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Updated qhull to version 2015.2.

Qhull 2015.2 2016/01/18 (7.2.0)
 - Fixed memory leak in ~QhullQh [M. Sandim]
   QhullQh.cpp: call checkAndFreeQhullMemory() in the destructor.  Otherwise memT is not freed.
   Remove checkAndFreeQhullMemory() from Qhull.h.  It is not needed.
   Remove calls to checkAndFreeQhullMemory in qhulltest.  It is called by ~QhullQh()
   libqhull_r.h: Document qh_ASvornoi and
   qh_freeqhull: if qh_NOmem, use qh_ALL
   qh_memalloc: short memory is freed by qh_memfreeshort unless qh_NOmem
   qh_memstatistics (mem.c): call qh_memcheck() as done in mem_r.c
   qh_new_qhull calls qh_memcheck
   qh_newvertex: free vertex on error
   qh_projectinput: Free memory allocations on error
   qh_rboxpoints: free simplex on error
   qh_sethalfspace_all: Fixed memory leak on error QH8032 feasible not inside halfspace
   qh_triangulate_facet: For TRInormals ('Q11') replace qh_copypoints with qh_memalloc
   qh_triangulate_facet: Document qh.TRInormals
   qh_voronoi_center: Free center on error
   qhulltest: Fixed memory leak of s_testcases by calling RoadTest::deleteTests()
   qhulltest: The 'add_*_test' functions append the test object to RoadTest::s_testcases
   ~RoadTest: declare virtual for Q_OBJECT, removeAll not needed
   user_eg2: Check memory at end of each run
   user_r.h: Add QHULL_CRTDBG for invoking Microsoft's memory leak detector
   use _MSC_VER instead of QHULL_OS_WIN for QHULL_CRTDBG
   Call qh_freeqhull with qh_ALL/!qh_ALL instead of 'True/False'
   Include user_r.h with RoadError,h for QHULL_CRTDBG
   Invoke _CrtSetDbgFlag... at beginning of program
   Moved user_r.h/libqhull_r.h/qhull_ra.h as first include (for QHULL_CRTDBG)
   Moved QHULL_OS_WIN from qhull_ra.h to user_r.h
   Removed __CYGWIN__ from QHULL_OS_WIN (same as Qt's qglobal.h)

 - check_dupridge: A bounding box is not sufficient to avoid dupridge errors
 - qh_findbestneighor: Error if qh.CENTERtype is qh_ASvoronoi (i.e., no merging now)
 - qh_printstatlevel: Remove unused parameter, 'start'
 - QhullLinkedList::last() and back(): Return T instead of T& (T is computed)

 - qh-code.htm: "How to convert code to reentrant Qhull"
   Update "Nearly coincident points on an edge"
   Add 2012 size of data structures to "Qhull on 64-bit computers"
 - html/index.htm: Add CGAL to "When to use"
 - qh-optq.htm: Add documentation for option 'Q12'
 - Move suggestions from Changes.txt to qh-code.htm#enhance
 - user_r.h: Fixed qh-us_r.html links
 - Fixed links in html pages

 - QhullIterator and QhullLinkedList: Include <iterator> [B. Boeckel]
 - Moved include file for each C++ source file to the top of the includes
 - Prepend cpp includes with "libqhullcpp/"
 - RoadLogEvent includes RoadLogEvent.h
 - QhullIterator.h: Only QHULL_DECLARE_SEQUENTIAL_ITERATOR is used.

 - Compared src/libqhull/* to src/libqhull_r/* and resolved differences
 - qh_printpoint in io.c skips qh_IDnone like io_r.c
 - qhull_p-exports.def: Added three missing exports
 - set_r.h: Removed countT. Too many issues

 - libqhull_r/Makefile: Add help prompts to 'make qtest'
 - Add '../libqhull/' to sources and headers
 - libqhull/Makefile: Fixed -I,./,,/src

 - Add CMakeModules to tarball [C. Rosenvik]
 - CMakeLists.txt: Add targets qhullp and user_egp for qh_QHpointer and libqhull_p
 - Reorganized 'make help'
 - Makefile cleanall: Delete testqset and qhulltest from bin/
 - Fix filetype of Unix-only files
 - Fix Unix line endings for Makefile and check in
 - Fix Windows line-endings and check in
 - Check for Unix text files

Qhull 2015.1 2016/01/03 (7.1.0)
 - Add Rbox option 'Cn,r,m' to add nearly coincident points.  Trigger for duplicate ridges
 - Add Qhull option 'Q12' to ignore error on wide merge due to duplicate ridge

 - qh_findbestlower: Call qh_findfacet_all to fix rare "flipped or upper Delaunay" error QH6228.
   QH6228 input provided by J. Metz.  Reported (date order): L. Fiaschi, N. Bowler, A. Liebscher, V. Vieira, N. Rhinehart, N. Vance, P. Shafer
 - qh_check_dupridge: Check if wide merge due to duplicate ridge from nearly coincident points
 - qh_initialhull: Fix error messages for initial simplex is flat
 - qh_determinant: increased 2-d and 3-d nearzero by 10x due to a counter-example
 - rbox: Add qh_outcoord() to output coordinates w/ or w/o iscdd
 - qh_meminit (mem.c): Add call to qh_memcheck
 - Compare libqhull/... to libqhull_r/... and resolve differences
 - Update builds for DevStudio (qhull.sln for msdev 2005..2009, qhull-32.sln and qhull-64.sln for recent releases)

 - qh-impre.htm: Add a section about precision errors for 'Nearly coincident points on an edge'
 - html/index.htm#geomview: Document how to install, build, and use Geomview.
 - html/index.htm: Emphasize program links and move related urls to end
 - qhull/index.htm: Emphasize manual, geomview, and imprecision
 - Fix documentation links in libqhull_r/index.htm
 - Add 'Functions' link to documentation headers
 - Change '<A>...</A>' to '<a>...</a>'
 - libqhull_r/index.htm -- Add instructions for configuring web browsers for source links.
 - libqhull_r/ -- Fix source links for ..._r.htm files

Qhull 2015.0.7 2015/11/09 (7.0.7)
 - Fix return type of operator-> in QhullLinkedList and other collection classes [F. Jares]
 - Fix return types for QhullLinkedList
 - Fix return types for QhullPoints
 - Simplify return type for Coordinates::operator[] (same as QList)
 - Add const to operators for QhullSet::iterator and add documentation
 - Coordinates.h: Fix return types for operations of iterator and const_iterator
 - Drop use of Perforce changelist number in qhull_VERSION of CMakeLists.txt
 - Rename the md5sum files as *.tgz.md5sum instead of *-tgz.md5sum
 - Fix build dependency for testqset_r [asekez]
 - rbox.c depends on Qhull due to qh_lib_check which uses qh_version2 for error messages
 - QhullFacet_test.cpp: Annotate Qhull invocations.   Allows their repetition.
 - QhullFacet_test.cpp: Adjust epsilon on distance tests
 - Do not create libqhullcpp as a shared library.  Qhull C++ classes may change layout and size.
 - qhull-cpp.xml: Make a relative path to road-faq.xsl

Qhull 2015.0.6 2015/10/20 (
 - In the libraries, exit() is only called from qh_exit().  qh_exit may be redefined.
 - Add qh_fprintf_stderr to usermem.c.  May be overridden to avoid use of stderr [D. Sterratt]
   Add usermem to testqset builds
   Used by qh_fprintf_rbox
 - Remove most instances of stderr/stdout from libqhull, libqhull_r, and libqhullcpp [D. Sterratt]
   qh_fprintf_stderr may be redefined.  qh_meminit and qh_new_qhull use stderr as the default ferr
 - qh_initflags: Use qh.fout instead of stdout for 'TO file'.  A library caller may define a different qh.fout.
 - qh_settemppush: Call qh_fprintf() instead of fprintf() on error.
 - Rename qh_call_qhull as "Qhull-template" from user.c.  Updated its references.

