/_get_cword: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: replace some echos with printfs
  * test/_filedir: fix shutil.rmtree on Python < 3.6
  * test/_expand: port remaining test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: drop some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/_filedir: port remaining test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: run all Travis jobs on dist: bionic
  * test: drop not needed sudo on Travis
  * test/_filedir: port more test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test/__expand_tilde_by_ref: port remaining test cases to
  * test/_get_comp_words_by_ref: convert remaining test cases to
  * test: run pytest --verbose in docker
  * lftp: use "bookmark list" command to list bookmarks
  * test: drop some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/slapt-src: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * _xfunc: simplify
  * apt-cache: avoid nonzero exit code from _apt_cache_packages
  * test/slapt-get: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test/secret-tool: add to test command list
  * test/scp: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test/umount: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * secret-tool: new completion
  * apt-get: complete build-dep with dirs
  * travis: use golang 1.14 for shfmt
  * *: run all shell code through shfmt -s
  * pre-commit etc: add shfmt
  * test: fix incorrect fixtures/shared/default xfails/expectations
  * test: upgrade markdownlint to 0.23.0
  * nmap: simplify help scraping a bit, don't try to emit unnecessary
  * test: prefix fake test commands with underscore
  * test: port most umount test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: add note about unescaped assert_complete single return
  * editorconfig: apply yaml settings to .yaml too
  * pre-commit: use local perlcritic hook
  * *: doc and comment link updates
  * pre-commit, *.md: add markdownlint, address findings
  * README: clarify loading automatically on demand
  * ssh-keygen: -O arg updates and improvements
  * ssh-keygen: add -b arg completions according to specified -t
  * ssh-keygen: option and arg completion updates for new versions
  * _command: improve commentary
  * reportbug, scp, sftp, svn: use compgen -c instead of _command
  * find: fix -exec etc argument and its completion
  * extra: trigger docker builds only on test-cmd-list.txt changes
  * test: add script to maintain list of executables for full test
  * test: run lint tests on Travis in a quickish separate first stage
  * test/make: mark more cases as requiring command
  * make: add bmake alias
  * test: run pre-commit on host instead of docker
  * test: add perlcritic to pre-commit, run on all perl
  * *: remove some unused variables, thanks to shellcheck SC2034
  * *: various loop iteration improvements
  * crontab: fix loop over already given args
  * apt-cache: fix command mode handling
  * doc: add loop variable naming guideline
  * test: make at-point completion tests easier
  * ssh, xsltproc: address shellcheck SC2006
  * scp: work around shellcheck SC1003
  * mutt: address shellchec SC2236
  * wget: address shellcheck SC2116
  * pytest: address shellcheck SC2002
  * bash_completion, java, tipc: for loop whitespace consistency
  * *: more arithmetic evaluation cleanups, thanks to shellcheck
  * __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref, java: address and work around
    shellcheck SC2102
  * test: enable parallel pre-commit shellcheck
  * test: remove shellcheck severity filter, add explicit disables
  * doc: recommend arithmetic evaluation
  * *: array subscript cleanups
  * ssh-keygen: -s and -n completion improvements
  * *: enable and address shellcheck SC2053
  * bash_completion, invoke-rc.d, svcadm: trivial cleanups
  * *: replace various conditional expressions with arithmetic
  * carton: fix command parsing with BSD sed
  * nmap: fix option parsing with BSD sed
  * test/alias: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: generalize complete at point test
  * test/cd: fix test_dir_at_point for setups that repeat "trailer"
  * pytest: add some option arg (non-)completions
  * pytest: complete test classes
  * pgrep, pkill: add --ns and --nslist arg completions
  * test: run skipif and xfail commands without caring if they output
    or not
  * test: make it possible to not care whether command did output or
  * test/xfreerdp: skip xfreerdp kbd test if kbd-list returns empty
  * test: tolerate duplicates from compgen actions
