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Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri May 25 11:22:58 2012 UTC (7 years, 10 months ago) by gdt
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Update to 0.6.3.  Note that 0.6.1 really does not work with Twisted in

* Release 0.6.3 (05-Jan-2012)

** Compatibility Fixes

This release really is compatible with Twisted-11.1.0 . The previous Foolscap
release (0.6.2), despite the changes described below, suffered mild
incompatibilites with the new TLS code in the final Twisted-11.1.0 release.
The most common symptom is a DirtyReactorError in unit tests that use
Tub.stopService() in their tearDown() method (to coordinate shutdown and
cleanup). Another symptom is tests overlapping with one another, causing
port-already-in-use errors.

This incompatibility did not generally affect normal operation, but only
impacted unit tests.

** Other Changes

The Debian packaging tools in misc/ were removed, as they were pretty stale.
These days, both Debian and Ubuntu make their own Foolscap packages.

* Release 0.6.2 (15-Oct-2011)

** Compatibility Fixes

Foolscap-0.6.2 will be compatible with future versions of Twisted (>11.0.0).
The 0.6.1 release will not: a TLS change went into Twisted trunk recently
(after the 11.0.0 release) which broke Foolscap 0.6.1 and earlier.

This release also fixes a minor incompatibility with newer versions of
OpenSSL (0.9.8o was ok, 1.0.0d was not), which caused errors in the test
suite (but normal runtime operation) on e.g. Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric".

** Git-Over-Foolscap Tools

The doc/examples/ directory contains two executables (git-foolscap and
git-remote-pb) which, when placed in your $PATH, make it easy to use Foolscap
to access a Git repository. These use the flappserver/flappclient tools and
let you build a FURL that provides read-only or read-write access to a single
repository. This is somewhat like providing SSH access to a repo, but with a
much smaller scope: the client will only be able to manipulate the one
repository, and gets no other authority on the target system. See the tool's
inline comments for usage instructions.

** Minor Fixes

Using 'flappserver upload-file FILE1 FILE2 FILE3..' (with three or more
files) now correctly uploads all files: previously it only managed to upload
the first and last.

'flappserver' argument handling was improved slightly. A workaround was added
to handle a Twisted stdio-closing bug which affected flappserver's
run-command function and broke the git-foolscap tool. Several changes were
made for the benefit of Windows: log filenames all use hyphens (not colons),
log filtering tools tolerate the lack of atomic-rename filesystem operations,
and some unixisms in the test suite were removed.

The Tub.setLogGathererFURL() method can now accept a list (iterable) of log
gatherer FURLs, not just a single one.

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