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Diff for /pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint/files/licenses_test.go between version 1.19 and 1.20

version 1.19, 2018/12/17 00:15:39 version 1.20, 2019/01/13 19:55:52
Line 47  func (s *Suite) Test_LicenseChecker_Chec
Line 47  func (s *Suite) Test_LicenseChecker_Chec
 func (s *Suite) Test_LicenseChecker_checkName__LICENSE_FILE(c *check.C) {  func (s *Suite) Test_LicenseChecker_checkName__LICENSE_FILE(c *check.C) {
         t := s.Init(c)          t := s.Init(c)
         t.SetupPkgsrc()          t.SetUpPkgsrc()
         t.SetupPackage("category/package",          t.SetUpPackage("category/package",
                 "LICENSE=\tmy-license",                  "LICENSE=\tmy-license",
                 "",                  "",
                 "LICENSE_FILE=\tmy-license")                  "LICENSE_FILE=\tmy-license")

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