  * test: bump shellcheck severity to warning + some disables
  * *: address shellcheck SC2046
  * test/lib/library.sh: address shellcheck SC2125
  * java, pkgadd, sysbench: address shellchec SC2124
  * scp: address shellcheck SC2089 and SC2090
  * _filedir_xspec: address shellcheck SC2140
  * rpm, ssh, umount.linux: address shellcheck SC2120
  * cvs, modprobe, sh: address shellcheck SC2209
  * mutt: address shellcheck SC2088
  * _upvar, _upvars, _variables, rpm: address shellcheck SC1083
  * test/run: address shellcheck SC2164
  * renice: address shellcheck SC2254
  * tipc: comment grammar and spelling fixes
  * man, perl, route, tipc: address shellcheck SC2053
  * info, java: address shellcheck SC2153
  * quote_readline: fix $ret leak
  * test: upgrade shellcheck to 0.7.1
  * test/printenv: xfail if --help doesn't contain options (e.g.
  * test/aptitude: require command where necessary
  * _known_hosts_real, op: address shellcheck SC2184
  * test: don't run shellcheck on completions/.gitignore
  * protoc: complete all --*_out without more specific handling with
  * sysbench: add --test= deprecation TODO
  * pkgadd: indentation fix
  * chronyc, wvdial: address shellcheck SC2178
  * java, pkgadd, sysbench: address shellcheck SC2124
  * mplayer: address shellcheck SC1078 false positive
  * smartctl: hush shellcheck SC2054 false positives
  * *: address shellcheck SC2221 and SC2222
  * bash_completion: address shellcheck SC2220
  * crontab, wodim: silence shellcheck SC2191 and SC2192
  * aptitude: add some option arg (non)completions
  * aptitude: parse options list from --help, hardcode less
  * test/aptitude: add some test cases
  * *: argument interation improvements
  * *: whitespace tweaks
  * apt-get etc: use _apt_cache_packages from apt-cache
  * pre-commit: run most python checks on helpers/python too
  * test/ldd: xfail if --help is not implemented
  * test/printenv: require command for arg completion test
  * printenv: indentation fixes
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.770
  * test: split dependencies requiring Python 3.6.1+ to requirements-
  * git: trigger docker rebuild on pre-commit config change
  * test: require openssl command for option argument tests
  * test: move perltidy to pre-commit, run with --converge
  * test: move shellcheck to pre-commit
  * test: ignore flake8 messages that are in black's domain
  * _xinetd_services: look up from $BASHCOMP_XINETDDIR, add some unit
  * printenv: new completion
  * copyright: add 2020
  * test: fix CompletionResult.__eq__ UnboundLocalError
  * test: run pre-commit in tools container
  * test: shellcheck tweaks
  * test: add isort to pre-commit, run it
  * test: add flake8-bugbear
  * test: install black for Python 3.6 too
  * pre-commit: add config with black, flake8, and mypy
  * test: drop redundant black args from docker runs
  * *: python type hint fixes and improvements
  * extra/make-changelog: run through black
  * test/totem: add basic test case
  * test/cd: remove unused import
  * openssl: complete -writerand with filenames
  * openssl: parse available options from $command -help
  * openssl: support getting digest list from more recent openssl
  * nmap: handle options split on equals sign
  * nmap: parse options from -h output
  * test/cd: make dir_at_point produce better debuggable failures
  * test/cd: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: remove some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/chown,sudo: parametrize special case test, improve xfail
  * test/tsig-keygen: require command for test_options
  * test/upgradepkg: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * tsig-keygen: new completion
  * test: host helper lint and usage fixes
  * test: port some _known_hosts_real unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: remove some no longer needed tcl/expect code
  * test: fix spurious hosts fixture failure without avahi-browse
  * test: port some scp test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: port remaining finger, sftp, ssh, and xhost cases to
  * lilo: work around shellcheck false positive
  * test/ipcalc: fix tests with busybox ipcalc
  * chromium-browser, firefox: complete on *.txt (#379)
  * README.md: add introduction
  * ipcalc: new completion
  * *: complete commands when prefixed with a backslash
  * test/wol: don't fail MAC test if test system has /etc/ethers
  * test/dnssec-keygen: allow more alternatives in algorithm
  * lilo: don't complete on commented out labels
  * lilo: honor -C when completing labels
  * lilo: add -B and -E completions

