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 Slrn is a terminal based newsreader by John E. Davis <davis@space.mit.edu>.  slrn ('S-Lang read news') is a newsreader, i.e. a program that accesses a
 It supports threads and is highly customizable through S-Lang functions.  newsserver to read messages from the Internet News service (also known as
   'Usenet'). It runs in console mode on various Unix-like systems (including
 In this package, there is only support for NNTP, not for local spool.  Linux), 32-bit Windows, OS/2, BeOS and VMS. Beside the usual features of a
   newsreader slrn supports scoring rules to highlight, sort or kill articles
   based on information from their header. It is highly customizable, allows
   free key-bindings and can easily be extended using the sophisticated
   S-Lang macro language. Offline reading is possible by using either
   slrnpull (shipped with slrn) or a local newsserver (like leafnode or INN).

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