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Import Open Grid Scheduler version 2011.11 as parallel/gridscheduler.
Heavily based on Sun Grid Engine package (parallel/sge).

Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is a free and open-source
batch-queuing system for distributed resource management.
OGS/GE is based on Sun Grid Engine, and maintained by the same
group of external (i.e. non-Sun) developers who started
contributing code to Sun Grid Engine since 2001.

$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 2012/03/21 20:48:53 asau Exp $

You will need to add the following lines to /etc/services:

sge_qmaster     6444/tcp
sge_execd       6445/tcp

In addition after installation, you need to set up SGE.  To configure the
master node of the cluster, run:

        cd ${SGE_ROOT} && ./install_qmaster -csp

For the back-end compute nodes, run:

        cd ${SGE_ROOT} && ./install_execd

Additionally, you will want to add the following lines in /etc/csh.cshrc:

# Sun Grid Engine Setup
if ( -f ${SGE_ROOT}/default/common/settings.csh  ) then
        source ${SGE_ROOT}/default/common/settings.csh

and the following in /etc/profile:

if [ -f ${SGE_ROOT}/default/common/settings.sh ]; then
        . ${SGE_ROOT}/default/common/settings.sh