  [ beantaxi ]
  * Source user completion only if it's a file (#409)

  [ hugoziviani ]
  * jarsigner: complete on *.apk too (#386)
  * cryptsetup: add luksChangeKey arg completion (#380)

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Sat, 25 Jul 2020 11:25:09 +0300

bash-completion (2.10)

  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * perltidy: associate *.t (#338)

  [ Gabriel F. T. Gomes ]
  * perl: fix completion with space between option and argument

  [ Grisha Levit ]
  * _variables: add TERM and LC_* completion (#353)

  [ Iñigo Martínez ]
  * autotools: Replace pkgdatadir with datadir
  * pkg-config: Relative paths
  * pkg-config: generate Name from autotools PACKAGE

  [ Jakub Jelen ]
  * ssh: option and argument completion updates (#332)

  [ Micha Górny ]
  * test_arp: Skip if ARP tables are empty
  * test_chromium_browser: Skip test_2 if 'chromium-browser --help'
  * test_rpm2tgz: Fix expected output

  [ Sebastian ]
  * cppcheck: Add new standards to --std option. (#356)

  [ Tomasz N ]
  * apt-get: fix pkg version completion if it contains a colon (#351)

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * test: bump black to >=19.10b0
  * ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-copy-id, curl: improve identity file
  * update-rc.d: indentation fix
  * update-rc.d: remove dead code
  * screen: add serial device basic arg (non)completion
  * screen: add //telnet completion
  * test: add some trivial perl -E/-e cases
  * perl: indentation fixes
  * curl: make @filename completion do the right thing with dirs
  * _filedir: avoid duplicate dirs internally, and a compgen -d call
    for files
  * _filedir: remove unused $x
  * bash_completion.sh: shellcheck SC2086 fixes
  * test: shellcheck config cleanups
  * shellcheck: add some option arg (non)completions
  * test: fix cpio users test in presence of usernames with whitespace
  * test: python typing fixes
  * test: add minimal mypy config
  * .gitignore: mypy cache
  * makepkg: fix option completion
  * test: mark dcop and mr testcases requiring the cmd as such
  * CONTRIBUTING: disable e-mail bug gateway due to spam
  * carton: new completion
  * op: direct command parsing stderr to /dev/null
  * test: adjust java expectations based on whether jars can be listed
  * valgrind: look tool names from lib/*-linux-gnu dirs too
  * test: xfail locale-gen option completion if --help is not
  * _sysvdirs: always return 0
  * java: don't assume jar is installed
  * travis: test with Debian 10
  * wine: install for wine-development and wine-stable too
  * travis: generate dist tarball on alpine
  * dmypy: new completion
  * test: add require_longopt xfail helper, use it
  * test: mark more tests that parse command output as requiring
  * sysctl: invoke completed sysctl instead of one from path to get
  * screen, smartctl, update-alternatives: _parse_help, drop hardcoded
    option list
  * lintian-info: _parse_help, add more option arg (non)completions
  * gprof: _parse_usage, drop hardcoded option list
  * test: fix retrieving command to test from request
  * travis: pass NETWORK as env var, so we can actually use it
  * test: xfail MAC address completion without networking
  * test: ignore _makepkg_bootstrap in makepkg test env
  * test: hush flake8-bugbear B010
  * test: don't sort expected completion lists under the hood
  * test: add bunch of basic option parsing test cases
  * test: always run tests which don't require tested command
  * test: explodepkg and upgradepkg test fixes
  * test: mark sbcl-mt xfail due to whitespace split issues
  * _terms: search directly from various terminfo dirs
  * _terms: combine and simplify somewhat
  * pkg-get: fix $i leak
  * pkgutil: fix $i leak
  * test: portinstall/upgrade test case and setup fixes
  * lvm pv*, vg*: parse help instead of hardcoding option list
  * ipv6calc: parse help instead of hardcoding option list
  * test: avoid some sed -r/-E runLint false positives
  * test: use sh +* as ccache command test case
  * java: make jar/zip listing work with unzip
  * test: installpkg test fixes
  * test: fix acroread fixture dir
  * test: remove unnecessary returns after pytest.skip
  * test: avoid gnome-mplayer core dump on Ubuntu 14
  * xvfb-run: new completion
  * test: skip gssdp-discover --message-type when option not available
  * test: expect failures for bc without --help useful with _longopt
  * test: don't expect a .tox dir in fixture
  * test: drop sourcing our no longer existing profile.d script
  * tox: include -- in option completions
  * tox: complete defaults after a --
  * gssdp-discover: new completion
  * test: register our pytest markers to hush warnings from 4.5+
  * test: fix required pytest version
  * ip: invoke the tool as $1
  * README: drop distro badges, link to Repology instead
  * chromium-browser: add --proxy-server arg completion
  * test: source our profile.d test env script in docker
  * influx: new completion
  * README: badge title tweaks
  * tox: do simple parse on tox.ini if --listenvs* yields nothing
  * test: add basic tox fixture
  * man: fall back to _parse_usage for _parse_help
  * test_wsimport: xfail options test on unparseable -help
  * test: don't try to install black on Python < 3.6
  * pgrep: fix fallback to _parse_usage
  * test: xfail unparseable mock and munin-node-configure --help cases
  * test_pwdx: xfail more unparseable help cases
  * build: make pytest executable configurable, look for pytest-3 too
  * test: enforce minimum pytest version
  * test: zopflipng flake8 fix
  * test: xfail getent and pwdx option completions with unparseable
  * test: add more basic _parse_help use test cases
  * test: add bunch of basic _parse_help use test cases
  * .gitignore: add configure.lineno
  * badblocks: fix $i leak
  * postfix: option completion is expected to fail at the moment
  * cal: try _parse_help before _parse_usage
  * test: add bunch of basic _parse_usage use test cases
  * chsh, pwck: try _parse_help before _parse_usage
  * test: add basic autossh test
  * test: convert more _filedir unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: flake8 fix
  * test: convert bunch of _filedir unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: convert finger partial test case to pytest+pexpect
  * README: add some badges, tweak existing
  * test: port _variables unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: port compgen and quote tests to pytest+pexpect
  * iconv, lz4, tipc, xsltproc: replace some seds with compgen -X
  * test: disallow Alpine failure on Travis
  * _pnames: adapt for busybox ps, rewrite in pure bash
  * test: run our docker script in test containers by default
  * test: use one Dockerfile for all dists
  * test_ifup: accept short option completions too
  * timeout: fallback to _parse_usage from _parse_help
  * test_wget: test --s instead of --h
  * test_lsusb: xfail with unparseable --help
  * test: expect failures for various completions without useful
  * test: support xfail in our markers like skipif, use it a lot
  * test: add Alpine Linux container, allow failures for now
  * iconv: weed out ... from encoding completions
  * test_iconv: add basic file completion test
  * test_iconv: skip option completion if --help fails
  * test_getconf: skip if -a doesn't output any POSIX_V*
  * test_feh, test_makepkg: invoke grep as "command grep"
  * test: generalize check whether we're being run in a container
  * tar: simplify locating tarball from command line
  * pkg_delete: don't limit to FreeBSD
  * test: reformat test_chromium_browser.py source
  * test: set up BASH_COMPLETION_COMPAT_DIR in bashrc (only)
  * test: more thorough system location interference avoidance
  * test: bashrc comment and whitespace tweaks
  * build: makefile whitespace tweaks
  * build: really reset return value before completions check
  * build: simplify symlink setup
  * tar: add missing bsdtar, gtar, and star symlinks
  * README: use light gray badges for unknown versions
  * README: link to cygwin package

