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Annotation of pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgdepgraph/DESCR, Revision

1.1       atatat      1: pkgdepgraph prints out a "dot" language specification of the
                      2: inter-dependencies of your installed packages.  The "dot" language
                      3: is interpreted by the graphviz package to make graphs.  There are
                      4: several uses for such information.
                      6: (1) A graphical representation of information is always good to
                      7: look at.
                      9: (2) The output itself can be sorted and filtered to provide a list
                     10: of packages to delete in order that they can be rebuilt (to replace
                     11: out-of-date components).
                     13: (3) You can visually estimate the work involved in (or impact of)
                     14: removing a given component in order to replace it.

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