 - qh-code.htm: "How to avoid</a> exit(), fprintf(), stderr, and stdout"
 - html/index.htm: Fix table of contents for qh-code
 - libqhull_r/index.htm: Rewrite introduction to Reentrant Qhull
 - qh-faq.htm: Rewrite "Can Qhull use coordinates without placing  them in a data file?"
 - qh-get.html: Link to github
 - Remove qhull_interface.cpp from the documentation

Qhull 2015.0.5 2015/10/12 (
- qh_new_qhull: default 'errfile' is 'stderr'.  outfile and errfile are optional [B. Pearlmutter]
- qh_new_qhull: returns qh_ERRinput instead of exit() if qhull_cmd is not "qhull ..." [B. Pearlmutter]
- qhalf_r.c,etc: Add clear of qh.NOerrexit
- global.c: gcc 4.4.0 mingw32 segfault cleared by adding comment
- usermem_r-cpp.cpp: Optional file to redefine qh_exit() as throw "QH10003.." [B. Pearlmutter]
  qh_exit() is called by qhull_r when qh_errexit() is not available.

- html/index.htm:  Add bibliographic reference to Golub & van Loan and annotated the source references
- qhalf.htm: A halfspace is the points on or below a hyperplane [D. Strawn]
- qh-opto.htm#n: Defined inside, outside, on, above, and below a hyperplane [D. Strawn]
- qhalf.htm#notes: Recast the linear program using negative halfspaces (as used by Qhull) [D. Strawn]
- qhull_a.h: Fix comment '#include "libqhull/qhull_a.h" [fe rew]

- build/qhull* Templates for pkg-config (derived from Fedorra) [P. McMunn]
- Makefile: Remove user_eg3.o from LIBQHULLCPP_OBJS
- Makefile: Add .h dependencies for unix_r.o, etc.
- libqhull/Makefile: Fix build of rbox
- libqhull_r/Makefile: Fix build -I
- qhull.sln/user_eg3:  Add dependency on libcpp
- Removed bin/libqhull_r.dll (should be qhull_r.dll)
- Removed  build/qhulltest.vcproj (see build/qhulltest/qhulltest.vcproj)

Qhull 2015.0.4 2015/9/30 (
 - qh-get.htm: Unix tarball includes version number (e.g., qhull-2015-src- [Hauptman]
 - qglobal.c: Add qh_version2 with Unix version for "-V" option [Hauptman]
 - build/qhull-32.sln, *-32.vcxproj: Add Visual Studio 32-bit build for 2010+
 - build/qhull-64.sln, *-64.vcxproj: Add Visual Studio 64-bit build for 2010+ [G. Lodron]
 - Restore to eg/... It is required for Visual Studio builds
 - README.txt: updated builds and reentrant Qhull
 - Add documentation for QHULL_LIB_CHECK
 - qh_lib_check: Check for unknown QHULL_LIB_TYPE
 - qh-code.htm: Add memory requirements for 32- and 64-bit

Qhull 2015.0.3 2015/9/22
 - qh_mem, qh_merge: Log before 'delete' instead of afterwards [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_merge: Test for NULL horizon in qh_checkzero [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_matchneighbor: Check for matchfacet not a neighbor of facet [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_triangulate: Explicit check for visible==NULL [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_findbestfacet (unused by qhull): Fix test of isoutside [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_check_maxout: Check bestfacet!=0 for logging its id [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_nearvertex: Check for bestvertex not found [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_checkfacet: Check for missing neighbors of simplicial facets [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - qh_setdelnth: Check 'nth' before using it [Coverity, K. Schwehr]
 - Annotate code for Coverity warnings (most of these protected by qh_errexit) [K. Schwehr]

 - qh_printfacet3math: explicit format string (duplicates change to io.c) [B. Pearlmutter]
 - libqhull_r.h: fix spelling error (duplicates change to libqhull.h) [B. Pearlmutter]
 - unix_r.c: fix spelling error (duplicates change to unix.c) [B. Pearlmutter]
 - qhull_a.h: define qhullUnused() only if defined(__cplusplus) [R. Stogner]
 - qh_version: Use const char str[]= "string" instead of const char * str= "string" [U. Drepper, p. 27]
 - qh_newvertex: Use UINT_MAX instead of 0xFFFFFFFF
 - qh_newridge: Use UINT_MAX instead of 0xFFFFFFFF
 - Reviewed FIXUP notes

 - QhullRidge_test: t_foreach use 'foreach(const QhullVertex &v, vertices)
 - Made '#include "RoadTest.h" consistent across all C++ tests

 - qh-code.htm: May also use libqhull_r (e.g., FOREACHfacet_(...))
 - qh-get.htm: Add list of download build repositories

 - Add CMakeModules/CheckLFS.cmake: Enables Large File Support [B. Pearlmutter]
 - Makefile: Use -fpic at all times instead of -fPIC, [U. Drepper p. 15]

Qhull 2015.0.2 2015/9/1
 - global_r.c: Fixed spelling of /* duplicated in...qh_clear_outputflags */ [K. Schwehr]
 - Replaced Gitorious with GitHub
 - Moved 'to do' comments into Changes.txt

Qhull 2015.0.1 2015/8/31

 Source code changes
 - Increased size of and to 2^32 [H. Strandenes, C. Cantwell]
   Reworded the warning message for overflow.  It does not affect Qhull output
 - Add qh_lib_check to check for a compatible Qhull library.
   Programs should call QHULL_LIB_CHECK before calling Qhull.
 - Include headers prefixed with libqhull/, libqhull_r/, or libqhullcpp/
 - Renamed debugging routines dfacet/dvertex to qh_dfacet/qh_dvertex
 - Rewrote user_eg, user_eg2, and user_eg3 as reentrant code
 - Renamed 'qh_rand_seed' to 'qh_last_random'.  Declare it as DATA
 - qh_initqhull_start2 sets qh->NOerrexit on initialization
   User must clear NOerrexit after setjmp()