  [ Wolf ]
  * ri: hush some warnings

  [ andreabravetti ]
  * unrar: complete on *.exe (#337)

  [ ezr ]
  * chromium-browser: Add support for .mhtml files

  [ jerkey ]
  * screen: complete first arg with serial devices

  [ marxin ]
  * gcc: support new --completion option (#222)

  [ pcc ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: complete *.aab (#340)

  [ versat ]
  * cppcheck: Remove deprecated option 'posix'  for '--std='

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:04:26 +0200

bash-completion (2.9)

  [ Antonio Terceiro ]
  * dpkg-source: Add --before-build --after-build --commit, and

  [ Gabriel F. T. Gomes ]
  * xm: Deprecate completion for obsolete command (#284)
  * _filedir_xspec: Fallback to suggesting all files if requested
  * tar: Support completions for zstd compression extensions (#255)
  * dpkg: List held packages (#250)
  * cvs: Add completion for the log command

  [ Guillaume Mella ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: Associate with *.xar (eXist-db application
    package) (#257)

  [ Igor Susman ]
  * mplayer: Associate with *.w64

  [ Jaak Ristioja ]
  * okular: Added support for xz-compressed files.

  [ John Swinbank ]
  * _xspecs: Declare as global on bash >= 4.2

  [ Kevin Locke ]
  * test: Increase expect pty to 160 columns
  * test: avoid interrupting magic mark output

  [ Per Lundberg ]
  * 7z: add .msi support

  [ Peter Wu ]
  * tshark: speed up tshark -O completion
  * tshark: fix completion of -Xlua_script option
  * tshark: Support preferences (-o) completion with memoization
  * test: fix misinterpretation of completion output in tests
  * test: fix flake8 complaints about unused imports
  * conftest: fix RemovedInPytest4Warning due to use of
  * chromium-browser: consider chrome and chromium as aliases
  * tshark: support .gz and .cap files for -r expansion
  * tshark: prevent a single-character file from breaking -G
  * tshark: update -T and -t completions

  [ Russell Davis ]
  * man: Fix completion when failglob option is enabled (#225)

