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Revision 1.3, Wed Dec 9 12:32:22 2009 UTC (10 years, 8 months ago) by obache
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +7 -1 lines

Update isic to 0.07.

pkgsrc changes:
* change HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES to new Sourceforge's one.
* set LICENSE=2-clause-bsd
* add user-destdir support

ISIC (v0.07)	12/22/2006, by Shu Xiao (sxiao@cisco.com)

	- New IPv6 utilities: isic6, tcpsic6, udpsic6, icmpsic6.

	- New tool multisic for sending random multicast UDP packets.

	- Fixed compilation errors with GCC v4.

	- Added -k skip option for esic per the request from some users.

	- Placed the flood control under low traffic limit case only.

		The original flood protection code calls gettimeofday(),
		and runs after sending each packet. This is time consumping
		and prevents the tool from reaching high traffic limit
		on high speed interface (eg. 1000Base-TX). Now the flood
		control will take effect only if the specified maximum rate
		is less than 10MB/s.

	- Corrected -t option bug with tcpsic:

		The old one was using it reversely, e.g. -t 30 would generate
		packet with 30% of them having correct TCP checksum. But -t
		is actually for the percentage of bad TCP checksum.

	- Changed to used 32-bit random numbers for some fields:

		For IPv4 *sic tools, the source/destination IP address and
		TCP sequence/acknowledge numbers are 32-bit width, and
		should be assigned with equal size random numbers. The old
		code did not do shifting correctly.

	- Changed the default value to 10 for all percentage options.

	- Cleaned the usage printout of icmpsic:

		There were ports used in the usage printout of icmpsic. This
		was misleading since no ports arguments needed for it.

	- New manual page, try to get more help with "man isic".

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