 Other source code changes
 - Define ptr_intT as 'long long' for __MINGW64__ [A. Voskov]
 - poly_r.c: initialize horizon_skip [K. Schwehr]
 - Removed vertexT.dim and MAX_vdim.  It is not used by reentrant Qhull.
 - Removed qhull_inuse.  Not used by C++
 - Removed old __MWERKS__/__POWERPC__ code that speed up SIOUX I/O
 - Moved #include libqhull/... before system includes (e.g., <stdio.h>
 - Comment-out _isatty declaration.  Avoids "C4273 ... inconsistent dll linkage"
 - Add random.h/random_r.h as an include file to random.c/random_r.c
 - Rename rbox routines to qh_roundi/qh_out1/qh_out2n/qh_out3n
 - Rename dfacet and dvertex to qh_dfacet and qh_dvertex
 - Replace 'qhmem .zzz' with 'qhmem.zzz'
 - Removed spaces between function name and parentheses
 - Rename 'enum statistics' to 'enum qh_statistics'
 - Declare rbox as DATA in qhull-exports.def and qhull_p-exports.def
 - In comments, use 'qh.zzz' to reference qhT fields
 - In qh_fprintf, use qhmem.ferr to report errors
 - qh_fprintf may be called for errors in qh_initstatistics and qh_meminit
 - qh_pointid returns qh_IDnone, qh_IDinterior, qh_IDunknown in place of -3, -2, -1 resp.
 - getid_() returns qh_IDunknown in place of -1
 - After qh_meminit, qhmem.ferr is non-zero (stderr is the default)
 - Update qh_MEMalign in testqset.c to user.h (with realT and void*)
 - Split rboxT into a header file
 - Add rboxlib.h to libqhull_a.h
 - Rename PI to qh_PI and extend to 30 digits
 - Rename MAXdim to qh_MAXdim
 - Change spacing for type annotations '*' and '&' in C++ header files
 - Test for !rbox_output/cpp_object in qh_fprintf_rbox
 - Remove 'inline' annotation from explicit inline declarations
 - Column 25 formatting for iterators, etc.
 - Use '#//!\name' for section headers
 - QhullFacet.cpp: zinc_(Zdistio);
 - Clear qhT.ALLOWrestart in qh_errexit
 - Replace longjmp with qh_errexit_rbox in qh_rboxpoints
 - Add jmpExtra after rbox_errexit to protect against compiler errors
 - Add qh.ISqhullQh to indicate initialization by QhullQh()
 - Add library warnings to 'rbox D4', user_eg, user_eg2, user_eg3
 - Add headers to q_eg, q_egtest, and q_test
 - Check that qh.NOerrexit is cleared before call to qh_initflags

Qhull documentation
 - README.txt: Added references to qh-code.htm
 - README.txt: Added section 'Calling Qhull from C programs'
 - qh-code.htm: Moved Performance after C++ and C interface
 - qh-code.htm: Moved Cpp Questions to end of the C++ section
 - qh-code.htm: Fixed documentation for 'include' path.  It should be include/libqhull
 - qconvex.htm: Fixed documentation for 'i'.  It triangulates in 4-d and higher [ref]
 - Clarified qhalf space documentation for the interior point [J. Santos]
 - rbox.c: Version is same date as qh_version in global.c
 - gobal_r.c: Version includes a '.r' suffix to indicate 'reentrant'

Qhull builds
 - Development moved to
   git clone
 - Exchanged make targets for testing.
   'make test' is a quick test of qhull programs.
   'make testall' is a thorough test
 - Added 'make help' and 'make test' to libqhull and libqhull_r Makefiles
 - CMakeLists.txt: Remove libqhull, libqhull_r, and libqhullcpp from include_directories
 - CMakeLists.txt: Add qhull_SHAREDR for qhull_r
 - CMakeLists.txt: Retain qhull_SHARED and qhull_SHAREDP (qh_QHpointer)
 - CMakeLists.txt: Move qhull_SHARED and qhull_SHAREDP (qh_QHpointer) to qhull_TARGETS_OLD
   Drop qhull_STATICP (use qhull_SHAREDP or qhull_STATIC)
   Set SOVERSION and VERSION for shared libraries
 - Move qhull_p-exports.def back to libqhull
 - Switched to mingw-w64-install for gcc
 - Improved prompts for 'make'
 - Remove user_eg3.cpp from OTHER_FILES
 - Ordered object files by frequency of execution, as done before
 - Add the folder name to C++ includes and remove libqhullcpp from INCLUDEPATH
 - Changed CONFIG+=qtestlib to QT+=testlib
 - Changed Makefile to gcc -O3 (was -O2)
 - Changed libqhull/libqhull_r Makefiles to both produce rbox, qhull, ..., user_eg, and user_eg2
 - Removed Debian 'config/...'.  It was needed for Qhull 2012.

libqhull_r (reentrant Qhull)
 - Replaced qh_qh with a parameter to each procedure [P. Klosterman]
   No more globally defined data structures in Qhull
   Simplified multithreading and C++ user interface
   All functions are reentrant (Qt: "A reentrant function can ... be called simultaneously from multiple threads, but only if each invocation uses its own data.")
   No more qh_QHpointer.
   See user_eg3 and qhulltest
   New libraries
      libqhull_r -- Shared library with reentrant sources (e.g., poly_r.h and poly_r.c which replace libqhull's poly.h and poly.c)
      libqhullstatic_r -- Static library with the same sources as libqhull_r
      libqhullcpp -- The C++ interface using libqhullstatic_r (further notes below)
   New executables
      testqset_r -- Test qset_r.c (the reentrant version of qset.c

 Source code changes for libqhull_r
 - Add qh_zero() to initialize and zero memory for qh_new_qhull
 - Remove qh_save_qhull(), qh_restore_qhull(), and qh.old_qhstat from global_r.c
 - Remove qh_freeqhull2() (global_r.c)
 - Remove qh_freestatistics() (stat_r.c)
 - Remove qh_compare_vertexpoint (qhT is not available, unused code)
 - Remove conditional code for __POWERPC__ from unix_r.c and rbox_r.c
 - Move qh_last_random into qh->last_random (random_r.c)
 - Rename sources files with a '_r' suffix.  qhull_a.h becomes qhull_ra.h
 - Replace 'qh' macro with 'qh->'
 - Replace global qhT with parameter-0
 - Add qhmemT to beginning of qhT.  It may not be used standalone.
 - Add qhstatT to end of qhT
 - Remove qhull_inuse
 - Change qhmem.zzz to qh->qhmem.zzz
 - Replace qh_qhstat with qh->qhstat
 - Remove qh_freestatistics
 - Replace qh_last_random with qh->last_random
 - Replace rboxT with qh->rbox_errexit, rbox_isinteger, rbox_out_offset
 - Replace rbox.ferr/fout with qh->ferr/fout
 - No qh for qh_exit, qh_free, qh_malloc, qh_strtod, qh_strtol, qh_stddev
 - New qmake include files qhull-app-c_r.pri, qhull-app-shared_r.pri, qhull-libqhull-src_r.pri
 - Replace 'int' with 'countT' and 'COUNTmax' for large counts and identifiers
 - qhset converted to countT
 - Removed vertexT.dim -- No longer needed by cpp
   Removed MAX_vdim
 - Guarantee that qh->run_id!=0.  Old code assumed that qh_RANDOMint was 31 bits

Changes to libqhullcpp
 - Added QhullVertexSet.h to and
 - QhullVertexSet: error if qhsettemp_defined at copy constructor/assignment (otherwise double free)
 - Enable QhullSet.operator=.  Copy constructor and assignment only copies pointers
 - Changed QhullPoint.operator==() to sqrt(distanceEpsilon)
 - Added assignment of base class QhullPoints to PointCoordinates.operator=
 - Enable QhullPoints.operator=
 - Rename PointCoordinates.point_comment to describe_points
 - Add 'typename T' to definition of QhullSet<T>::value()