  [ Timo Taipalus ]
  * mplayer: Add common supported module music formats

  [ Tomasz N ]
  * _longopt: pick first long option on a line, not last

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * *: avoid shellcheck SC1007 and SC1010
  * 7z: add some TODO notes on parsing "i" output for extensions
  * ssh: make -o protocol completion less hardcoded
  * ssh: make option completion case insensitive
  * ssh: fix suboption completion with combined -*o
  * xvnc4viewer: code cleanups
  * doc/testing: remove lots of legacy info, add some new
  * CONTRIBUTING: add upstream vs bash-completion considerations
  * CONTRIBUTING: note runLint and run-shellcheck
  * __parse_options, 7z: avoid herestrings
  * arp, ccze, ifstat, inotifywait, makepkg: invoke sed with "command"
  * shellcheck: disable bunch of warnings when in "-S warning" mode
  * test: move default shell option from run-shellcheck to
  * test: make runLint search for herestrings
  * tar, valgrind: avoid some herestrings
  * travis: run shellcheck on bash_completion.sh.in too
  * travis: fail on shellcheck errors
  * make: quote eval array definitions to work around shellcheck
    SC1036 bug
  * test: add make -C test case
  * *: shellcheck error fixes
  * _included_ssh_config_files: store found included files in an array
  * _included_ssh_config_files: doc grammar fixes
  * test: add invoke-rc.d test case for not repeating already given
  * ebtables: improve existing table arg parsing
  * test: add script to run shellcheck, run it in Travis, allowing
    failure for now
  * iptables: improve existing table arg parsing
  * test: shorten long gdb test core file name so tar doesn't croak on
  * AUTHORS: remove unrelated project association from my entry
  * apt-get: protect source against regex specials
  * mypy, mysql, xmms: don't complete unknown split long option args
  * synclient: remove unused local variable "split"
  * test: adjust _get_comp_words_by_ref test to changed error output
  * apt-cache: protect showsrc against regex specials
  * test: improve tshark -O arg completion test
  * tshark: ignore stderr when parsing -G, -L, and -h output
  * *: error output consistency, use bash_completion prefix
  * _upvar: deprecate in favor of _upvars
  * *: add missing "ex: filetype=sh"
  * phing: fix getting just a tab for options on CentOS 6
  * phing: don't complete -l with files
  * various: apply file vs dir special cases also when invoked with
    full path
  * *: whitespace tweaks
  * ssh: don't offer protocol v1 specific options if it's not
  * test: add some gdb non-core files
  * _parse_help: look for long options somewhat more eagerly
  * gdb: relax core filename pattern
  * test/tools: fix exit status incrementation
  * *: arithmetic expression related cleanups
  * test/tools: run all tools, don't stop at first failure
  * test: check for perltidy errors and warnings
  * *: format Perl code with perltidy
  * *: format Python code with black
  * .dir-locals.el: use flycheck-sh-bash-args
  * valgrind: look up tools from libexec dirs too
  * *: make _parse_usage fallbacks more concise
  * svn, svk, wget: use _iconv_charsets
  * *: spelling fixes
  * msynctool: code cleanups
  * *: remove whitespace after redirections
  * *: remove spaces immediately within $()
  * bzip2: recognize *.tbz2 as bzipped
  * modprobe: module parameter boolean values
  * ping, tracepath: parse options primarily with _parse_help
  * ulimit: new completion
  * shellcheck: new completion
  * dnssec-keygen: new completion
  * modprobe: append = to module parameter completions
  * test: include test_unit_longopt.py in dist
  * test: add some _longopt unit tests
  * _longopt: simplify regex, use printf instead of echo, drop
    unnecessary sort
  * nsupdate: new completion
  * _longopt: don't complete --no-* with file/dirname arg
  * copyright: add 2019
  * pytest: complete --pythonwarnings/-W arg
  * python: make warning action list reusable
  * test: use pytest-xdist
  * extra: add git pre-push hook for triggering Docker Hub builds
  * post-commit: trigger on test/requirements.txt too
  * pytest: complete pytest-xdist --dist, --numprocesses, and
  * test: remove no longer needed completion/*.exp
  * xfreerdp: reinstate support for old versions with dash option
  * test: rewrite "generate" in Python, fix trailing backslash in
  * test: sort t/Makefile.am EXTRA_DIST in C locale
  * ssh: support RemoteCommand and SyslogFacility options
