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[TXT] binpkg-cache  1.17   12 years  rillig   The "debug" variable was often used like "if [ $debug = yes ]; then ...; fi". Th...
[TXT] binpkg-scan  1.4   12 years  rillig   Fixed CVS Id and trailing empty lines.
[TXT] chkdatabase.awk  1.3   12 years  martti   Remove trailing spaces.
[TXT] depends-depth-first.awk  1.6   10 years  dbj   this script was not visiting packages in the proper order when subpackages had c...
[TXT] fail  1.1   12 years  rillig   Added the FAIL command, which can be prepended to an arbitrary shell command, ma...
[TXT] genindex.awk  1.7   11 years  wiz   Apply patch from Aleksej Saushev to fix index generation.
[TXT] genreadme.awk  1.33   11 years  tnn   fix "make readme" error due to awk changes in -current. From Aleksej Saushev.
[TXT] mkdatabase  1.9   13 years  rillig   Added a few FIXMEs at places where this program might fail unexpectedly.
[TXT] mkreadme  1.23   11 years  joerg   Change the code generation README.html to use the new "pkg_admin audit-history" ...
[TXT] pkg_path  1.4   11 years  rillig   Changed ${TEST} to [...], since only the very basic conditions are checked, whic...
[TXT] shell-lib  1.4   12 years  rillig   Removed setargs_from_cmd, as it is unused.

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