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Revision 1.25, Mon Jan 4 14:32:17 2021 UTC (2 years ago) by prlw1
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.24: +5 -8 lines

Update cups to v2.3.3op1

Change to the OpenPrinting fork of apple/cups, e.g., that fork already contains

- dnssd patch patch-config-scripts_cups-dnssd.m4
- freebsd patch patch-cups_getifaddrs-internal.h
- libtool patch patch-af

https://github.com/apple/cups/issues/4947 was fixed in both.

Changes in CUPS v2.3.3op1

- The automated test suite can now be activated using `make test` for
  consistency with other projects and CI environments - the old `make check`
  continues to work as well, and the previous test server behavior can be
  accessed by running `make testserver`.
- ippeveprinter now supports multiple icons and strings files.
- ippeveprinter now uses the system's FQDN with Avahi.
- ippeveprinter now supports Get-Printer-Attributes on "/".
- ippeveprinter now uses a deterministic "printer-uuid" value.
- ippeveprinter now uses system sounds on macOS for Identify-Printer.
- Updated ippfind to look for files in "~/Desktop" on Windows.
- Updated ippfind to honor `SKIP-XXX` directives with `PAUSE`.
- Updated IPP Everywhere support to work around printers that only advertise
  color raster support but really also support grayscale (Issue #1)
- ipptool now supports DNS-SD URIs like `ipps://My%20Printer._ipps._tcp.local`
  (Issue #5)
- The scheduler now allows root backends to have world read permissions but not
  world execute permissions (Issue #21)
- Failures to bind IPv6 listener sockets no longer cause errors if IPv6 is
  disabled on the host (Issue #25)
- The SNMP backend now supports the HP and Ricoh vendor MIBs (Issue #28)
- The scheduler no longer includes a timestamp in files it writes (Issue #29)
- The systemd service names are now "cups.service" and "cups-lpd.service"
  (Issue #30, Issue #31)
- The scheduler no longer adds the local hostname to the ServerAlias list
  (Issue #32)
- Added `LogFileGroup` directive in "cups-files.conf" to control the group
  owner of log files (Issue #34)
- Added `--with-max-log-size` configure option (Issue #35)
- Added `--enable-sync-on-close` configure option (Issue #37)
- Added `--with-error-policy` configure option (Issue #38)
- IPP Everywhere PPDs could have an "unknown" default InputSlot (Issue #44)
- The `httpAddrListen` function now uses a listen backlog of 128.
- Added USB quirks (Apple issue #5789, #5823, #5831)
- Fixed IPP Everywhere v1.1 conformance issues in ippeveprinter.
- Fixed DNS-SD name collision support in ippeveprinter.
- Fixed compiler and code analyzer warnings.
- Fixed TLS support on Windows.
- Fixed ippfind sub-type searches with Avahi.
- Fixed the default hostname used by ippeveprinter on macOS.
- Fixed resolution of local IPP-USB printers with Avahi.
- Fixed coverity issues (Issue #2)
- Fixed `httpAddrConnect` issues (Issue #3)
- Fixed web interface device URI issue (Issue #4)
- Fixed lp/lpr "printer/class not found" error reporting (Issue #6)
- Fixed xinetd support for LPD clients (Issue #7)
- Fixed libtool build issue (Issue #11)
- Fixed a memory leak in the scheduler (Issue #12)
- Fixed a potential integer overflow in the PPD hashing code (Issue #13)
- Fixed output-bin and print-quality handling issues (Issue #18)
- Fixed PPD options getting mapped to odd IPP values like "tray---4" (Issue #23)
- Fixed remote access to the cupsd.conf and log files (Issue #24)
- Fixed the automated test suite when running in certain build/CI environments
  (Issue #25)
- Fixed a logging regression caused by a previous change for Apple issue #5604
  (Issue #25)
- Fixed fax phone number handling with GNOME (Issue #40)
- Fixed potential rounding error in rastertopwg filter (Issue #41)
- Fixed the "uri-security-supported" value from the scheduler (Issue #42)
- Fixed IPP backend crash bug with "printer-alert" values (Issue #43)
- Removed old Solaris inetconv(1m) reference in cups-lpd man page (Issue #46)
- Fixed default options that incorrectly use the "custom" prefix (Issue #48)
- Fixed a memory leak when resolving DNS-SD URIs (Issue #49)
- Fixed systemd status reporting by adopting the notify interface (Issue #51)
- Fixed crash in rastertopwg (Apple issue #5773)
- Fixed cupsManualCopies values in IPP Everywhere PPDs (Apple issue #5807)