  * test: Expect failure for chown all users test as non-root
  * test: Fix declare test case with bash 5.0
  * adb: Deprecate in favor of one shipped with the Android SDK
  * xfreerdp: Update for more modern xfreerdp
  * jsonschema: New completion
  * test: Remove unnecessary ri xfail
  * test: Clean up man tmp dir
  * .gitignore: Add .python-version (for pyenv)
  * test: Remove unnecessary autouse=True from fixtures
  * ifstat: Make work with iproute2 version
  * iperf, iperf3: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * test: Fix test generation wrt results checking improvements
  * ifstat: New completion
  * __parse_options: Avoid non-zero exit status
  * test: Refactor/improve completion results checking
  * test: Match Python's default locale unaware sort in bash setup
  * test: Rename completion.line to .output
  * test: Add man failglob test case
  * test: Add pre_cmds support for completion fixture
  * inotifywatch: New completion, common with inotifywait
  * inotifywait: Fix -e completion with BSD sed
  * inotifywait: Avoid some false positive event names
  * test: extend _ip_addresses unit tests some
  * _ip_addresses: Avoid completing ipv4 ones with -6
  * inotifywait: New completion
  * test: Mark some xfails based on if in docker instead of in CI
  * test: Skip ifup options test if it doesn't grok --help, not in CI
  * test: Clean up and docker-ignore __pycache__ dirs
  * build: Include test/t in dist tarball
  * test/t: Avoid trailing backslash in Makefile.am's to appease
  * test: Remove some no longer used old test suite code
  * _xspecs: Simplify bash version check
  * chmod: Fix "-" completion
  * sysctl: Treat -f as alias for -p/--load
  * .gitignore: Add pytestdebug.log
  * chmod: Fix file completion after modes starting with a dash
  * _count_args: Add 3rd arg for treating option-like things as args
  * test: Fix _count_args test_7 to test intended case
  * pydocstyle: New completion
  * Travis: Remove unused PYTEST env var
  * doc: Note email issues gateway
  * tcpdump: Various option and their arg completion updates
  * test: Fix arp CI (non)expectations, remove redundant test case
  * test: Be more consistent with "CI" env var examination and xfails
  * arp: New completion, somewhat incomplete
  * test: Expect failure in gkrellm if there's no X display
  * doc: Update docs on generating simple tests
  * doc: Some test dependency doc updates
  * test: Add requirements.txt for installing dependencies
  * grpck: Parse options with _parse_help, falling back to
  * grpck: Add --root/-R arg completion
  * test suite: Ignore _scp_path_esc in env for ssh-copy-id
  * ssh-copy-id: Add -i and -o arg (non-)completions
  * tar: Clean up some redundant code
  * cancel: Split long line
  * cancel: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * locale-gen: New completion
  * makepkg: Don't apply to other than Slackware makepkg
  * test: Allow unknowns options in makepkg option completion
  * makepkg: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoding option list
  * mypy: New completion
  * op: New completion
  * hunspell: New completion
  * xmllint: Improve --encode, --pretty, and --xpath arg
  * test: Remove leftover completion/ls.exp
  * gcc: Add g++, gcc, gccgo, and gfortran *-[568] aliases
  * perlcritic: New completion
  * gnome-screenshot: New completion
  * isort: New completion
  * freeciv: Option and arg completion updates
  * freeciv-gtk2: Install for freeciv and freeciv-gtk3, rename to
  * mplayer etc: Complete on *.crdownload partial downloads in
    addition to *.part
  * chromium-browser, google-chrome*: New non-xspec completion
  * firefox etc: New non-xspec completion
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * nc: Add some more option (non-)completions
  * test: Mark MANPATH without leading/trailing colons test an xfail
    on CI CentOS 6
  * test: Remove kill, killall remnants
  * test: Make case specific env entries shell code, not escaped
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * unzip, zipinfo: Associate with *.whl
  * __load_completion: Avoid unnecessary lookups from nonexistent dirs
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * gcc: Add g++, gcc, gccgo, and gfortran *-7 aliases
  * test: Use test_unit_* prefix for unit tests, to avoid name clashes
  * test: Support setting cmd=None to require no command, for unit
  * test: Misc test suite fixes
  * test: Fix jq and scrub skipif commands
