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Revision 1.16, Mon Nov 13 15:22:31 2017 UTC (22 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.15: +5 -5 lines

p5-Math-Prime-Util: update to 0.69.

0.69 2017-11-08


    - is_totient(n)                   true if euler_phi(x) == n for some x


    - is_square_free uses abs(n), like Pari and moebius.

    - is_primitive_root could be wrong with even n on some platforms.

    - euler_phi and moebius with negative range inputs weren't consistent.

    - factorialmod given a large n and m where m was a composite with
      large square factors was incorrect.  Fixed.

    - numtoperm will accept negative k values (k is always mod n!)

    - Split XS mapping of many primality tests.  Makes more sense and
      improves performance for some calls.

    - Split final test in PP cluster sieve.

    - Support some new Math::Prime::Util::GMP functions from 0.47.

    - C spigot Pi is 30-60% faster on x86_64 by using 32-bit types.

    - Reworked some factoring code.

    - Remove ISAAC (Perl and C) since we use ChaCha.

    - Each thread allocs a new const array again instead of sharing.

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