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.25 2021/01/04 14:32:17 prlw1 Exp $

SHA1 (cups-2.3.3op1-source.tar.gz) = a4cdab174881d4e6899fbbef637508bed10c5dc9
RMD160 (cups-2.3.3op1-source.tar.gz) = 6dab18506dfac295c16e4341eb6257f3c01d951e
SHA512 (cups-2.3.3op1-source.tar.gz) = 89949b4190288d5464f425cbff6b854e9da96ba3071e4e0d595ad581797b2db4724f49d884f3ea43e372ed4d0faec72839b0b7182cdde13b96f2824d619a4843
Size (cups-2.3.3op1-source.tar.gz) = 7989156 bytes
SHA1 (patch-ae) = b81d7a2ce457f0d6994d6a084c63aa0a870bb881
SHA1 (patch-ai) = d4aa1b59c77fa2cbf614eb661d9a791311b399c2
SHA1 (patch-airprint-conf_mime.convs.in) = e0813b7e1da2337191bc6bfc2a6888f4173b8717
SHA1 (patch-airprint-scheduler_conf.c) = 504e752c1699049cdbe11d8b04814670ddda81d4
SHA1 (patch-airprint-scheduler_dirsvc.c) = b861ee4cacb110c755e22c8a691b064a6553019d
SHA1 (patch-airprint-scheduler_printers.c) = 027b9b1515ba0fc472f6d3c5308d35849ac5ae3b
SHA1 (patch-at) = 9517bff0bf2c892f0723a25f243ba188f7781393
SHA1 (patch-conf-cups-files.conf.in) = b2eccf54e108d8c9e70094acfd9618a66779a84a
SHA1 (patch-conf_Makefile) = ba1c6f9e5c1bb8074038f65f4d17bf55e556738e
SHA1 (patch-config-scripts_cups-compiler.m4) = 71c706121fdf7db699a9b9365ac63779e3c23f67
SHA1 (patch-config-scripts_cups-directories.m4) = 68ff0c9ed333d5b00d11694fca7875c83bf9197d
SHA1 (patch-config-scripts_cups-gssapi.m4) = 965e54194de9f34f0f252f4993dcf8a8db935003
SHA1 (patch-config-scripts_cups-libtool.m4) = d255bda2b740a04167e20be1662e3b9c242ed8f2
SHA1 (patch-cups-tls.c) = b02bc528b6d551283373f271529d6f1956e1c7df
SHA1 (patch-cups_http-addrlist.c) = aa2524ee1c11450cfa3a46b1aa34c12417322241
SHA1 (patch-cups_thread.c) = 7ffb9a5835f345b29ad0cc9e253bb1d7ead9a399
SHA1 (patch-doc-help-man-cups-files.conf.html) = c26754104788eb619e69e49d6d51bf84ab047876
SHA1 (patch-man-cups-files.conf.man.in) = 51c06d39e20bf8c39c784fec1f32f6c8100cf821
SHA1 (patch-scheduler-conf.c) = 1e3e116b6a0b5696656afe259ed48f6274ff6b57
SHA1 (patch-scheduler-conf.h) = cd5c49579795c69b50abbff2b0f9604ffe8bfa5a
SHA1 (patch-scheduler-main.c) = a5410c7f78756506d23d705dfa93a756fe3e513e
SHA1 (patch-scheduler_auth.c) = 686b26286b7ad88363ddc7b394aefbfb3ad26c2d
SHA1 (patch-scheduler_dirsvc.c) = 1dba98dc171df733acb99e5f31ad838845a917bc
SHA1 (patch-tools_ippfind.c) = f0774fcf5ece380fd6fa09adb3c068910ddfa367