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Diff for /pkgsrc/security/bearssl/Makefile between version 1.8 and 1.9

version 1.8, 2020/11/16 07:43:25 version 1.9, 2020/11/27 19:52:11
Line 1 
Line 1 
 # $NetBSD$  # $NetBSD$
 DISTNAME=       bearssl-0.6  DISTNAME=               bearssl-0.6
 PKGREVISION=    1  PKGREVISION=            1
 CATEGORIES=     security  CATEGORIES=             security
 MAINTAINER=     pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org  MAINTAINER=             pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
 HOMEPAGE=       https://bearssl.org/  HOMEPAGE=               https://bearssl.org/
 COMMENT=        Implementation of the SSL/TLS protocol (RFC 5246)  COMMENT=                Implementation of the SSL/TLS protocol (RFC 5246)
 LICENSE=        mit  LICENSE=                mit
 INSTALLATION_DIRS=      bin include lib  INSTALLATION_DIRS=      bin include lib
 LDFLAGS.SunOS+= -lsocket -lnsl  LDFLAGS.SunOS+=         -lsocket -lnsl
   OPSYSVARS+=             SOEXT
   SOEXT.Darwin=           dylib
   SOEXT.*=                so
   PLIST_SUBST+=           SOEXT=${SOEXT}
 pre-build:  pre-build:
         ${MKDIR} ${WRKSRC}/build/obj          ${MKDIR} ${WRKSRC}/build/obj
Line 23  do-install:
Line 28  do-install:
         cd ${WRKSRC}/inc && \          cd ${WRKSRC}/inc && \
                 ${INSTALL_DATA} *.h ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/include                  ${INSTALL_DATA} *.h ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/include
         cd ${WRKSRC}/build && \          cd ${WRKSRC}/build && \
                 ${INSTALL_DATA} libbearssl.* ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/lib                  ${INSTALL_DATA} libbearssl.a ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/lib && \
                   ${INSTALL_LIB} libbearssl.${SOEXT} ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/lib
 do-test:  do-test:
         cd ${WRKSRC} && \          cd ${WRKSRC} && \

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