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Revision 1.64, Wed Dec 15 17:20:57 2021 UTC (13 months, 2 weeks ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, pkgsrc-2022Q1-base, pkgsrc-2022Q1, pkgsrc-2021Q4-base, pkgsrc-2021Q4
Changes since 1.63: +6 -7 lines

octave: updated to 6.4.0

Summary of bugs fixed for version 6.4.0 (2021-10-30)

Improvements and fixes

- Reduce memory usage in BISTs for `copyobj`, `hgsave`.
- `hgsave.m`, `copyobj.m`: Use `'qt'` graphics toolkit in BISTs.
- `main.cc`: Use `getopt` to parse command line arguments.
- `main.cc`: Remove invalid case.
- Disable `getopt` error reporting in wrapper program.
- `interp1.m`: Don't interpret later numeric input as `xi`.
- `pkg`: Improve similar package name suggestion.
- Store parent name in function object when caching parents in scope.
- Avoid internal error and segfault with `eval` and scripts.
- `rmpath`: Prevent removing the current directory from the load path.


- Fix missing interpreter event in `octave-scintilla`.
- Fix opening a file in a custom editor.


- Improve docstring for `disable_diagonal_matrix`, `disable_diagonal_matrix`,
  and `disable_range`.
- `cbrt`: Clarify that function errors for non-real input.
- `dsearchn.m`: Added optional distance output description.
- Add Hungarian translation for project description files.
- Document fsolve output "info" -2.

Build system

- Correct error message for incompatible CXSparse.

Summary of bugs fixed for version 6.3.0 (2021-07-11)

Important notice

- This bug fix release breaks ABI compatiblity with Octave 6.2.0. Re-build
  binaries (like .oct or .mex files) when updating to this version.

Improvements and fixes

- `ls-hdf5.cc`: Avoid throwing inside HDF5 function.
- `ls-hdf5.cc`: Handle non-zero terminated type strings.
- Fix occasional segfault in `symbfact`.
- `fsolve.m`: Fix undefined output error when using `Output` function.
- Fix compilation error with `iconv_t` on Solaris.
- build: Check for `stropts.h`.
- Avoid ambiguous call to `pow`.
- Fix context link when creating handle to nested function.
- `print.m`: Warn when figure is too large to be printed to output page.
- Defer clearing function vars until stack frame is deleted.
- Avoid memory leaks when returning handles to nested functions.
- Hold references to closure frames in anon functions if needed.
- `eigs`: Prevent possible segmentation fault at exit.
- Issue warning when gnuplot graphics toolkit is initialized.
- mpoles.m: Fix detection of pole multiplicity.
- Perform shutdown actions in interpreter destructor.
- build: Make relocation of dependencies with Octave optional.
- `qz.cc`: Return correct number of eigenvalues.
- `qz.cc`: Let test pass with LAPACK 3.9.1 and earlier versions.
- `pkg.m`: Use default prefixes unless otherwise set previously.
- `betaincinv.m`: Correctly handle small inputs.
- `betaincinv.m`: Correctly handle inputs very close to 1.0.
- `unistd-wrappers.c`: Allocate sufficient memory for `new_argv`.
- Mark system functions correctly if `OCTAVE_HOME` is non-canonical.
- Mark compiled system functions correctly if `OCTAVE_HOME` is non-canonical.
- Fix error if test suite is run before Octave is installed.
- `lo-array-errwarn.cc`: Include `<limits>`.
- Use `std::size_t` and `std::ptrdiff_t` in C++ code.
- Use `std::size_t` in more instances.
- Return proper number of stack frames for `dbstack (N)` call.
- Avoid ambiguous match of overloaded function.
- `lscov.m`: Relax BIST tolerance to pass with OpenBLAS.
- `print`: Fix error when `"px"` word is present in a figure.
- `logm.m`: Fix check for real negative values in complex vector.
- build: Set necessary flags to allow execution on Windows Vista.
- Declare base_parser destructor virtual.
- `hist.m`: Improve handling and docstring for third parameter "norm".
- `logm.m`: Allow tolerance in check for real negative values in complex vector.
- `expm.m`, `logm.m`: Use function `isdiag` to detect if input is a diagonal matrix.
- tests: Relax tolerance for some tests on macOS.
- `logspace.m`: Mark tests as known to fail on macOS.
- `hist.m`: Use deterministic test.
- `rgb2ind.m`: Reduce memory usage and eliminate randomness in test.
- `logm.m`: Allow larger tolerance for test on macOS.
- build: Use correct path to `octave` binary in build tree on macOS.
- build: Fix typo in folder to libraries when building `.oct` or `.mex` files.
- build: Set DL_LDFLAGS in the build rules for .oct or .mex files.
- `rgb2ind.m`: Suppress output in test.
- Improve documentation for `log2` function.
- `ind2sub`: Fix typo in "see also" section of docstring.
- `mrdivide`, `mldivide`: Document that functions might return minimum norm solutions.
- Fix scoping issue for handles to sibling nested functions.
- `ls-mat5.cc`: Avoid integer overflow in calculation of buffer size for zlib.
- Move top-level REPL from interpreter to evaluator.
- Avoid crash with `dbquit` when executing command in terminal from GUI.