C++ interface
 - Reimplemented C++ interface on reentrant libqhull_r instead of libqhull
 - Prepend include files with libqhullcpp/
 - Replaced UsingLibQhull with QhullQh and macro QH_TRY
   Removed UsingLibQhull.currentAngleEpsilon and related routines
   Removed UsingLibQhull_test.cpp
   Replaced globalDistanceEpsilon with QhullQh.distanceEpsilon
   Replaced globalAngleEpsilon with QhullQh.angleEpsilon
   Moved UsingQhullLib.checkQhullMemoryEmpty to QhullQh.checkAndFreeQhullMemory
   Replaced FACTORepsilon=10 with QhullQh.factor_epsilon=1.0
 - To avoid -Wshadow for QhullQh*, use 'qqh' for parameters and 'qh()' for methods
 - Moved messaging from Qhull to QhullQh
 - Add check of RboxPoints* in qh_fprintf_rbox
 - Renamed Qhull.initializeQhull to Qhull.allocateQhullQh
   Added qh_freeqhull(!qh_ALL) as done by unix.c and other programs
 - Moved QhullPoints.extraCoordinatesCount into QhullPoints.cpp
 - Replaced section tags with '#//!\name ...'
 - Removed qhRunId from print() to ostream.
 - Removed print() to ostream.  Use '<< qhullPoint' or '<< qhullPoint.print("message")'

C++ interface for most classes
 - Remove qhRunId
 - Add QhullQh *qh_qh to all types
    Pointer comparisons of facetT,etc. do not test corresponding qh_qh
    Added to end of type for debugging information, unless wasteful alignment
 - Add QhullQh * to all constructors
 - All constructors may use Qhull & instead of QhullQh *
 - For inherited QhullQh types, change to 'protected'
 - Renamed 'o' to 'other' except where used extensively in iterators
 - Except for conditional code, merged the Conversion section into GetSet
 - Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
 - Add operator= instead of keeping it private
 - print_message=0 not allowed.  Use "" instead.
 - Rename isDefined() to isValid() to match Qt conventions

C++ interface by class
 - Coordinates
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Added append(dim, coordT*)
   Reformated the iterators
   Convert to countT
 - PointCoordinates
   Added constructors for Qhull or QhullQh* (provides access to QhullPoint.operator==)
   Removed PointCoordinates(int pointDimension) since PointCoordinates should have a comment.  Also, it is ambiguous with PointCoordinates(QhullQh*)
   Renamed point_comment to describe_points
   Convert to countT
 - Qhull
   Remove qhull_run_i
   Remove qh_active
   Replace property feasiblePoint with field feasible_point and methods setFeasiblePoint/feasiblePoint
     Returns qh.feasible_point if defined
   Moved useOutputStream to QhullQh use_output_stream
   Renamed useOutputStream() to hasOutputStream()
   Replaced qhull_dimension with qh->input_dim  //! Dimension of result (qh.hull_dim or one less for Delaunay/Voronoi)
   Removed global s_qhull_output= 0;
   Move qhull_status, qhull_message, error_stream, output_stream to QhullQh
   Renamed qhullQh() to qh()
   Added check of base address to allocateQhullQh(),  Was not needed for qhullpcpp
 - QhullFacet
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
   Dropped implicit conversion from facetT
   Dropped runId
   Add print("message") to replace print()
 - QhullFacetList
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
   Dropped runId
 - QhullFacetSet
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
   Dropped runId
   Add operator=
   Implement print("message")
 - QhullHyperplane
   Add hyperplaneAngle() method
   Rewrite operator== to use hyperplaneAngle()
   Reorganize fields to keep pointers aligned
   Except for default constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Enable copy assignment
   Reorganized header
 - QhullLinkedList
   Add operator=
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Convert to countT
   iterator(T) made iterator(const T &)
   const_iterator(T) made const_iterator(const T &)
   const_iterator(iterator) made const_iterator(const iterator &)
 - QhullPoint
   Add constructors for Qhull or QhullQh* pointer (for id() and operator==)
   Add defineAs(coordT*)
   Add getBaseT() and base_type for QhullSet<QhullPoint>
   Added checks for point_coordinates==0
   Removed static QhullPoint::id(), use instead
   distance() throws an error if dimension doesn't agree or if a point is undefined
   Convert to countT
   If !qh_qh, operator==() requires equal coordinates
   Use cout<<p instead of cout<<p.print()
 - QhullPoints
   Add constructors for Qhull and QhullQh* (for qh.hull_dim, QhullPoint::operator==)
   Remove QhullPoints(int pointDimension) since it is ambiguous with QhullPoints(QhullQh *qqh)
   Add operator=
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Convert to countT
   operator==() tests if pointers are the same.  Ituses distanceEpsilon if qh_qh is defined
 - QhullPoints::Iterator and ConstIterator
   Removed default constructors
   Add constructors for Qhull and QhullQh* (for qh.hull_dim, QhullPoint::operator==)
   Moved test of dimension from QHULL_ASSERT to operator==
   Added QHULL_ASSERT of qh_qh
   Convert to countT
 - QhullPointSet
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* instead of dimension()
   Add operator=
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Convert to countT
   Always print print_message
   Drop print().  Replace with print("")
 - QhullQh
   Added methods hasOutputStream(), disableOutputStream(), and enableOutputStream() (was Qhull UseOutputStream)
   Add test of qh.NOerrexit to maybeThrowQhullMessage()
   Add qhull_status, qhull_message, error_stream, output_stream from Qhull
   Add factor_epsilon
 - QhullRidge
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Dropped implicit conversion from ridgeT
   Converted otherFacet() to 'const &'
   Converted nextRidge3d() to 'const &'
   Message for '<< QhullRidge' replaces "   - " instead of preceding it
 - QhullSet
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
   Add operator=
 - QhullVertex
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
   Dropped implicit conversion from vertexT
   Add message to '<< QhullVertex'
 - QhullVertexSet
   Removed empty().  Use isEmpty() instead
   Constructor requires Qhull or QhullQh* pointer
   Convert to countT
 - UsingQhullLib
   Replace setGlobalDistanceEpsilon with setFactorEpsilon
   Replace globalDistanceEpsilon with distanceEpsilon

Qhull 2012.1  2012/02/18
 - Fix CMakeLists for libqhull with MATCHES [P. Gajdos]

Qhull 2012.1  2012/02/18

Code changes
 - Require option 'Qz' for Delaunay triangulation/Voronoi diagram
   of cocircular/cospherical points [D. Sheehy]
 - qh_errexit: Do not call qh_printsummary or qh_printstats on qh_ERRinput
 - Change error QH6227 (all degenerate) from qh_ERRinput to qh_ERRprec
 - Change error QH6159 (ID overflow) from qh_ERRinput to qh_ERRqhull
 - eg/q_eg, q_egtest, q_test: Run if qconvex is in $PATH [M. Atzeri]

