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Update GNU units to version 2.00

User visible changes.

Version 2.00 - 6 June 2012

General changes:
* Unit lists provide conversion to sums of units (e.g. feet and inches).
* Added --round (-r) and --show-factor (-S) options for use with unit lists.
* Added unit lists aliases (e.g. time, usvol).
* A python script, units_cur, can update currency data.
* Units now flushes its output so you can talk to it with a pipe.
* Units now works in UTF-8 if the system supports it.
* Added --locale (-l) option to set the locale.
* English units such as the gallon are defined in all locales, with US
  definitions by default except in the en_BG locale.  You can force
  the desired definition (Great Britain or US) by setting the
  environment variable UNITS_ENGLISH to GB or US.
* Revised and extended the documentation, with more examples.
* Added locale mapping to address Windows locale names.
* Updated and revised units database, including UTF-8 definitions and
  the 2010 CODATA.
* Fixed parsing bug for "1..2" or "1.2.3".  These now give an error.
* Unit names can end with a number in the form of a subscript that
  starts with a '_', as in 'X_3'.

Changes for units definition files:
* Changed location and names of unit database, splitting off currency
  Files are /usr/local/share/units/{definitions,currency}.units and
  the personal units file is $HOME/.units instead of $HOME/units.dat.
  (Under windows personal unit file is unitdef.units.)
* Personal units filename can be changed with MYUNITSFILE environment variable.
* Prefixes can be defined in any order: it is no longer necessary to
  define longer ones before shorter ones.
* New definitions replace previous ones.  Personal units file is read
  after the system file rather than before.
* Changed syntax for function definitions.  Instead of [in-unit,out-unit]
  you must now write units=[in-unit,out-unit].  Use 'units -c' to find
  places in your personal data files that need to be updated.
* Add optional domain and range to function definitions with syntax
  domain=[min,max] and range=[min,max].  Either min or max can be
  omitted to signal infinity.
* Unit list aliases can be defined with !unitlist command.
* Added !var and !varnot and !endvar to include definitions based on
  environment variable settings.
* Added !set to set environment variables (if they aren't already set).
* Added !message to display a message
* Data files are in UTF-8, with !utf8 and !endutf8 commands to mark
  definitions that require UTF-8 support.
* Improved error handling when reading units.dat.

Version 1.88 - 15 Feb 2010

* Updated units.dat
* Fixed bug involving readline version 4.2

Version 1.87 - 25 Sep 2007

* Units reads ~/.units.dat if it exists before reading the standard
  units database.
* Added support for ** as an exponent operator.
* Type 'search text' to list units that contain 'text' in their name.
* Precedence of '*' changed to match precedence of '/'.
  (Multiplication by juxtaposition retains a higher precedence than
  '/'.)  The --oldstar option selects the old precedence and --newstar
  forces the new precedence.

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