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Revision 1.8 / (download) - annotate - [selected], Sun Sep 19 12:48:45 2004 UTC (18 years, 2 months ago) by wiz
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CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2004Q3-base, pkgsrc-2004Q3
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Update to 0.1.4, provided by Sergio Jimenez in PR 26974.
Changes since 0.0.8:

* Changes in 0.1.4 (released 2004-08-08)

** Revamp of gnulib compatibility files.

** More translations.
German (by Roland Illig), Basque (by Mikel Olasagasti), French (by
Michel Robitaille), Irish (by Kevin Patrick Scannell), Dutch (by Elros
Cyriatan), Polish (by Jakub Bogusz), Romanian (by Laurentiu Buzdugan),
and Serbian (by Aleksandar Jelenak).

* Changes in 0.1.3 (released 2004-08-04)

** Command line tool support IPv6 (and other protocol families).
Requires that your system has `getaddrinfo'.

** Command line behaviour for gsasl tool improved.
The --client and --imap parameters are now the default.  The --connect
host and port can now be specified directly.  If --authentication-id
is not specified, the username of the user invoking gsasl is used
(i.e., getpwuid(getuid)->pw_name).  Alltogether, this allows simple
usage, as in `gsasl' to connect, via IMAP, to

* Changes in 0.1.2 (released 2004-07-16)

** The SMTP mode in `gsasl' should now work.

** Cross compile builds should work.
It should work for any sane cross compile target, but the only tested
platform is uClibc/uClinux on Motorola Coldfire.

** The GNU Readline library is used to read data, if available.

** Passwords read from stdin are not echoed to the terminal.

* Changes in 0.1.1 (released 2004-06-26)

** In the command line client, the default quality of protection is now none.

* Changes in 0.1.0 (released 2004-04-16)

** The library re-licensed to LGPL and distributed as a separate package.
This means a fork of this NEWS file, all the entries below relate to
the combined work of earlier versions.  New entries above does not
document user visible changes for the library ("libgsasl"), for that
see NEWS in the lib/ sub-directory, which is also distributed as a
stand-alone package.

* Changes in 0.0.14 (released 2004-01-22)

** Moved all mechanism specific code into sub-directories of lib/.
Each backend is built into its own library (e.g.,,
to facilitate future possible use of dlopen to dynamically load

** Moved compatibility files (getopt*) to gl/, and added more (strdup*).

* Changes in 0.0.13 (released 2004-01-17)

** Nettle (the crypto functionality, crypto/) has been updated.
This fixes two portability issues, the new code should work on
platforms that doesn't have inttypes.h and alloca.

* Changes in 0.0.12 (released 2004-01-15)

** Protocol line parser in 'gsasl' tool more reliable.
Earlier it assumed two lines were sent in one packet in one place, and
sent as two packets in another place.

** Various bugfixes.

* Changes in 0.0.11 (released 2004-01-06)

** The client part of CRAM-MD5 now uses SASLprep instead of NFKC.
This aligns with draft-ietf-sasl-crammd5-01.

** The CRAM-MD5 challenge string now conform to the proper syntax.

** The string preparation (SASLprep and trace) functions now work correctly.

** DocBook manuals no longer included.
The reason is that recent DocBook tools from the distribution I use
(Debian) fails with an error.  DocBook manuals may be included in the
future, if I can get the tools to work.

** API and ABI modifications.

* Changes in 0.0.10 (released 2003-11-22)

** The CRAM-MD5 server now reject invalid passwords.
The logic flaw was introduced in 0.0.9, after blindly making code
changes to shut up valgrind just before the release.

** Various build improvements.
Pkg-config is no longer needed.  GTK-DOC is only used if present.

* Changes in 0.0.9 (released 2003-11-21)

** Command line client can talk to SMTP servers with --smtp.

** DocBook manuals in XML, PDF, PostScript, ASCII and HTML formats included.

** Token parser in DIGEST-MD5 fixed, improve interoperability of DIGEST-MD5.

** Libgcrypt >= 1.1.42 is used if available (for CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5).
The previous libgcrypt API is no longer supported.

** CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 no longer require libgcrypt (but can still use it).
If libgcrypt 1.1.42 or later is not found, it uses a minimalistic
cryptographic library based on Nettle, from crypto/.  Currently only
MD5 and HMAC-MD5 is needed, making a dependence on libgcrypt overkill.

** Listing supported server mechanisms with gsasl_server_mechlist work.

** Autoconf 2.59, Automake 1.8 beta, Libtool CVS used.

** Source code for each SASL mechanism moved to its own sub-directory in lib/.

** The command line interface now uses getopt instead of argp.
The reason is portability, this also means we no longer use gnulib.

** API and ABI modifications.
gsasl_randomize: ADD.
gsasl_md5: ADD.
gsasl_hmac_md5: ADD.

gsasl_hexdump: REMOVED.  Never intended to be exported.

gsasl_step: ADD.
gsasl_step64: ADD.
gsasl_client_step: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_step instead.
gsasl_server_step: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_step instead.
gsasl_client_step_base64: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_step64 instead.
gsasl_server_step_base64: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_step64 instead.

gsasl_finish: ADD.
gsasl_client_finish: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_finish instead.
gsasl_server_finish: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_finish instead.

gsasl_ctx_get: ADD.
gsasl_client_ctx_get: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_ctx_get instead.
gsasl_server_ctx_get: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_ctx_get instead.

gsasl_appinfo_get: ADD.
gsasl_appinfo_set: ADD.
gsasl_client_application_data_get: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_appinfo_get instead.
gsasl_client_application_data_set: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_appinfo_set instead.
gsasl_server_application_data_get: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_appinfo_get instead.
gsasl_server_application_data_set: DEPRECATED: use gsasl_appinfo_set instead.

Gsasl: ADD.
Gsasl_ctx: DEPRECATED: use Gsasl instead.
Gsasl_session: ADD.
Gsasl_session_ctx: DEPRECATED: use Gsasl_session instead.




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