Build changes [M. Atzeri]
 - Install to share/doc/qhull instead of share/doc/packages/qhull
 - On Unix systems, install to share/man/man1 instead of man/man1
 - CMakeLists: Remove the installation of user_eg* and testqset
 - CMakeLists: Remove VERSION from qhull executables and libraries
 - CMakeLists: Define qhull_SOVERSION instead of qhull_MAJOR
 - CMakeLists: Set SOVERSION for shared libraries
 - Rename libraries to qhull, qhull_d, qhull_p, and qhull_pd
   libqhull6_p.vcproj is now libqhull_p.vcproj
   mingw builds as libqhull.dll
   cygwin builds as cygqhull-6.dll
   linux builds as with symbolic link as
 - Developers using qhull 2011: is now  Do not use
   qhull6.dll is now qhull_p.dll.  Do not use qhull.dll.
 - Merged road/ into libqhullcpp/ and qhulltest/
   Moved RoadLogEvent.* and RoadError.* to libqhullcpp
   Moved RoadTest.* to qhulltest (requires Qt)
   Installed RoadTest.h in libqhullcpp

Doc changes
 - index.htm: Mathworks uses qhull for n-d
 - qhull.htm: Fix qhull for qconvex
 - qdelaun.htm/qvoronoi.htm: Use option 'Qz' for circular/cospherical inputs
 - make help: Display targets
 - Makefile: Better messaging

Qhull 2012.1  2012/02/02

Bug fixes
 - Fixed qset.c for -fno-strict-aliasing. This gcc option is no longer needed
   (disallow two pointers of differing types to the same memory location)
 - Fixed error in qh_setappend_set if first set full and second set empty
 - qh_setdelnth, qh_setdelnth_sorted: fixed wording of error message
 - qh_setcheck: error message listed size and max backwards.
 - qh_setequal: Allow NULL set as documented
 - qh_setindex: Allow NULL set as documented
 - qh_settemppush: report error if NULL

Code changes
 - Add testqset: low level test of qset.c with mem.c
 - qh_setendpointer: Implements QSet::endPointer()
 - Assigned unique error code for qh_gethash

Build changes
 - Added qhull.dll(.so) for Octave and other Debian builds
   The global data structure qh_qh is statically defined (no qh_QHpointer)
   Linked user_eg2 with qhull.dll ( instead of qhullstatic
   Added qh_dllimport to libqhull.h for qhull.dll with MSVC
   Changed qhull-app-shared.pri to use libqhull (without qh_QHpointer)
 - Renamed to
   Renamed qhull6.dll to qhull6_p.dll
   The _p libraries (e.g., require -Dqh_QHpointer
   Renamed qhull6.vcproj to libqhull6_p.vcproj
   Added libqhullp/ for shared library (
   Added qhull-app-sharedp.pri for shared libraries with qh_QHpointer
 - Install libqhull/*.htm files into include/libqhull
 - Removed libqhull/qhull.h-deprecated [J. Eaton]
 - Other changes to Makefile builds
   Added 'make qtestall' as a smoketest of each qhull program
   src/libqhull/Makefile: Use 'ar -rs ...' instead of ranlib
   src/libqhull/Makefile: Fixed targets for cleanall
 - Other changes to DevStudio builds
   Moved pdb files for qhull libraries to lib/
   AdditionalIncludeDirectories: Removed ../src/libqhullcpp
   Use build-cmake/ for the DevStudio CMake build
 - Other changes to Qt builds
   Renamed qhull-libsrc.pri to qhull-libqhull-src.pri
 - Added explicit d2u conversions to
 - Fixed \n vs. \r\n issues for Windows source files

 Draft of Debian/AutoConf build (untested)
 - Adjusted the's for the new directory structure.
 - Added testqset to bin_PROGRAMS
 - config/ copies program sources into src/libqhull
 - Kept qh_QHpointer=0 (static global data structure, qh_qh).  It is faster.
   Planning a new interface (qhull7?) which passes qh_qh as a parameter
 - Added config/changelog from the 2003.1 Debian build
 - Moved the debian/patches directory to config/
   Optional patches to change smoketest message and turn on qh_QHpointer
 - Deleted the debian directory.  It was the old Debian build from 2003.1
   Rafael Laboissiere's config directory replaced this build..
 - Deleted (also the old Debian build)

Doc changes
 - FAQ: Updated notes on computing volume of a Voronoi region
 - Added direct link to ACM Digital Library for downloading the qhull paper
 - Added link to Qhull in R
 - qset.c: Updated notes about NULL sets
 - qh_setappend: clarify qh_setappend for NULL newelem
 - qh_setdellast: Fix head note
 - Add build/README.txt
 - Add uninstall instructions to README.txt and CMakeLists.txt
 - Added instructions to create build/*.vcproj to CMakeLists.txt
 - Update copyright to 2012
 - Updated page links.  Added Google books, patents, and blogs.

Qhull 2009.1.3 2011/12/06
  configure: Add  -fno-strict-aliasing if $GCC,  Required for gcc 4.1+

Qhull 2011.2  2011/11/29

Bug fixes
 - qh_new_qhull: Call qh_prepare_output if !outfile [A. Aldoma]
   No effect on qhull users since qh_prepare_output is always called.
 - Replace Qhull-go.pif with Qhull-go.lnk for Windows 7 64-bit [lots]
 - Error if qh_newhashtable, qh_setnew, or qh_memalloc overflows [X. Cheng]
   For example, 'rbox 64 D32' overflows hash table for qh_matchnewfacets
   Qhull uses 32-bit ints for identifiers, counts, and sizes. See "WARN64"
 - q_eg, q_test: change tail +3 to tail -n +3 [N. Dubray, M. Atzeri]
 - Qhull-go.bat: Changed 'cmd' to '%comspec%'

Build changes
 - Added src/libqhull/Makefile for simple gcc build of executables and lib
 - qhulltest.vcproj: Replaced full path to QT with $QTDIR (e.g., c:/qt/4.7.4)
 - Split userprintf_rbox.c from userprintf.c,
   Otherwise qhull brings in rboxlib and rbox brings in libqhull
 - Makefile: qhullx target must be after LIBQHULLS_OBJS
 - Makefile: Explicitly list rbox dependencies for qhullx target
 - MBorland: Fixed tabs
 - Placed $LIBQHULLS_OBJS in same order.  Frequently called ones together.
 - Update file lists for [O. Lahaye]
 - CMakeLists: add README.txt,etc. to DOC_INSTALL_DIR [M. Atzeri]
 - Restored qhull.h-deprecated.
   qhull.h conflicts with Qhull.h on Windows systems [C. Abela]
 - Add warning that it is out-of-date
 - Remove extra space in '#! /bin/sh' in q_eg, etc. [P. Cheeseman]

Source changes
 - libqhull.h: Added qh_True and qh_False for True/False [A. Mutzel]
   Did not remove or replace True/False since it is used everywhere
 - Moved error message from qh_argv_to_command to caller.  Avoids dependency.
 - user_eg3.c: Use '10 D2' as default rbox (e.g., 'user_eg3 rbox qhull d')
 - user.c, user_eg2.c: Add test of qh_qh as done in user_eg.c
 - q_test: Removed duplicate test of qhull C-0.02

 - index.html: Added ACM Authorizer link to ACM Trans. Math. Software
 - Split Delaunay and Voronoi FAQs
 - FAQ: How to compute the volume of a Voronoi region [C, Brinch]
 - Add 'FS' to qconvex prompt (total area and volume)
 - Add clarification to 'Fv' about corner input sites [O. Can]
 - Qhull-go.bat: Removed out-of-date advice.  Added title.
 - qh-code.htm: Updated the discussion of multi-threading for C++ [I. Pirwani]

Qhull 2009.1.2 2011/11/21
 - Revert to LF line endings [P. Cheeseman]
 - Remove out-of-date material from qhull-go.bat
 - Replaced QHULL-GO with a lnk file

