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Revision 1.25, Mon Feb 12 20:45:27 2018 UTC (9 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.24: +6 -5 lines

ffmpeg3: updated to 3.4.2

version 3.4.2:
- avcodec/vp3: Error out on invalid num_coeffs in unpack_vlcs()
- avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Ignore multiple VOL headers
- avcodec/vp3: Check eob_run
- avcodec/pafvideo: Check allocated frame size
- avcodec/scpr: Fix reading a pixel before the first
- avcodec/mpeg2dec: Fix field selection for skipped macroblocks
- avcodec/huffyuvdec: Check input buffer size
- avcodec/utvideodec: Fix bytes left check in decode_frame()
- avcodec/wavpack: Fix integer overflow in FFABS
- avcodec/aacsbr_fixed: Fix overflows in rounding in sbr_hf_assemble()
- avcodec/exr: Fix memleaks in decode_header()
- avcodec/mediacodecdec: use ff_hevc_ps_uninit()
- avcodec/hevc_parser: use ff_hevc_uninit_parameter_sets()
- avcodec/hevcdec: use ff_hevc_uninit_parameter_sets()
- avcodec/hevc_ps: add a function to uninitialize parameter set buffers
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix several integer overflows
- avcodec/indeo5: Do not leave frame_type set to an invalid value
- avcodec/hevc_ps: Check log2_sao_offset_scale_*
- avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Avoid possibly aliasing violating casts
- avcodec/get_bits: Document the return code of get_vlc2()
- avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Check mb_num also against 0
- avfilter/vf_transpose: Fix used plane count.
- avcodec/hevc_cabac: Check prefix so as to avoid invalid shifts in coeff_abs_level_remaining_decode()
- avcodec/mjpegdec: Fix integer overflow in DC dequantization
- avcodec/dxtory: Fix bits left checks
- avcodec/hevc_cabac: Move prefix check in coeff_abs_level_remaining_decode() down
- avcodec/truemotion2: Fix integer overflow in TM2_RECALC_BLOCK()
- avcodec/snowdec: Fix integer overflow before htaps check
- avcodec/ulti: Check number of blocks at init
- avcodec/wavpack: Fix integer overflows in wv_unpack_stereo / mono
- avcodec/jpeg2000: Check sum of sizes of band->prec before allocating
- avcodec/ac3dec_fixed: Fix integer overflow in scale_coefs()
- avformat/lrcdec: Fix memory leak in lrc_read_header()
- avformat/matroskadec: Fix float-cast-overflow undefined behavior in matroska_parse_tracks()
- lavfi/deinterlace_vaapi: fix can't show full option information.
- configure:version 3.4.1: bump year
- avcodec/utils: Avoid hardcoding duplicated types in sizeof()
- avcodec/arm/sbrdsp_neon: Use a free register instead of putting 2 things in one
- avcodec/h264addpx_template: Fixes integer overflows
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix overflows in COMPOSE_HAARiH0/COMPOSE_HAARiL0
- avcodec/diracdec: Fix integer overflow with quant
- avcodec/opus_parser: Check payload_len in parse_opus_ts_header()
- avcodec/jpeg2000dsp: Fix integer overflows in ict_int()
- avcodec/h264_slice: Do not attempt to render into frames already output
- avcodec/dnxhddec: Check dc vlc
- avcodec/exr: Check buf_size more completely
- avcodec/flacdec: Fix overflow in multiplication in decode_subframe_fixed()
- avcodec/hevcdsp_template: Fix Invalid shifts in put_hevc_qpel_bi_w_h() and put_hevc_qpel_bi_w_w()
- avcodec/flacdec: avoid undefined shift
- avcodec/hevcdsp_template.c: Fix undefined shift in FUNC(dequant)
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflow in COMPOSE_DD97iH0() and COMPOSE_DD137iL0()
- avcodec/hevc_cabac: Fix integer overflow in ff_hevc_cu_qp_delta_abs()
- tests/audiomatch: Add missing return code at the end of main()
- avcodec/hevc_sei: Fix integer overflows in decode_nal_sei_message()
- avcodec/hevcdsp_template: Fix undefined shift in put_hevc_qpel_bi_w_hv()
- avcodec/h264_parse: Treat escaped and unescaped decoding error equal in decode_extradata_ps_mp4()
- avcodec/vp9: mark frame as finished on decode_tiles() failure
- libavfilter/af_dcshift.c: Fixed repeated spelling error
- avfilter/formats: fix wrong function name in error message

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.25 2018/02/12 20:45:27 adam Exp $

SHA1 (ffmpeg-3.4.2.tar.bz2) = 17116d2ca13b91c53db2d4c3976b2ab56f9f69b6
RMD160 (ffmpeg-3.4.2.tar.bz2) = 5e16f7d1ad8b41273d894a8574cb78725c8ef324
SHA512 (ffmpeg-3.4.2.tar.bz2) = 7d14865316d514b8fee19431b45c5f456422447bd7c68a746e06c6f7450a49aff1ec1d9f88b642c9072e846163d1f7bbe41d1cf73a1ad580f5162f58c8b30fb4
Size (ffmpeg-3.4.2.tar.bz2) = 10179184 bytes
SHA1 (patch-Makefile) = 0c35f53878b0420aeea49d8ccb249279e705eb40
SHA1 (patch-configure) = ed50009ff973844427af7b5720af6493ebfce298
SHA1 (patch-doc_Makefile) = 50ee7aaf74f8a5c439b11f141b5408322659543a
SHA1 (patch-libavformat_sctp.c) = 22bad9c7dc152aec3c60e0009899af241f495535
SHA1 (patch-libavutil_common.h) = d0f1093bc82567807b39dde990ee347f90a082c9
SHA1 (patch-libavutil_x86_asm.h) = 8f48f9e8ec08b5176bb40fc0021f3bb913dbef22
SHA1 (patch-libavutil_x86_cpu.c) = 9c97e68fde0fcb19741e034a803d509040ea4487