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version 1.4, 2011/05/18 07:13:10 version 1.5, 2011/05/21 09:07:04
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   pkg_online - client/server package searcher for pkgsrc.
   Every separate field (PKGPATH, PKGNAME, COMMENT etc.) may be queried
   separately and multiple fields may be queried too. A lot of search
   strategies are available. Set of fields and search strategies may
   very depending on your server configuration. Search in multiple
   "repositories" is supported too, e.g. search in binary repository
   or in pkgsrc source tree.
   Communication protocol is a well known dictionary protocol described
   in RFC-2229. Server may run dictd or any other dictionary protocol
   server.  For dictd see http://www.dict.org and
   pkg_online has minimal amount of things specific to pkgsrc and can
   easily be adapted to any other packageing systems.
   Of course it is based on pkg_summary-utils ;-)
 This package provides tools for building PKG_ONLINE databases.  This package provides tools for building PKG_ONLINE databases.

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