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Diff for /pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint/files/licenses_test.go between version 1.12 and 1.13

version 1.12, 2018/04/28 23:32:52 version 1.13, 2018/08/12 16:31:56
Line 10  func (s *Suite) Test_checklineLicense(c 
Line 10  func (s *Suite) Test_checklineLicense(c 
         t.SetupFileLines("licenses/gnu-gpl-v2",          t.SetupFileLines("licenses/gnu-gpl-v2",
                 "Most software \u2026")                  "Most software \u2026")
         mkline := t.NewMkLine("Makefile", 7, "LICENSE=dummy")          mkline := t.NewMkLine("Makefile", 7, "LICENSE=dummy")
         G.CurrentDir = t.TmpDir()  
         licenseChecker := &LicenseChecker{mkline}          licenseChecker := &LicenseChecker{mkline}
         licenseChecker.Check("gpl-v2", opAssign)          licenseChecker.Check("gpl-v2", opAssign)
Line 85  func (s *Suite) Test_checkToplevelUnused
Line 84  func (s *Suite) Test_checkToplevelUnused
                 PlistRcsID,                  PlistRcsID,
                 "bin/program")                  "bin/program")
         G.Main("pkglint", "-r", "-Cglobal", t.TmpDir())          G.Main("pkglint", "-r", "-Cglobal", t.File("."))
         t.CheckOutputLines(          t.CheckOutputLines(
                 "WARN: ~/licenses/gnu-gpl-v3: This license seems to be unused.",                  "WARN: ~/licenses/gnu-gpl-v3: This license seems to be unused.",

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