  * test: Don't require complete marker on test methods
  * test: Add support for per-test env modifications
  * test: Use more conventional Python file names for tests
  * test: Sort completion results in Python for ease of use in Python
  * test: Allow __load_completion to fail
  * test: chdir to fixtures dir in Python as well
  * test: Mark xfreerdp as expected failure for now
  * test: Replace + with Plus in test class names
  * test: Implement load_completion_for using assert_bash_exec
  * test: Add ability to selectively ignore diffs in environment
  * test: Fixture reorganization
  * test: Pass through $HOME and $DISPLAY to test bash
  * test: Log pexpect interaction to $BASHCOMP_TEST_LOGFILE if set
  * test: Rename BASHCOMP_* test env variables to BASHCOMP_TEST_*
  * test: Add python3 test case
  * test: Add class level skipif based on bash exec result
  * test: Include command name in test class name, use numbered test
    method names
  * test: Fix some regressions introduced in recent test conversions
  * test: Add support for running test case in a specified dir
  * test: Add support for skipping individual tests based on shell
    command status
  * test: Make test base work with Python 3.3+
  * test: Add some iperf, iperf3 and xmodmap test cases
  * xmodmap: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * iperf: Improve client/server specific option parsing
  * iperf: Install for iperf3 too
  * iperf: Add g/G to --format completions
  * xmodmap: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * iperf: Improve client/server specific option parsing
  * iperf: Install for iperf3 too
  * iperf: Add g/G to --format completions
  * test: Use /root/.local/bin/pytest on ubuntu14 by default
  * test: Add generated test files to t/Makefile.am automatically
  * test: Add new test files to EXTRA_DIST
  * test: Use /root/.local/bin/pytest on centos6 by default
  * test: Use make pytest docker executable env-configurable, default
  * test: Update generate for pytest+pexpect
  * test: Convert majority of test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * tox: Fall back to --listenvs for env list if --listenvs-all fails
  * git-post-commit: Avoid some error trash when HEAD is not a
    symbolic ref
  * test: Add pylint-3 test case
  * test: Limit number of pylint option completions
  * pydoc, pylint: Determine python2/3 based on command basename only
  * pylint: Bring -f/--format arg completion up to date with pylint
  * pylint: Implement comma separated --confidence arg completion
  * test: Fix buffer size option listing in run --help
  * test: Bump expect's match_max to 20000 by default
  * test: Run docker tests with --verbose
  * _services: Try systemctl list-unit-files if systemctl list-units
  * extra/git-post-commit.sh: Add git post-commit Docker Hub trigger
  * gpgv: New completion
  * pydoc, pylint: Skip module completion if current looks like a path
  * travis: Run ubuntu14/bsd with no network
  * travis: Split long lines in script
  * test: Limit number of wget option completions to avoid unresolved
  * test: Mark flake8 untested if it seems broken
  * pylint: Option arg completion improvements
  * tshark: Get available interfaces from -D output
  * ngrep: Add "any" to -d arg completions
  * fio: New completion
  * test: Fix iwspy test case
  * uscan: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * urlsnarf: Add -p arg completion
  * tracepath: Add -m and -p arg non-completions
  * tracepath: Actually use our separate completion instead of
  * test: Skip jq option completion test if its --help doesn't list
  * xdg-settings: Make help parsing work on BSD
  * test: Support running with local BSD binaries, do it w/ ubuntu14
    in CI
  * jq, sqlite3: Protect against negative array subscripts
  * sudo: Improve long option arg handling
  * sysctl: Recognize --pattern/-r and --load options
  * test: Add sysctl option parsing test case
  * sudo: Parse options from help/usage output, add some long option
  * strace: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * sshow: Add -p arg completion
  * sqlite3: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * tune2fs: Update -o/-O argument lists
  * jq: New completion
  * reportbug: Run _parse_help and apt-cache more selectively
  * querybts: Use _parse_help, not hardcoded option list, misc
  * pyvenv: Support versioned 3.6-3.8 executables
  * passwd: Try _parse_help before _parse_usage to parse options