Qhull 2011.1  2011/05/23 (exe/dll files unchanged)
 - delaunay.vcproj: Fixed qhullstatic_d.lib for debug and minrelsize builds
 - Did not redate the distribution

Qhull 2011.1  2011/05/18 (exe/dll files unchanged)
 - Add 'm' library to shared and static targets on Unix [A. Bouchard]

Qhull 2011.1  2011/05/14 (exe/dll files unchanged)
 - PointCoordinates.cpp: Add #include <iterator> [R. Richter, S. Pasko]
 - Remove deprecated libqhull/qhull.h
   Use libqhull/libqhull.h instead.  Avoids confusion with libqhullcpp/Qhull.h
 - Makefile: Add LIBDIR, INCDIR, and DESTDIR to install [L.H. de Mello]
     Separate MAN install from DOC install
     Create install directories
     Installs headers to include/libqhull, include/libqhullcpp, include/road
 - CMakeLists.txt: Add MAN_INSTALL_DIR for qhull.1 and rbox.1 man pages
     Add RoadTest.h to include/road for Qt users (road_HEADERS)
 - Renamed md5sum files to avoid two extensions
 - qh-get.htm: Add Readme links and 2009.1 note.
 - qh-optf.htm: Fix link
 - index.htm: Updated Google Scholar link
 - Improved error message.

Qhull 2011.1  2011/04/17

Changes to deliverables
 - qvoronoi: Deprecated 'Qt' and 'QJn'. Removed from documentation and prompts.
   These options produced duplicate Voronoi vertices for cospherical data.
 - Removed doskey from Qhull-go.bat.  It is incompatible with Windows 7
 - Added 'facets' argument to user_eg3.cpp
 - user_eg links with shared library
 - qhulltest.cpp: Add closing prompt.

Changes to build system
 - Reorganized source directories
 - Moved executables to bin directory
 - Add CMake build for all targets (CMakeFiles.txt) [M. Moll assisted]
 - Add gcc build for all targets (Makefile)
 - Fixed location of and [M. Moll]
 - Add DevStudio builds for all targets (build/*.vcproj)
 - Added shared library (lib/qhull6.dll)
   Added qh_QHpointer_dllimport to work around problems with MSVC
 - Added static libraries with and without qh_QHpointer (lib/qhullstatic.lib)
 - Added eg/ to create vcproj/sln files from cmake and qmake
 - Document location of qh_QHpointer
 - Use shadow build directory
 - Made -fno-strict-aliasing conditional on gcc version
 - Added src/qhull-app-cpp.pri, src/qhull-app-c.pri, etc. for common settings
 - Add .gitignore with ignored files and directories.
 -   Use .git/info/exclude for locally excluded files.
 - Fixed MBorland for new directory structure
 - cleanall (Makefile): Delete 'linked' programs due to libqhull_r and libqhull/Makefile

Changes to documentation
 - qvoronoi.htm: Remove quotes from qvoronoi example
 - qhull-cpp.xml: Add naming conventions
 - index.htm: Add Google Scholar references
 - qh-optf.htm: Add note about order of 'Fn' matching 'Fv' order [Q. Pan]
 - Add patch for old builds in qh-get.htm
 - Added C++ compiling instructions to README.txt
 - Add instructions for fixing the DOS window
 - Changed DOS window to command window
 - Fixed html links
 - qh-get.htm: Dropped the Spanish mirror site.  It was disabled.

Changes to C code
 - mem.h: Define ptr_intT as 'long long' for Microsoft Windows _win64 builds.
   On Linux and Mac, 'long' is 64-bits on a 64-bit host
 - Added qh_QHpointer_dllimport to work around MSVC problem
 - qconvex.c,etc.: Define prototype for _isatty
 - Define MSG_QHULL_ERROR in user.h
 - Move MSG_FIXUP to 11000 and updated FIXUP QH11...

Changes to test code
 - Add note to q_test than R1e-3 may error (qh-code.htm, Enhancements)
 - Add test for executables to q_eg, etc.
 - Fixed Qhull-go.bat.  QHULL-GO invokes it with,

Changes to C++ interface
 - QhullFacet: Added isSimplicial, isTopOrient, isTriCoplanar, isUpperDelaunay
 - Added Qhull::defineVertexFacetNeighbors() for facetNeighbors of vertices.
   Automatically called for facet merging and Voronoi diagrams
   Do not print QhullVertex::facetNeighbors is !facetNeighborsDefined()
 - Assigned FIXUP identifiers
 - QhullError: Add copy constructor, assignment operator, and destructor
 - Add throw() specifiers to RoadError and QhullError
 - Renamed RoadError::defined() to RoadError::isDefined()
 - Add #error to Qhull.h if qh_QHpointer is not defined

Changes to C++ code
 - Fixed bug reported by renangms.  Vertex output throws error QH10034
   and defineVertexNeighbors() does not exist.
 - Define QHULL_USES_QT for qt-qhull.cpp [renangms]
 - Reviewed all copy constructors and copy assignments.  Updated comments.
   Defined Qhull copy constructor and copy assignment [G. Rivet-Sabourin]
   Disabled UsingQhullLib default constructor, copy construct, and copy assign
 - Merged changes from J. Obermayr in gitorious/jobermayrs-qhull:next
 -   Fix strncat limit in rboxlib.c and global.c
 -   Changes to CMakeLists.txt for openSUSE
 - Fixed additional uses of strncat
 - Fixed QhullFacet::PrintRidges to check hasNextRidge3d()
 - Removed gcc warnings for shadowing from code (src/qhull-warn.pri)
 - Removed semicolon after extern "C" {...}
 - Removed experimental QhullEvent/QhullLog
 - Use fabs() instead of abs() to avoid accidental conversions to int
 - Fixed type of vertex->neighbors in qh_printvoronoi [no effect on results]
 - Removed unnecessary if statement in qh_printvoronoi

qhull 2010.1 2010/01/14
- Fixed quote for #include in qhull.h [U.Hergenhahn, K.Roland]
- Add qt-qhull.cpp with Qt conditional code
- Add libqhullp.proj
- Add libqhull5 to Readme, Announce, download
- Reviewed #pragma
- Reviewed FIXUP and assigned QH tags
- All projects compile with warnings enabled
- Replaced 'up' glyphs with &#187;
- Moved cpp questions to qh-code.htm#questions-cpp
- Moved suggestions to qh-code.htm#enhance
- Moved documentation requests to qh-code.htm#enhance
- Add md5sum file to distributions
- Switched to DevStudio builds to avoid dependent libraries, 10% slower
  Removed user_eg3.exe and qhullcpp.dll from Windows build
  Fix qhull.sln and project files for qh_QHpointer
- Add eg/ to build qhull distribution files

qhull 2010.1 2010/01/10
- Test for NULL fp in qh_eachvoronoi [D. Szczerba]

qhull 2010.1 2010/01/09

Changes to build and distribution
- Use qh_QHpointer=0 for libqhull.a, qhull, rbox, etc.
  Use -Dqh_QHpointer for libqhullp.a, qhullcpp.dll, etc.
  qh_QHpointer [2010, gcc] 4% time 4% space, [2003, msvc] 8% time 2% space
- Add config/ and project/debian/ for Autoconf build [R. Laboissiere]
  from debian branch in git and
- Add CMakeLists.txt [kwilliams]
- Fix tabs in Makefile.txt [mschamschula]
- Add -fno-strict-aliasing to Makefile for gcc 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 qset segfault
- Remove user_eg.exe and user_eg2.exe from Windows distribution
- Order object files by frequency of execution for better locality.

