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Changes since 1.3: +3 -12 lines
Diff to previous 1.3 (colored)

Update this package to version 4.2.2, provided by David Rankin
<>, and reworked by me to include
socks support where necessary, and to use pkgsrc standards for
GNU_CONFIGURE, etc.  Also fixed the PLIST to reflect reality.

Changes since previous pkgsrc version:

* lmove.c match_group(), move_msgs(), scan_args() - Re-wrote
	for new options -h and -s to create hard or symbolic
	links to files crossposted to multiple groups.  Re-wrote
 	code to handle malformed header with spaces either before
	or after the newsgroup names.
	load_active() - added test for duplicate group line.
* suck.c - do_one_group() - changed command from "xhdr 111-"
	to "xhdr 111-2222" for brain-dead servers that don't
	follow the proposed standard and treat 111- correctly.
* xover.c - do_xover(), do_group_xover() - changed command from
	"xover 111-" to "xover 111-222".
* rpost.c - do_perl() - fixed bug where infile was being lost
	due to FREETMPS, causing failed posting.
* suck.c - restart_yn() - fixed bug where if prior to restart,
	we had sent command for an article, but not received it,
	then on restart, we would skip article.   So I have
	to set sentcmd to false if we haven't downloaded it.
* xover.c - chk_a_group() - rewrote into one loop, to get rid
	of segfaults on NULL field, and to speed things up for
	complicated xover files.
* active.c - get_msgids() - added new option, -i, to set the default
	number of articles to download when using the -A or -AL option
	and a new group is added.  See man page for usage.
        do_one_group() - changed handling of return from
	do_group_xover() so handle new error code.
	parse_args(), main() - added code to handle -i option.
	get_articles() - fixed bug in handling of pause and
	reconnect after X nr of articles.  Wasn't taken into
	account 0 articles correctly.
* killfile.c - moved xoverview pointer out of master killfile and
	into master struct, so can use independently of killfiles
	(for -Z option).
	parse_killfile() - changed to passed which argument to
	various setup routines, so can distinguish between XOVER
	and regular killfiles.
* killprg.c - killprg_forkit(), killperl_setup() - added test for
	which, so if XOVER killfiles we don't point the killfile
	functions to killprg stuff.
	- killprg_sendoverview(), killprg_sendxover,
	killperl_sendxover() - created.  These routines handle
	the sending of the overview.fmt and each overview line
	to a child program or perl subroutine for matching.
* suck.c - main() - added code to handle retreival and freeing up
	of memory used by overview.fmt.  Added call to free up
	xoverp killfile.u
	- do_one_group() - added code to handle new option, -Z,
	to use XOVER vice XHDR to get message-ids, in case the
	remote server doesn't support the XHDR command.
* xover.c - do_group_xover() - changed the error code returned
	if server can't do xover command, so can recover
	gracefully from other errors (such as too long msgid)
	get_xover(), find_msgid() - created.  These routines
	use the XOVER command to get the Message-ID and alloc
	it for the -Z option.
	Moved xoverview pointer out of master killfile and into
	master struct, so can use for -Z option.
	- do_one_line() - added code so if we have a program
	or perl subroutine to do the checking, it gets called
* suck.c -- do_supplemental() - added call to do_sup_bynr().
	do_sup_bynr() - created.  Handles lines in suckothermsgs
	that specify a group name and article number for retreival.
* suck.c - get_one_article() - fixed bug in sending command
	for the second article, was resending first article
* killfile.c - get_one_article_kill() - added code to handle
	new option, -g, to get only the headers of articles.
	See man pages for details.
* suck.c - get_one_article() - added code to handle new option
	-g, to get only the headers of articles.
* xover.c - chk_a_group() - fix bug in counting of Xref line,
	causing inaccurate count.
        do_one_line(), get_xoverview() - fixed handling of :full
	flag in overview.fmt.
* reworked restart code.  Got rid of suck.restart and suck.sorted,
   replaced with suck.db, which contains the records of all messages.
   All of this code is now contained in db.c.  Cleaned up the use of
   the Mandatory field by creating separate delete and sentcmd fields.
* chkhistory.c chkhistory() - fixed bug which caused no articles to be
	checked, I wasn't passing the current article to my_bsearch().
        chkhistory() - changed HISTORY_FILE to a run time option vice
	the constant defined in the Makefile.
* chkhistory_db.c
	chkhistory(), open_history() - changed HISTORY_FILE to a
	run_time option.
* killfile.c - added code to handle new killfile option NRXREF.
	This works the same as NRGRPS, but on the Xref line
	instead of the Newsgroups line.
  killfile_done() - fixed bug in freeing perl_int.
  check_a_group() - fixed bug in counting nr of groups.
  pass_two() - fix bug if groupline didn't have group name, we could
	core dump when trying to nuke nl.
* ssort.c - changed params that my_bsearch is called with, to make
	chkhistory faster.  Changed second param to string vice struct.
* suck.c - do_cleanup() - fixed a bug with moving suck.newrc to sucknewsrc.
	If we're restarted with -R, no suck.newrc would exist, and
	we'd move sucknewsrc to sucknewsrc.old, and fail on the
	move of suck.newrc to sucknewsrc.  Now if suck.newrc doesn't
	exist, we don't move sucknewsrc either.
	parse_args() - added code to handle history file option (HF).
* xover.c - added code to handle to option NRXREF, like above.
	Also added code to handle new option XOVER_LOG_LONG,
	which causes suck to format xover kills so that they
	look like message headers, instead of printing just
	the Xover line.
* active.c - get_message_index_active() - added code to handle -F
	option, reconnect after reading the active file.  This is
	in case of a large active file, and the remote end times
	out while reading it.
* killprg.c - tweaked the #ifdef for the Perl 5.004 stuff
* lmove.c - move_msg(), scan_args() - Added test to see if article
	exists in new location before I move it.  This is to avoid
	overwriting articles if another process adds articles to
	directory without changing the active file.   If an article
	already exists, I abort UNLESS you use the -A option.  See
	man page for more details.
   main() - rewrote tests for msgdir and basedir, to avoid segfaults
	if not defined.
* suck.c - main(), scan_args() - added code to handle -F option.
* xover.c - get_xoverview() - fixed bug in parsing of xoverview, not
	stripping the blanks and nls correctly.  Also fixed bug in
	allocing of memory (had POverview vice Overview).
* batch.c - do_post_filter() - created, allows you to edit all articles
*batch.c - do_lmove_patch()
*killprg.c - killprg_forkit()
*rpost.c - do_filter - added exit(-1) so that if child doesn't execl,
	we don't have both parent and child running.
* chkhistory.c - chkhistory() - changed error_log() call to MyPerror()
	for open of history file, so get more descriptive error msg.
*  suck.c - main(), parse_args() - added arg handling for do_post_filter().
   get_articles(), restart_yn() - re-worked the handling of restarts, to
	avoid downloading same article twice, or not downloading an article,
	due to the de-duping process when I did a rescan for new articles,
	so I had the same MsgId twice, then deleted the first one already
	downloaded, and then downloaded it again.
* dedupe.c - dedupe_list() - added code so that if one of a set of dupes
	is marked as downloaded, or a dupe, I delete the other one
	instead, to help avoid the scenario above.

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