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Revision (vendor branch), Thu Jul 15 23:10:35 2004 UTC (15 years, 4 months ago) by recht
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Initial import of prngd-0.9.29
from  othyro at freeshell dot org via pkgsrc-wip

PRNGD is a Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon. It is intended
to replace EGD, and provides an EGD compatible interface to obtain
random data and as an entropy source.

PRNGD is never drained and can never block.  And it has a seed-save
file, so that it is immediately usable after system start.

$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 2004/07/15 23:10:35 recht Exp $

- Edit the PRNGD configuration file ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/prngd.conf
   (see ${PREFIX}/share/doc/prngd). An example conf file was installed in

-- Regarding entropy gathering commands in prngd.conf:

The "rate" represents the number of bits of usuable entropy per byte of
command output. Adjust the rates as you see fit, but be conservative.

Depending on the usage of your system, some commands may not produce
output that varies significantly over time. Keep in mind the usage of
such commands will not produce considerably random data. Use commands
whose output will gather decent entropy.

- Add this example to /etc/rc.local for PRNGD to start on system boot:

echo ''
echo 'Starting PRNGD.'
if [ -f /usr/pkg/bin/prngd ]; then
	/usr/pkg/bin/prngd /var/run/egd-pool

- Browse the manual, docs, and the PRNGD home page for more information.