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Update to the Son of Grid Engine 8.0.0d
The Son of Grid Engine is a community project to continue Sun Grid Engine.

Notable changes in Son of Grid Engine

Version 8.0.0d

* Bug fixes

  * Man and fixes
  * Fix building with older gcc versions
  * Provide load average in qstat XML output [#446, #454]
  * Partially back out Univa change which broke classic spooling
  * Fix -terse in sge_request [#777]

* Other changes (possibly-incompatible)

  * Message fixes

Version 8.0.0c

* Bug fixes

  * Man and other documentation fixes
  * Build/installation fixes (particularly for Red Hat 6 and Linux 3)
  * Fix group ids for submitted jobs [U]
  * Fix default value of boolean with JSV [U]
  * Windows fixes for helper crashes and Vista GUI jobs [U]
  * Ensure parallel jobs are dispatched to the least loaded host [U]
  * Correct ownership of qsub -pty output file; was owned by admin user [U]
  * Fix format of Windows loadcheck.exe output [U]
  * Read from stderr even if stdout is already closed in IJS [U]
  * Fix PDC_INTERVAL=NEVER execd parameter [U]
  * Fix accounting information for Windows GUI jobs [U]
  * Increase default MAX_DYN_EC qmaster param [U]
  * Fix qsub -sync y error message and enforce MAX_DYN_EC correctly [U]
  * Fix job validation (-w e) behaviour [#716] [U]
  * Fix qrsh input redirection [U]
  * Avoid warning when submitting a qrsh job [U]
  * Print start time in qstat -j -xml output [U]
  * Don't raise an error changing resource request on waiting job [#806]
  * Don't exit 0 on error with qconf -secl or -sep
  * Include string.h in drmaa.h [#712]
  * Fix process-scheduler-log with host aliases

* Enhancements

  * Base qmake and qtcsh on the current gmake and tcsh source [#289,
    #504, #832]
  * Support "-binding linear" and "-binding linear:slots"
  * Use the hwloc library for all topology information and core
    binding, supporting more operating systems (now: AIX, Darwin,
    FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, HPUX, MS Windows, OSF/1, Solaris), and more
    hardware types (specifically AMD Magny Cours and similar)
  * Add task number to execd "exceeds job ... limit"

* Other changes (possibly-incompatible)

  * Modify default paths in build files and elsewhere [U]
  * Assorted message fixes
  * In RPMs, move qsched to qmaster package, and separate drmaa4ruby
  * Default to newijs in
  * Default to sh, not csh for configured shell

Version 8.0.0b

* Bug fixes

  * Build/installation fixes [including #424, #1349] [(U)]
  * Fix execd init script [#1348]
  * Man and other documentation fixes [including #614, #764] [(U)]
  * Fix contents of admin mail properly [#1307, #1345]
  * Fix qalter messages for -tc
  * Fix build with -DSGE_PQS_API
  * Fix group ids for submitted jobs [U]

* Enhancements

  * Update qsched and add man page

* Other changes (possibly-incompatible)

  * Avoid the use of /bin/ksh [#1306]
  * Change installation defaults to classic spooling, not adding
    shadow hosts, and not JMX. [(U)]

Version 8.0.0a

This is roughly a superset of Univa's 8.0.0 (the V800_TAG from, with thanks for that.

Changes made there which haven't been included in this version:  PLPA
source not removed; some different build/installation defaults
(e.g. for JMX); Univa/UGE "branding" (partly because trademark status
is unknown); authuser not removed (for SDM and testing use),

