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Import development version of vic from UCL/Avats/Sumover.
Compared to existing mbone/vic there has 12 years of developments and
thus rather too much to list here. Highlights include:

New Video window right-click menu

New Codecs:
	H.264 compliant with RFC3640 {NCHC, UCL}
	MPEG4 compliant with RFC3894 {NCHC}
Advanced rendering:
	Full-Screen mode, Video window scaling in software 
	X11 XVideo - hardware scaling/colourspace conversion
	Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) support

New codec h261as - contributed by Rhys Hawkins ( at Australian National University (ANU). This codec enables interoperability with Rhys' VP tool available to the AccessGrid community.  Use configure --disable-h261as to disable it. 
Added image overlay support. This allows a PPM image to be used as an institutional logo, (for example, added sample UCL logo file: ucl_logo.ppm), which can be placed and moved over the video window. Overlays work with all grabbers and codecs. The logo image can also be specified as a vic resource (in .vic.tcl) so that it is made available at startup. Also, tweaked error return values from oTcl to C++, so that all errors relating to overlays are handled gracefully. 
Added a LICENSE file. 
Added focus property in the generic tcl mk.entry() function that builds text entry widgets. 
Added more graceful error handling so Vic will bring up a warning dialogue instead of crashing. 
Added Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) support - tested IPv4 on WinXP. IPv6 on Linux not fully tested. 

Updated video4linux2 driver so it works with latest API - i.e. with linux kernel 2.6.x. Modified configure to so it can be selected. The old v4l2 driver is still there as grabber-v4l2-old. 
Updated configure so it includes both v4l1 v4l2 drivers as there are still devices that use v4l1 in 2.6.x kernel - like the Philips USB cams. 
Modified xv-grabber so it's optional in configure. Also modified it to handle mulitple devices - though none to test with.

Added check in configure to turn off optimisation in h261 decoder code if we're using GCC 2.96 (otherwise it crashes).
Added loopback fixes

Updated so a new menu item is added to each decode window allowing users to select number of layers to receive on a layered feed. The Encode layers slider used to attempt do this but didn't work with more than one layered feed.
Added number of layers indicator to info field on decoded feeds
Added -v option to ouput version number.
Added command line options to specify interface (-i addr) and IPv6 interface index (-x index)
Updated to use getaddrinfo for name lookup - using the supplementary function included into common library when using MUSICA IPv6.
Altered the way the addresses are allocated - Now referenced through the network object (Before they were allocated by stepping thru all available address types untill one address type resolved - Which could have caused some problems - also generated errors from the failed resolve attempts)
Corrected the positioning of the padding bit in the rtcp header. Retained some compatibility with old version which used to put it in first packet. Also the length in the rtcp packet did not include the padding - it now does. It doesn't appear to break when interworking with the older version so far....
Corrected bug which meant vic attempte to delete it's local src from the list of sources when it appears to go idle for a long time - happens when vic gets suspended for a while.
Altered net-ipv6 so the IPv6 interface index is not used IPV6_MULTICAST_IF unless set on the command line as it seems to cause problems for FreeBSD. It is now set to -1 in the resourses to indicate its uninitialised state. 
corrected IPPROTO_IP used in net-ipv6 loopback command to use IPPROTO_IPV6
Tweaked so the send socket binds to command line specified -i interface, if specified, otherwise it binds to in6addr_any 
Corrected bug in IPv6 when TTL is set on Command line - it was calling the ipv4 proc to check for multicast - now calls in6_multicast
Enabled -m (mtu) option on command line - Use with care as not all codecs will behave correctly. (it's default is 1024).

Fixed RTCP bug - The SSRC wasn't being set when transmitting (well it was always -1)
Introduced factor of 2 into the PKTBUF_SIZE as the H261 codec seems to over-run the buffer a bit - causing random errors.
Disabled mbus recognised message - No longer crash when we receive an unknown mbus command.
Increase heartbeat rate to comply with latest spec
Added codec/h263/*.o to clean directive.
Changed name of UCL's common library to new name: libuclmmbase.a (from old libcommon.a)
Updates for the mbus parser..
Changed to make x11 grabber last choice by popular demand

Tidied up command line option specification string
Updated for new common library
Updated to keep gcc-2.95 happy

Expermental first release of layered support taken from MASH project vic.
Creates seperate network objects for each layer and sends seperate RTCP reports (unchecked in this release - these are not quite working)
Incoperated PVH codec from MASH
New command line option -j num_of_layers

Reorganised code into directory structure reflecting the functionality of the different modules of vic
Moved vic over to use UCL's version's of tcl/tk - this is due to a number of problems we have encountered
Moved vic over to use UCL's common library so it shares the codebase provided by rat - where possible; It now uses common DES code and Mbus code - so both the DES and Mbus sections have been re-written.
IPv6 support under UNIX and WIN32

Fixed -l option so it instead generates a filename automatically

Updated H263 support for Litte Endian machines
Updated grabber-x11 so it works on more machines and when running vic on a remote X server


Added H.263 codec for UNIX
Included many useful fixes from Bill Fenner

Added JPEG and bvc software codecs

Port to Tcl/Tk 8.0
Added DES support
Added H.263+ codec

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