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Diff for /pkgsrc/shells/ast-ksh/Makefile.common between version 1.21 and 1.22

version 1.21, 2006/10/03 14:32:37 version 1.22, 2007/01/07 09:14:10
Line 37  PDKSH=  /bin/ksh
Line 37  PDKSH=  /bin/ksh
 PKG_SHELL=      bin/ksh93  PKG_SHELL=      bin/ksh93
 INSTALLATION_DIRS=      bin man/man1  INSTALLATION_DIRS=      bin ${PKGMANDIR}/man1
 # ${KSH93_MAKEFLAGS} is set as "LDFLAGS=-static" only when built as a  # ${KSH93_MAKEFLAGS} is set as "LDFLAGS=-static" only when built as a
 # static binary.  # static binary.

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