* Bug fixes

  * Many man and other documentation fixes [including #790, #776,
    #769, #733, #610, #587, #581, #459, #456, #439, #255, #1288, #797,
    #1271, #773] [(U)]
  * Some program message fixes [(U)]
  * Various build and installation fixes [including #761, #709, #656,
    #616, #546, #536, #521, #491, #438, #414, #411, #383, #381, #138,
    #455, #344, #438, #1311, #1272, #1273] [(U)]
  * Ask for keystore password twice on installation
  * Fix qmaster crashes with tightly integrated parallel jobs or
    un-discoverable qinstance [#789] [U]
  * Report 0 cores and sockets on unsupported Solaris hosts [U]
  * Fix malloc hooks which caused crashes, particularly with SuSE 11
    [#792, #748, #749] [U]
  * Verify the pe task start user in execd in non-CSP mode [U]
  * Fix binding parameters parsing [U]
  * Fix JSV logging with multiple users submitting jobs on same submit
    host [U]
  * Fix unresponsive qmaster when modifying the global configuration
    in a huge cluster [U]
  * Speed up finishing tightly integrated jobs [U]
  * Check consistency of JSV binding information properly [U]
  * Fix broken project spooling, which caused loss of project when
    restarting master when using core binding [U]
  * Fix slotwise preemption failure to unsuspend one job per host [#775] [U]
  * Fix problems retrieving passwd and group information with large
    responses [#1295] [(U)]
  * Fix JSV changing default of boolean [U]
  * Allow comma in CMDNAME with Perl JSV scripts [#803]
  * Don't put queue into error state when supplementary group id
    cannot be set [#185] [U]
  * Don't convert LF to CRLF with qrsh -pty [U]
  * Fix qconf segfault on bad subordination string [U]
  * Fix group ids of submitted jobs [U]
  * Disallow -masterq with serial jobs [#155] [U]
  * Fix 100% CPU use by shepherd of qsh [U]
  * Removed unnecessary binding warning on job starts [U]
  * Fix qconf error reports when tmp directory has 755 permissions [U]
  * Fix suspending of remote process on qrsh -pty yes <cmd> on Solaris [U]
  * Fix starting jobs after global host changed [U]
  * Reject invalid load_formula value [U]
  * Fix handling of implicitly-requested exclusive resources [U]
  * Fix execd vmem reporting on 64-bit Linux [U]
  * Fix startup of execd on Windows Vista [U]
  * Set xterm's path more appropriately on GNU/Linux [#557]
  * Fix generation of admin email from failed jobs [#1307]
  * Fix some ill-formed output from qstat -xml [#314]
  * Fix handling of multi-line environment variables propagated to
    shepherd [#395]
  * Fix example MPI PE templates
  * Fix bad quoting in JSV sh library
  * Fix checking of consumables for parallel jobs across multiple hosts [U]

* Enhancements

  * Additional and clarified documentation
  * PAM modules for ssh tight integration and access control for
    interactive jobs
  * Initial core binding support for Solaris/SPARC64 [U]
  * Some efficiency improvements and memory leaks fixed [U]
  * Ports to S/390 and PARISC GNU/Linux [U]
  * New complex m_thread [U]
  * Show topology by default in qhost [U]
  * qsub -pty switch [#704] [U]
  * Improved qmon graphics [#530] [(U)]
  * Include bash in default shell list [U]
  * A JSV that rejects all jobs [U]
  * Files for Scali-MPI
  * Ruby DRMAA implementation
  * Enable easy building against shared system libraries and use
    system openssl and bdb binaries
  * New scripts: "qsched" reports resource reservations; "status"
    wraps qstat; enable/disable submission; node-selection (idle etc.)
  * Restart argument for daemon init scripts
  * Improved efficiency of shell JSV if used with bash
  * Core dumps from crashing daemons enabled under Linux [U]
  * Example host_aliases file [#154]
  * Spec file for RPM packaging [#820]

* Other changes (possibly-incompatible)

  * Show core binding by default in qstat, qhost (use -ncb for
    compatibility) [U]
  * Removed Berkeley DB RPC support (recently dropped by BDB) [U]
  * Changed position in pending job list for user-rescheduled jobs
    (exit99, qmod -rj) and OLD_RESCHEDULE_BEHAVIOR,
  * Unified GNU/Linux arch strings (lx-*, from lx24-* and lx26-*) [U]
  * Default to enabling core binding on GNU/Linux [U]
  * Removed Sun service tags support [U]
  * Removed obsolete SunHPCT5 files

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