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Revision 1.10, Thu Jan 2 15:21:32 2020 UTC (2 months, 3 weeks ago) by leot
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +2 -2 lines

cups{,-base}: Update to 2.3.1

- Documentation updates (Issue #5661, #5674, #5682)
- CVE-2019-2228: The `ippSetValuetag` function did not validate the default
  language value.
- Fixed a crash bug in the web interface (Issue #5621)
- The PPD cache code now looks up page sizes using their dimensions
  (Issue #5633)
- PPD files containing "custom" option keywords did not work (Issue #5639)
- Added a workaround for the scheduler's systemd support (Issue #5640)
- On Windows, TLS certificates generated on February 29 would likely fail
  (Issue #5643)
- Added a DigestOptions directive for the `client.conf` file to control whether
  MD5-based Digest authentication is allowed (Issue #5647)
- Fixed a bug in the handling of printer resource files (Issue #5652)
- The libusb-based USB backend now reports an error when the distribution
  permissions are wrong (Issue #5658)
- Added paint can labels to Dymo driver (Issue #5662)
- The `ippeveprinter` program now supports authentication (Issue #5665)
- The `ippeveprinter` program now advertises DNS-SD services on the correct
  interfaces, and provides a way to turn them off (Issue #5666)
- The `--with-dbusdir` option was ignored by the configure script (Issue #5671)
- Sandboxed applications were not able to get the default printer (Issue #5676)
- Log file access controls were not preserved by `cupsctl` (Issue #5677)
- Default printers set with `lpoptions` did not work in all cases (Issue #5681,
  Issue #5683, Issue #5684)
- Fixed an error in the jobs web interface template (Issue #5694)
- Fixed an off-by-one error in `ippEnumString` (Issue #5695)
- Fixed some new compiler warnings (Issue #5700)
- Fixed a few issues with the Apple Raster support (rdar://55301114)
- The IPP backend did not detect all cases where a job should be retried using
  a raster format (rdar://56021091)
- Fixed spelling of "fold-accordion".
- Fixed the default common name for TLS certificates used by `ippeveprinter`.
- Fixed the option names used for IPP Everywhere finishing options.
- Added support for the second roll of the DYMO Twin/DUO label printers.

# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.10 2020/01/02 15:21:32 leot Exp $
# used by print/cups/Makefile
# used by print/cups-base/Makefile

CUPS_VERS=	2.3.1
DISTNAME=	cups-${CUPS_VERS}-source

HOMEPAGE=	https://www.cups.org/
LICENSE=	gnu-gpl-v2 AND gnu-lgpl-v2