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Revision (vendor branch), Tue Apr 14 18:16:52 2009 UTC (11 years, 4 months ago) by minskim
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Import tex-latex-2008.11896 as print/tex-latex.

LaTeX is a widely-used macro package for TeX, providing many basic
document formating commands extended by a wide range of packages.  It
is a development of Leslie Lamport's original LaTeX 2.09, and
superseded the older system in June 1994.  This package includes
a bunch of required packages, which LaTeX authors are "entitled to
assume" will be present on any system running LaTeX.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 2009/04/14 18:16:52 minskim Exp $

SHA1 (tex-latex-2008.11896/latex.tar.lzma) = 092ee11c86786f866c82f98cea54eaf78179fe99
RMD160 (tex-latex-2008.11896/latex.tar.lzma) = 556c39f48e254796e654aa95d3c6c3f235eb3937
Size (tex-latex-2008.11896/latex.tar.lzma) = 147221 bytes