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[TXT]  1.11   11 years  joerg   Remove @dirrm related logic.
[TXT]  1.27   8 years  adam   Added support for apache24
[TXT]  1.24   10 years  adam   Added databases/db5 version 5.0.21
[TXT]  1.1   13 years  joerg   Add an alternative version of make(1) processing of the fullly con...
[TXT]  1.3   14 years  rillig   Split the variable BUILD_DEFS into those that are defined by packages and those ...
[TXT]  1.5   10 years  joerg   Rename the install phase to stage-install. Introduce a new install target that d...
[TXT]  1.71   7 years  obache   Move show-depends-options again, to be worked form non-option packages.
[TXT]  1.19   7 years  obache   prevent to generate binary package in ${PACKAGES} from the side effect of `insta...
[TXT]  1.14   7 years  rillig   /tmp/cvs02076b
[TXT]  1.21   12 years  rillig   Replaced _PKG_SILENT and _PKG_DEBUG with RUN.
[TXT]  1.4   12 years  rillig   Replaced _PKG_SILENT and _PKG_DEBUG with RUN.
[TXT]  1.1993   7 years  christos   Reset MAKELEVEL=0 to fix bad gmake/bsdmake interactions. Our make(1) now sets $M...
[TXT]  1.26   7 years  riastradh   Split BUILD_DEPENDS into TOOL_DEPENDS and BUILD_DEPENDS in mk/. Build depends a...
[TXT]  1.70   12 years  joerg   Remove rules named after subdirectories. Proposed on Oct 08 on tech-pkg as it br...
[TXT]  1.24   7 years  rillig   The pkg_info command is an internal detail and therefore should be hidden behind...
[TXT]  1.56   7 years  joerg   Only add HAVE_LLVM / HAVE_GCC if they are already set.
[TXT]  1.338   7 years  jperkin   Introduce CATMAN_SECTION_SUFFIX which if set to 'yes' will ensure that catman pa...
[TXT]  1.10   7 years  riastradh   Split BUILD_DEPENDS into TOOL_DEPENDS and BUILD_DEPENDS in mk/. Build depends a...
[TXT]  1.81   7 years  marino Fix Ada packages when PKGSRC_COMPILER=clang Only one compiler is u...
[TXT]  1.17   10 years  roy   Fix another silly typo.
[TXT]  1.6   7 years  obache   tell location of builtin curses.h for Haiku.
[TXT]  1.22   8 years  obache   Don't set BUILDLINK_LIBS for db1, db2 and db3, same as db4. It will add BDB lib...
[TXT]  1.23   10 years  schmonz   Create conf-destdir.
[TXT]  1.17   11 years  joerg   Simply and speed up files and processing. This changes the buildli...
[TXT]  1.25   7 years  obache   Fixes builtin dl prefix other than /usr.
[TXT]  1.7   7 years  joerg   Spell the C compiler CCPATH as CC gets the wrapper threatment and might not exis...
[TXT]  1.7   11 years  jmcneill   gamin isn't ready yet, so switch back to fam
[TXT]  1.16   7 years  tcort   branches: 1.16.10; add Minix support. PR pkg/45046 OK by ag...
[TXT]  1.12   11 years  joerg   Remove @dirrm related logic.
[TXT]  1.92   7 years  jperkin   Switch SunOS-5.11-x86_64 to openjdk7 by default.
[TXT]  1.1   9 years  dsainty   This Makefile fragment is meant to be included by packages that require a libjpe...
[TXT]  1.12   7 years  jperkin   Move platform-specific settings to the platform file.
[TXT]  1.59   7 years  sno   adding cc0-1.0-universal license (a public domain license by creative commons).
[TXT]  1.16   7 years  ryoon   Support "motif" in MOTIF_TYPE.
[TXT]  1.1   10 years  asau   Introduce common point to depend on MPI: - detect and use already installed MPI ...
[TXT]  1.18   7 years  obache   drop support of removed MySQL 5.0.
[TXT]  1.2   11 years  joerg   Remove @dirrm related logic.
[TXT]  1.10   11 years  joerg   Simply and speed up files and processing. This changes the buildli...
[TXT]  1.3   11 years  rillig   Replaced _PKG_SILENT and _PKG_DEBUG with RUN.
[TXT]  1.11   11 years  joerg   Simply and speed up files and processing. This changes the buildli...
[TXT]  1.2   9 years  obache   Try to detect PF_VERSION upto 4.7. fixes a part of PR#44339.
[TXT]  1.36   7 years  adam   Added databases/postgresql93 version 9.3.0
[TXT]  1.9   7 years  wiz   Fix typo in loop (wrong variable used). Ok gdt.
[TXT]  1.29   10 years  obache   Haiku does not have /usr/include/pthread.h, but have native pthread support and ...
[TXT]  1.13   7 years  obache   tell pthread of Haiku.
[TXT]  1.4   7 years  jperkin   Change READLINE_DEFAULT to 'readline' if not using a builtin implementation, the...
[TXT]  1.3   7 years  ryoon   Fix builtin detection conditionals. * Correct detection of following cases. n...
[TXT]  1.5   9 years  taca   Use net/libbind/ instead of removed net/bind95/
[TXT]  1.4   14 years  reed   Over 1200 files touched but no revisions bumped :) RECOMMENDED is removed. It b...
[TXT]  1.53   12 years  rillig   See also: PLIST_SUBST
[TXT]  1.8   10 years  roy   Add builtin for working out if we have terminfo installed natively.
[TXT]  1.9   7 years  obache   Change condition of builtin termcap detection to same as termcap implementation ...
[TXT]  1.2   9 years  obache   fixes forgotten replacement of BUILDLINK_*.curses with *.terminfo
[TXT]  1.2   10 years  roy   Detect a working terminfo a little better.
[TXT]  1.22   8 years  cheusov   Revert the patch commited in PR 36618. It creates more problems than it solves ...
[TXT]  1.11   12 years  wiz   Fix typo in error message. From Sergey Svishchev.
[TXT]  1.4   12 years  cube   Add a workaround for X11_TYPE modular so that is not included. Ideall...
[TXT]  1.11   10 years  wiz   Answer a question in a comment.
[TXT]  1.6   7 years  morr   Clean up libXaw handling. [1/2] - remove LIBXAW variable. It is handled by buil...
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.7   12 years  rillig   Made the code easier to read.
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.2   7 years  rillig   Fixed typo in documentation.
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.17   14 years  rillig   Reformatted the header comment to be searchable by

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