  * profile.d: Avoid tested variable values being confused as [ ]
  * cryptsetup: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * cryptsetup, nc, sh: Skip option args when counting arguments
  * modinfo: Fall back to _parse_usage if _parse_help yields no
  * mysql, mysqladmin: Complete --ssl-{ca,cert,key} option arg
  * mysqladmin: Reuse --default-character-set completion from mysql
  * modinfo: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * minicom: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * mplayer: Associate with *.S[3T]M, *.med, *.MED
  * completions/Makefile.am: Use install-data-hook, not install-data-
  * ifup etc: Add option and option argument completion
  * _count_args: Add support for not counting specified option args
  * ifquery: New ifup alias completion
  * ngrep, tshark: Complete on *.pcapng too
  * rpm: Complete --licensefiles with -q
  * pytest: Rename from py.test to follow upstream recommended name
  * README: Add instructions for overriding completions system wide
  * test: Mark psql etc test cases untested if --help doesn't work
  * aclocal, automake: Support versioned 1.16 executables
  * __load_completion: Avoid bad array subscript on "commands" ending
    with slash
  * lzma: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * test: Run perlcritic and flake8 on perl and python helpers in
  * build: Improve cleanup of test/log and test/tmp dirs
  * pkg-config: Complete on *.pc files
  * build: Use AC_PROG_SED to locate sed
  * build: Do cmake, pc, and profile variable replacements in Makefile
  * README: Add Q/A on overriding a completion, modernize local
    install answer
  * json_xs: New completion
  * chmod: New completion
  * iperf, nc: Include IPv6 addresses in bind address completions
  * links: Major rework, parse options from --help, add option arg
  * _ip_addresses: Add option to complete all/v4/v6 addresses, add
    unit test
  * wget: Remove nonexistent arg to _ip_addresses
  * _filedir: Drop unnecessary evals
  * iconv: Split charset completion to _iconv_charsets, add test case
  * links: Install completion for links2 too
  * xgamma: Comment spelling fix
  * lftp: handle -s
  * test: Skip scrub -p test when its --help doesn't list available
  * ecryptfs-migrate-home: New completion
  * scrub: New completion
  * ether-wake: Install for etherwake as well
  * *: Support completing arg of last bundled short option
  * dselect: Parse options with _parse_help
  * dhclient: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * dhclient: Parse options with _parse_usage
  * chage, chpasswd: Add -R/--root arg completion
  * reportbug: Add bunch of option arg (non-)completions
  * .dir-locals.el: Set -O extglob for flycheck bash checks
  * mount, umount: Deprecate on Linux in favor of util-linux >= 2.28
  * _known_hosts_real: Reimplement known hosts file parsing in pure
  * test: Add comment line to fixtures/_known_hosts_real/known_hosts
  * ssh: Complete all *File option args with _filedir
  * README: Point Debian and openSUSE badges towards unstable and
  * README: Link to various distro packages
  * apt-get: Add -h/-v/-o non-completions
  * apt-get: Sync option list with apt 1.5.1
  * apt-get: Simplify -t and friends completion, support Ubuntu
  * apt-get: Add indextargets to list of suggested commands
  * apt-get: Complete install package=versions
  * ssh: Sync config option lists with OpenSSH 7.5p1, add some value
  * ssh: Sync query type list with OpenSSH 7.5p1
  * ssh: Order various switch cases closer to alphabetical
  * completions/Makefile: Fix check-local in VPATH builds

  [ dmerge ]
  * _filedir: Refactor to remove heredoc-dependent loop

  [ marxin ]
  * gccgo: Add as a GCC completion target (#227)

  [ ovf ]
  * xrandr: match the output name exactly for --mode

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Sat, 27 Apr 2019 11:50:12 +0300

$NetBSD: patch-Makefile.in,v 1.1 2021/03/10 16:35:54 jperkin Exp $

Don't install profile.d bits.

--- Makefile.in.orig	2020-07-25 11:50:01.000000000 +0000
+++ Makefile.in
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ pkgdata_DATA = bash_completion
 compatdir = $(sysconfdir)/bash_completion.d
 compat_DATA = 
 profiledir = $(sysconfdir)/profile.d
-profile_DATA = bash_completion.sh
+#profile_DATA = bash_completion.sh
 pkgconfigdir = $(datadir)/pkgconfig
 pkgconfig_DATA = bash-completion.pc
 cmakeconfigdir = $(datadir)/cmake/$(PACKAGE)/