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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[DIR] bystand/        
[DIR] canlock-hp/        
[DIR] cg/        
[DIR] cleanscore/        
[DIR] flnews/        
[DIR] gnus/        
[DIR] gtk2-pan/        
[DIR] heirloom-news/        
[DIR] hellanzb/        
[DIR] inn/        
[DIR] knews/        
[DIR] leafnode/        
[DIR] libcanlock/        
[DIR] lottanzb/        
[DIR] multimail/        
[DIR] newsbeuter/        
[DIR] newscache/        
[DIR] newsfetch/        
[DIR] newsx/        
[DIR] nget/        
[DIR] nn/        
[DIR] nntpcache/        
[DIR] nntpclnt/        
[DIR] pan/        
[DIR] pan-gnome/        
[DIR] pkg/        
[DIR] sfeed/        
[DIR] sfeed_curses/        
[DIR] slrn/        
[DIR] suck/        
[DIR] tin/        
[DIR] trn/        
[DIR] xrn/        
[TXT] Makefile  1.31   15 years  wiz   Remove ancient pan-gnome package because it has been vulnerable for a long time ...

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