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Revision 1.1, Tue Mar 25 14:02:41 2003 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by salo
Branch: MAIN
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Updated to version 2.02.


- s/USE_X11BASE/USE_X11/
- fix paths in manual pages
- install shared directory for supplemental packages

- Rewrote the text extractor code that assembles words into lines to
  better handle vertically overlapping lines.
- Add the "match" option for paper size (in PostScript output).
- Added support for external 16-bit TrueType fonts; added the
  displayCIDFontTT and displayNamedCIDFontTT commands to the xpdfrc
- Added an Arabic language support package.
- Added the Windows-1255 encoding to the Hebrew language package.
- A missing NULL check was causing a crash when closing the file in a
  single window (which clears out the window, but leaves it open).
- Deal with TrueType fonts whose glyph data is out of order - this
  affected both FreeType rasterization and PostScript generation.
- Munge font names in PSOutputDev to avoid names that are problematic
  for ghostscript because they start with an out-of-limits number
  (e.g., 1e999foo).
- Modify the TrueType font encoding deciphering algorithm in yet another
  attempt to match up with Acrobat's behavior.
- Bounds check the indexHigh value in indexed color spaces.
- The text extractor no longer bothers trying to get an average
  character width for Type 3 fonts, since it generally doesn't work
  very well (because Type 3 metrics are unreliable).
- Don't crash if the user hits ctrl-G ("find again") before doing a
- Set the button pixmap foreground color correctly.
- Handle text drawn backward on 180 degree rotated pages.
- Added a magic call to XtUngrabButton after calling XmCreatePopupMenu
  which appears to prevent some very odd problems (idea taken from the
  DDD source code).
- Fix the MacOS X fix (needed to include <AvailabilityMacros.h>).
- Fixed a bunch of Motif 1.x / X11R5 incompatibilities.  [Thanks to
  William Bader and Albert Chin-A-Young.]
- Fixed various bugs in previously untested code in the JBIG2 decoder.
- Modify the XPDFCore destructor to avoid a bogus warning message from
  OpenMotif 2.2.
- Modified the Type 1C font parser to do proper bounds checking.
- Fixed the bounds checking in the TrueType font parser.
- Text extractor shouldn't do block merging in physical layout mode.
- Fixed a problem in PSOutputDev in level2sep mode with images in a
  Separation color space and with a non-default Decode array.
- Text extraction with "-raw" was concatenating lines from the bottom
  of one column and the top of the next.
- Handle Type 1C subroutines in the font converters.
- Correctly handle progressive JPEG images whose scans are slightly
  different sizes (e.g., the Y scan rounds up to a multiple of 8
  pixels and the Cb/Cr scans round up to 16 pixels).
- Avoid a potential divide-by-zero problem in TextOutputDev.
- Modified the T1Font and FTFont modules to correctly handle glyphs that
  are larger than the font's claimed bounding box.
- Tweak dupMaxDeltaX parameter in TextOutputDev to avoid triggering on
  double characters.
- Improved detection in pdfinfo for ISO paper sizes.  [Thanks to Hartmut
- Xpdf wasn't responding to the TARGETS atom, which prevented pasting
  the selection into various applications.  [Thanks to Phillip Ezolt.]
- Handle XObjects with recursive references in their Resources
  dictionaries (in PSOutputDev).
- Change PSOutputDev to deal with invalid PDF files that use
  non-embedded TrueType fonts with no encoding.
- Check for undersized Widths arrays in fonts.
- Add bounds checking code to Array class.
- Updated VMS build scripts.  [Thanks to Martin Zinser.]
- Tweak the TrueType font handling code (again):
  - char codes in symbolic fonts may or may not be offset by 0xf000
  - discard empty tables because they sometimes confuse FreeType
- Fixed bounds checking in the Flate decoder.
- Removed a bogus error message for exponential functions without
  explicit C0/C1 values.  [Thanks to Hartmut Henkel.]
- Handle the other Unicode cmap type (platform=0) in TrueType fonts.
- Added support for the SGI Motif horizontal paned window widget.
  [Thanks to Felix Ritter.]
- Ignore extra elements in link destination arrays.
- Accept external Type 1 font files with a suffix of ".ps" or no suffix
  at all.
- Add a bounds check in the DCT decoder.
- Added instructions for building xpdf.exe under cygwin/XFree86.

$NetBSD: patch-ag,v 1.1 2003/03/25 14:02:41 salo Exp $

--- doc/pdftops.1.orig	2003-03-25 12:41:58.000000000 +0100
+++ doc/pdftops.1	2003-03-25 12:42:20.000000000 +0100
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 Pdftops reads a configuration file at startup.  It first tries to find
 the user's private config file, ~/.xpdfrc.  If that doesn't exist, it
-looks for a system-wide config file, typically /usr/local/etc/xpdfrc
+looks for a system-wide config file, typically @PKG_SYSCONFDIR@/xpdfrc
 (but this location can be changed when pdftops is built).  See the
 .BR xpdfrc (5)
 man page for details.