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Revision 1.1, Fri Jul 13 21:12:07 2012 UTC (8 years, 6 months ago) by abs
Branch: MAIN
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Updated pkgtools/lintpkgsrc to 4.84

- Misparse Makefiles a little better. Check for '.' in the left hand of :S and
  :C operations, and also handle :U
- Move files from pkglint/files to lintpkgrsc/files

LINTPKGSRC(1)           NetBSD General Commands Manual           LINTPKGSRC(1)

     lliinnttppkkggssrrcc -- verifier for the pkgsrc tree

     lliinnttppkkggssrrcc [--BBDDLLOORRSSVVddhhiillmmoopprruu] [--EE _f_i_l_e] [--gg _p_k_g_s_r_c_m_a_p] [--II _f_i_l_e]
                [--KK _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S] [--MM _D_I_S_T_D_I_R] [--PP _P_K_G_S_R_C_D_I_R] [_m_a_k_e_f_i_l_e _._._.]

     lliinnttppkkggssrrcc tries to verify the entire contents of the pkgsrc tree.
     lliinnttppkkggssrrcc uses simple regular-expression matching for verifying files
     that make up a pkgsrc directory.  Note that it does NOT implement com-
     plete Makefile parser.

     --BB            List packages marked as BROKEN.

     --DD _p_a_t_h_s      Parse Makefiles and output contents (useful for debugging).

     --dd            Extract the `DEPENDS' listing from each pkgsrc package
                   Makefile, then verify the version specified in each DEPEND
                   correctly matches a current pkgsrc package.

     --EE _f_i_l_e       Exports the internal database generated from the pkgsrc
                   Makefiles to a file for faster loading at a later time.
                   Note that some of the stored data is, in all likelihood,
                   dependent on the architecture and operating system of the
                   machine where it is generated.  However, the database does
                   make the task of, eg, checking for out of date packages on
                   a set of similarly configured machines (in the absence of
                   extra copies of the pkgsrc tree) both quick and possible.

     --gg _p_k_g_s_r_c_m_a_p  Generate pkgsrcmap file containing an entry for each pack-
                   age of `pkgname pkgdir pkgver'.

     --hh            Basic help and usage.

     --II _f_i_l_e       Imports the data to construct the internal database for
                   checking the installed versions of packages, among other
                   things, against the current version found in pkgsrc.  This
                   database provides most or all of the data required for run-
                   ning lliinnttppkkggssrrcc with any combination of --BB, --OO, --RR, --SS, --VV,
                   --dd, --gg, --ii, --pp, or --uu.

     --ii            Check the version of each installed package against the
                   current version in pkgsrc.

     --KK _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S   Override binary packages base directory, normally set from
                   _/_e_t_c_/_m_k_._c_o_n_f or defaulted to _$_{_P_K_G_S_R_C_D_I_R_}_/_p_a_c_k_a_g_e_s.

                   Note: lintpkgsrc treats _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S slightly differently to
                   the pkgsrc build system.  --pp, --RR and --VV check for binary
                   packages in any depth of PACKAGES subdirs - this allows
                   packages for all architectures/OS versions to be checked
                   simultaneously with an _/_e_t_c_/_m_k_._c_o_n_f construct of the form:

                   .ifdef LINTPKGSRC

                   Which would be an alternative to --KK.

     --LL            List the filenames of Makefiles as they are parsed (for

     --MM _D_I_S_T_D_I_R    Set directory for distfiles, defaults to

     --mm            For each current distfile, verify its checksum against the
                   appropriate package's distinfo file. Also report if any
                   package's distinfo file references the same distfile with a
                   different distinfo checksum.

     --OO            Report any binary packages in any subdirs of _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S, for
                   whom the source Makefile lists _O_S_V_E_R_S_I_O_N___S_P_E_C_I_F_I_C.  This is
                   intended to help those making binary packages available for

     --oo            Report any old distfiles (not referenced by any package's
                   distinfo file).

     --PP _P_K_G_S_R_C_D_I_R  Set base of pkgsrc tree, normally set from _/_e_t_c_/_m_k_._c_o_n_f or
                   defaulted to _/_u_s_r_/_p_k_g_s_r_c.

     --pp            Report any old binary packages in any subdirs of _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S.

     --RR            Report any binary packages in any subdirs of _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S, for
                   whom the source Makefile lists _N_O___B_I_N___O_N___F_T_P or _R_E_S_T_R_I_C_T_E_D.
                   This is intended to help those making binary packages
                   available for ftp.

     --rr            Remove distfiles which are not referenced from any pack-
                   age's distinfo file, or have an incorrect checksum (usually
                   due to an interrupted download), and any old binary pack-
                   ages. To remove any given type, additionally specify the
                   --oo, --mm, or --pp flags respectively.

     --SS            List packages missing from category _S_U_B_D_I_R lists.

     --uu            As --ii plus for mismatched packages, display REQUIRED
                   details and run `@MAKE@ fetch-list | sh' to ensure all the
                   distfiles needed for the latest version are present.

                   Warning: The behaviour of this command may change in a
                   later version.

     --VV            List any prebuilt packages in any subdirs of _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S with
                   known vulnerabilities, based on the data in

     David Brownlee <abs@netbsd.org>

     The --RR, --VV, and --pp options default to using _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S as the base direc-
     tory from which to search for binary packages. If this includes OS or
     architecture information then packages for other OS/architecture combina-
     tions will be missed.  In this case _P_A_C_K_A_G_E_S can be overridden with --KK or
     set conditionally in _/_e_t_c_/_m_k_._c_o_n_f based on the value of _L_I_N_T_P_K_G_S_R_C.

     The `Makefile parsing' algorithm used to obtain package versions and
     DEPENDS information is geared towards speed rather than perfection,
     though it has got somewhat better over time, it only parses the simplest
     Makefile conditionals. (a == b, no && etc).

     Potentially others, but non serious to date.

pkgsrc                         November 8, 2005                        pkgsrc