Changes to source
- Remove ptr_intT from qh_matchvertices.  It was int since the beginning.
- user.h requires <time.h> for CLOCKS_PER_SEC
- Move ostream<<QhullFacetList from inline to compiled.
- Removed ConvexHull/ from git.  Not used.

qhull 2009.1.1 2010/01/09
- Patch release of 2009.1.
  qh_gethash allowed a negative result, causing overwrite or segfault
  See git:qhull/project/patch/qhull-2003.1/poly.c-qh_gethash.patch
  Compared results of q_test, q_eg, q_egtest with patched poly.c, qhull-2003.1

qhull 2010.1 2010/01/07
- Assign type to qh.old_qhstat and memT.tempstack [amorilia]
- Replace tabs with spaces.
- Fix qh_pointid in case ptr_intT is unsigned

qhull 2010.1 2010/01/06
- Fixed serious bug in qh_gethash [poly.c]
- Documentation and build system are incomplete (see above)
- First release of C++ interface [qh-code.htm]
- Development moved to
  git clone
- Did not fix conformant tesselations for 'Qt'.
  For details, see of May 2007 and Dec 2006.
- Use g++ builds for Windows distribution (10% faster than msvc2005)
  Combined vcproj/ and qtproj/ into project/
  vcproj will be replaced by qmake generated files

qhull 2010.0.3 2010/01/05
Fixed bugs
- 'QJn': Fix qh.STOPcone in qh_build_withrestart().  It was not cleared.
- qh_initqhull_outputflags [global.c]: warn about Qc only if QHULLfinished
    otherwise set if needed

qhull 2010.0.2 2010/01/04

Fixed bugs
- qh_gethash [poly.c]: fix sign conversion.
    Previously, the result may be negative, leading to a segfault.
    The bug is more likely with large address spaces
    Reviewed all uses of %(modulo) for remainder with negative arguments
- Reviewed output of q_test and compared to results from 2003.1

Breaking code changes
- Return type of qh_gethash changed from unsigned to int.  Matches 'size'
- addhash takes a signed hash
  qh_addhash( newelem, hashtable, hashsize, hash )

Code changes
- Test for qh_qh in qh_printf
- Makefile.txt corrected for libqhull build [amorilia]
- Renamed index to idx to avoid shadowing BSD strings.h [kwilliams]

qhull 2010.0.1  2010/01/03

New Features:
 - Added option 'Ta' to annotate output with message codes

Preliminary C++ support:
 - C++ declarations may change without warning
 - Preliminary documentation for Qhull's C++ interface [qh-code.htm#cpp, qhull-cpp.xml]
 - Added user_eg3 as an example of Qhull.cpp
 - Removed qhull_interface.cpp.  Use Qhull.cpp instead.
   If math.h breaks '#include qhull_a.h', preceed it with '#include math.h'

Changes to qhull options and results
 - Allow 'd' and 'v' as the filename for 'TO ..' and 'TI ...' in qdelaunay [M. Jambon]
 - 'rbox tN' requires an integer (previously allowed floats)
 - Allow quoted filenames for 'TO ...' and 'TI ...'
 - Prefix error messages and warnings with a message code (e.g., QH6012)
 - Fixed rbox ignoring flags that were not separated by spaces
 - Report all hidden options before exiting in qh_checkflags()
 - Defined qh_OPTIONline [user.h] as max length of option line ('FO')
 - Report error if negative arguments to rbox 'G', 'L', 'Z'
 - Unknown rbox flag changed from a warning to an error
 - Set error status 4 qh_ERRmem if rbox runs out of memory
 - Removed extra spaces at end of line

Breaking Code Changes:
 - Renamed qh.coplanarset to coplanarfacetset.  Avoids conflict with facetT.coplanarset
 - qh_restore_qhull() zeroes out qh.old_qhstat and qh.old_tempstack.  Ownership moved.
 - Rewrote save_qhull/restore_qhull
 - Add Ztotcheck to zzdef_ [R. Gardener]
 - Changed qh_malloc to size_t (was unsigned long)
 - Declare qh_PRINT instead of int [kwilliams]
 - In qh_printafacet(), changed error output to 'qh ferr'

Bug fixes to C code:
 - Use gcc 4.4.0 or later.  gcc 4.2.1, 4.2.2, and 4.3.2 -O2 segfaults in qset.c .  gcc 4.1.1 was OK
   See bug report
 - Rewrite qh_setappend to avoid g++ 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 strict_aliasing error.
     Orion Poplawski (
 - Fixed qh_findfacet_all(), "REALmin" should be "-REALmax" [L.A. Taylor].
     Effects library users for convex hulls and halfspace intersections.
 - qh_printfacet [io.c] Removed extra space for neighboring facets
 - Report error if d points, Delaunay, and not Qz
 - Fixed double-free of facet->centrum for triangulated facets
 - Fixed mindist initialization if !testcentrum in io.c findbest_test [Ratcliff]
 - Fixed parentheses around warning for missing 'Qc' [qh_initqhull_outputflags]
 - Fixed rbox buffer overflow of 'command' when appending seedbuf
 - Fixed option string for 'rbox t t999'.  Although seed was correctly set to 999,
   a random seed was appended to the rbox comment (e.g., 'rbox t t999 t32343')
 - Fixed upper bound of sanity check for qh_RANDOMmax in qh_initqhull_globals()

Changes to C code
 - Reordered #include from specific to general.  Move up .h for module.
 - Removed qh.old_stat -- never used
 - Removed qh_clearcenters from qh_freeqhull.  Duplicated by qh_delfacet
 - qh_printcenter [io.c] removed unreachable fprintf argument
 - qh_getarea() [geom2.c] ignored on multiple calls (qh.hasAreaVolume)
 - qh_getarea() [geom2.c] checks facet->isarea. Set by QhullFacet.facetArea()
 - qh_triangulate() [poly2.c] ignored on multiple calls (qh.hasTriangulation)
 - Add statistics for vertex_visit and visit_id to buildtracing
 - Defined scale and offset parameters for qh_randomfactor

Bug fixes and changes to mem.c/mem.h
 - Fixed qhmem.totshort (total short memory in use)
 - Memory tracing (T5) redone for sort order by object
 - Added full tracing for short memory allocations.
 - Added qhmem.totfree (total short memory on freelists)
     Increases size of qh_memalloc_ and qh_memfree_
 - Added qhmem.totdropped (leftover freesize at end of each short buffer)
 - Added qhmem.totunused (short size - request size)
 - Added qhmem.totbuffer (total short memory buffer w/o links)
 - Added memory statistics to qh_NOmem;
 - Added qh_memtotal to track allocated memory
 - Renamed qh_memfree parameter to 'insize' for consistency with qh_memalloc
 - Removed qhmem.curlong.  qa_memfreeshort computes curlong from cntlong and cntfree
 - In mem.h, changed ptr_intT to long.  qh_meminit() checks that it holds a 'void*'