- Fix calling external editor.
- Fix missing file suffix .m when saving a new script.
- Do not run files that are not saved as Octave files.
- Fix confirm overwrite for native editor file "save as" dialogs.
- Fix crash when GUI tries to restore missing previous Octave dir.
- Fix restoring the horizontal position of docked GUI widgets.
- Prevent floating widgets from re-opening after restart.
- Avoid crash in GUI for `rmdir("")`.
- Fix EOL mode when saving files under new names.
- Fix auto indentation of switch-structure in GUI editor.
- Avoid crash when closing GUI with open editor tabs.
- `octave-qscintilla.cc` (`contextmenu_run`): Fix keyboard command handling.


- Improve Differential Equations chapter and example for lsode.
- Clarify usage of "Depends" keyword in package `DESCRIPTION` file.
- Add note that wildcard patterns for `save` are glob patterns.
- Change example for Delaunay triangulation to match the generating code.
- Document single precision issues with OpenGL graphics toolkits.
- Minor changes to documentation of single precision issues with OpenGL.
- Expand on documentation for command syntax.
- `isprop.m`: Document that function only works on graphics objects in Octave 6.X.
- Explain how to write dual-purpose executable scripts and Octave functions.
- Update keyword docstrings.
- Use Texinfo commands to improve `transpose()` docstring rendering.
- `betainc.m`, `betaincinv.m`: Correct non-TeX definition of beta incomplete integral.
- Grammarcheck documentation ahead of 6.3 release.
- Spellcheck documentation ahead of 6.3 release.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.64 2021/12/15 17:20:57 adam Exp $

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Size (octave-6.4.0.tar.xz) = 25354780 bytes
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SHA1 (patch-doc_interpreter_module.mk) = 66389cceddbe71fca0c8197275a839170d64ad5b
SHA1 (patch-libgnu_fseeko.c) = b38e7a38be2e0b323cd7f168f1d22d3df998691c
SHA1 (patch-libgnu_stdio.in.h) = 952e8683a70615b5219d034b9232420998cef44a
SHA1 (patch-libinterp_dldfcn_config-module.awk) = 54b64357b1ef80c5e55eb5eccf742d2267eb277d
SHA1 (patch-libinterp_dldfcn_module.mk) = 2362d824497a8892078437c24757ae1e40e2e556
SHA1 (patch-liboctave_util_quit.cc) = 17ace431c53de1e5b72b86bb2bf4e15bdc6d4db9
SHA1 (patch-m4_acinclude.m4) = 8d684f3036e25714738379156e766af9cd34afd8
SHA1 (patch-scripts_miscellaneous_unpack.m) = 82c9ca170762e223c8e5a6f88a7dd9fe2a2a33d0
SHA1 (patch-scripts_pkg_private_configure__make.m) = 7d4b620f889faa66c4c9c581ef8a7e7692b68c94
SHA1 (patch-scripts_plot_util_____gnuplot__drawnow____.m) = 449b178aefd78c5c1b03ffd960f2e8be3874efc2