Fixed g++ and devstudio warnings
 - Except for bit field conversions, compiles cleanly with
   -Wall -Wextra -Wshadow -Wcast-qual -Wwrite-strings -Wno-sign-conversion -Wconversion
 - Fixed warnings at VC8, level 4
 - Fix data types to remove conversion warnings [kwilliams]
 - Use size_t for calls to malloc,etc [kwilliams]
   Retained int sizes for qset.h and mem.h.  Follows Qt convention
   and is easier to work with.  int can be 64-bits if 2 billion facets
 - Change literal strings to const char* [kwilliams]
 - Added type casts to SETfirst and SETsecond [amorilia+alphax]
 - getid_() returns an int [kwilliams]
 - Add missing const annotations [kwilliams]
 - Fixed 64-bit warnings (marked with "WARN64")
 - Convert sizeof to (int) for int parameters
 - In libqhull.c, added explicit casts from long to float,  Avoids warning
 - In global.c, cast time() to int for QRandom-seed.  Avoids warning

Changes to C code for C++ support
 - Add sln, vcproj, and qtpro files for building Qhull -- add to README notes
 - Added dim to vertexT for cpp interface. Reduced size of qh.vertex_visit
 - qh_produce_output [io.c] may be called multiple times (C++ interface)
 - Moved SETsizeaddr_() to qset.h for use by QhullSet.cpp
 - Option 'Tz' sets flag qh.USEstdout for QhullPoints.cpp
 - Added support for multiple output runs from QhullPoints.outputQhull
 -   qh_clear_outputflags() resets the output flags
 -   qh_initqhull_outputflags split from qh_initqhull_globals
 - Added qh.run_id, a random identifier for this instance of Qhull (QhullPoints)
 -   For qh.run_id, initqhull_start initializes qh_RANDOMseed to time instead of 1
 - Extracted qh_argv_to_command (random.c) from qh_init_qhull_command and fixed a buffer overflow
 - Moved qh_strtod/qh_strtol from global.c to random.c for use in rboxlib.c
 - Split out random functions into random.c
 - Added message codes to qh_fprintf().  See its definition in user.c
 - Replaced exit, malloc, free, fprintf, and fputs with qh_malloc,...[J.W. Ratcliff]
 - Added qh_fprintf, qh_malloc, qh_free, ph_printhelp_narrowhull to user.c
 - Moved qh_printhelp_degenerate and qh_printhelp_singular from io.c to user.c
 - Clear qh.ERREXITcalled at end of qh_errexit().

 - Fixed out-of-date CiteSeer references
 - Renamed html/qh-in.htm to html/qh-code.htm
 - Add reference to 'Qt' to 'i'
 - Add reference to 'FS' to 'FA'
 - qh-impre.htm discusses precision issues for halfspace intersection
 - Add cross references between options 'FA' and 'FS'
 - Added link to Wolfram Research's MathWorld site
 - Updated Fukuda's links
 - Changed copyright to C.B. Barber for C++, documentation, and merge.c
 - Updated Qhull citation with page numbers.
 - Proposed project: constructing Voronoi diagram
 - Proposed project: computing Voronoi volumes
 - Replaced tabs with spaces in qhull.txt and rbox.txt

qhull 2009.1  2009/6/11

This is a maintenance release done by Rafael Laboissiere <>.
 - src/rbox.c (main): Avoid problems of evaluation order when
   pre-incrementing arguments of strtod
 - src/io.c (qh_produce_output), src/stat.c (qh_initstatistics): Use %lu
   instead of %d in the format string for arguments of type size_t
 - html/, html/ Fix several syntax, macros, and hyphen
   problems in man pages
 - The Autotools files have been generated with modern version of autoconf (2.63),
   automake/aclocal (1.10.2), and libtool (2.2.6)
 - Some character issues in the man pages are fixed

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Nov 3 23:33:43 2015 UTC (3 years, 9 months ago) by agc
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2015Q4-base, pkgsrc-2015Q4
Changes since 1.2: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.2 (colored)

Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for math category

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package dfftpack: missing distfile dfftpack-20001209.tar.gz
	Package eispack: missing distfile eispack-20001130.tar.gz
	Package fftpack: missing distfile fftpack-20001130.tar.gz
	Package linpack: missing distfile linpack-20010510.tar.gz
	Package minpack: missing distfile minpack-20001130.tar.gz
	Package odepack: missing distfile odepack-20001130.tar.gz
	Package py-networkx: missing distfile networkx-1.10.tar.gz
	Package py-sympy: missing distfile sympy-
	Package quadpack: missing distfile quadpack-20001130.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Nov 30 10:55:49 2011 UTC (7 years, 8 months ago) by drochner
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2015Q3-base, pkgsrc-2015Q3, pkgsrc-2015Q2-base, pkgsrc-2015Q2, pkgsrc-2015Q1-base, pkgsrc-2015Q1, pkgsrc-2014Q4-base, pkgsrc-2014Q4, pkgsrc-2014Q3-base, pkgsrc-2014Q3, pkgsrc-2014Q2-base, pkgsrc-2014Q2, pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1, pkgsrc-2013Q4-base, pkgsrc-2013Q4, pkgsrc-2013Q3-base, pkgsrc-2013Q3, pkgsrc-2013Q2-base, pkgsrc-2013Q2, pkgsrc-2013Q1-base, pkgsrc-2013Q1, pkgsrc-2012Q4-base, pkgsrc-2012Q4, pkgsrc-2012Q3-base, pkgsrc-2012Q3, pkgsrc-2012Q2-base, pkgsrc-2012Q2, pkgsrc-2012Q1-base, pkgsrc-2012Q1, pkgsrc-2011Q4-base, pkgsrc-2011Q4
Changes since 1.1: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

add patch from upstream to fix signedness error in hash calculation
which can lead to an overwrite or segfault

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Wed Sep 19 18:00:54 2007 UTC (11 years, 11 months ago) by drochner
Branch: TNF
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3-base, pkgsrc-2011Q3, pkgsrc-2011Q2-base, pkgsrc-2011Q2, pkgsrc-2011Q1-base, pkgsrc-2011Q1, pkgsrc-2010Q4-base, pkgsrc-2010Q4, pkgsrc-2010Q3-base, pkgsrc-2010Q3, pkgsrc-2010Q2-base, pkgsrc-2010Q2, pkgsrc-2010Q1-base, pkgsrc-2010Q1, pkgsrc-2009Q4-base, pkgsrc-2009Q4, pkgsrc-2009Q3-base, pkgsrc-2009Q3, pkgsrc-2009Q2-base, pkgsrc-2009Q2, pkgsrc-2009Q1-base, pkgsrc-2009Q1, pkgsrc-2008Q4-base, pkgsrc-2008Q4, pkgsrc-2008Q3-base, pkgsrc-2008Q3, pkgsrc-2008Q2-base, pkgsrc-2008Q2, pkgsrc-2008Q1-base, pkgsrc-2008Q1, pkgsrc-2007Q4-base, pkgsrc-2007Q4, pkgsrc-2007Q3-base, pkgsrc-2007Q3, cwrapper, cube-native-xorg-base, cube-native-xorg
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

import qhull-2003.1, a program/library to calculate convex hulls
(can be used by octave and others)

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Sep 19 18:00:54 2007 UTC (11 years, 11 months ago) by drochner
Branch: MAIN

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