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Revision 1.3, Sat Sep 9 09:35:10 2006 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by obache
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +4 -4 lines

Update to 0.39.

April 4th, 2006
v0.39  -- Jim Wigginton pointed out my Montgomery examples in figures 6.4 and 6.6 were off by one, k should be 9 not 8
       -- Bruce Guenter suggested I use --tag=CC for libtool builds where the compiler may think it's C++.
       -- "mm" from sci.crypt pointed out that my mp_gcd was sub-optimal (I also updated and corrected the book)
       -- updated some of the @@ tags in tommath.src to reflect source changes.
       -- updated email and url info in all source files

Jan 26th, 2006
v0.38  -- broken makefile.shared fixed
       -- removed some carry stores that were not required [updated text]

November 18th, 2005
v0.37  -- [Don Porter] reported on a TCL list [HEY SEND ME BUGREPORTS ALREADY!!!] that mp_add_d() would compute -0 with some inputs.  Fixed.
       -- [rinick@gmail.com] reported the makefile.bcc was messed up.  Fixed.
       -- [Kevin Kenny] reported some issues with mp_toradix_n().  Now it doesn't require a min of 3 chars of output.
       -- Made the make command renamable.  Wee

August 1st, 2005
v0.36  -- LTM_PRIME_2MSB_ON was fixed and the "OFF" flag was removed.
       -- [Peter LaDow] found a typo in the XREALLOC macro
       -- [Peter LaDow] pointed out that mp_read_(un)signed_bin should have "const" on the input
       -- Ported LTC patch to fix the prime_random_ex() function to get the bitsize correct [and the maskOR flags]
       -- Kevin Kenny pointed out a stray //
       -- David Hulton pointed out a typo in the textbook [mp_montgomery_setup() pseudo-code]
       -- Neal Hamilton (Elliptic Semiconductor) pointed out that my Karatsuba notation was backwards and that I could use
          unsigned operations in the routine.
       -- Paul Schmidt pointed out a linking error in mp_exptmod() when BN_S_MP_EXPTMOD_C is undefined (and another for read_radix)
       -- Updated makefiles to be way more flexible

March 12th, 2005
v0.35  -- Stupid XOR function missing line again... oops.
       -- Fixed bug in invmod not handling negative inputs correctly [Wolfgang Ehrhardt]
       -- Made exteuclid always give positive u3 output...[ Wolfgang Ehrhardt ]
       -- [Wolfgang Ehrhardt] Suggested a fix for mp_reduce() which avoided underruns.  ;-)
       -- mp_rand() would emit one too many digits and it was possible to get a 0 out of it ... oops
       -- Added montgomery to the testing to make sure it handles 1..10 digit moduli correctly
       -- Fixed bug in comba that would lead to possible erroneous outputs when "pa < digs"
       -- Fixed bug in mp_toradix_size for "0" [Kevin Kenny]
       -- Updated chapters 1-5 of the textbook ;-) It now talks about the new comba code!

February 12th, 2005
v0.34  -- Fixed two more small errors in mp_prime_random_ex()
       -- Fixed overflow in mp_mul_d() [Kevin Kenny]
       -- Added mp_to_(un)signed_bin_n() functions which do bounds checking for ya [and report the size]
       -- Added "large" diminished radix support.  Speeds up things like DSA where the moduli is of the form 2^k - P for some P < 2^(k/2) or so
          Actually is faster than Montgomery on my AMD64 (and probably much faster on a P4)
       -- Updated the manual a bit
       -- Ok so I haven't done the textbook work yet... My current freelance gig has landed me in France till the
          end of Feb/05.  Once I get back I'll have tons of free time and I plan to go to town on the book.
          As of this release the API will freeze.  At least until the book catches up with all the changes.  I welcome
          bug reports but new algorithms will have to wait.

December 23rd, 2004
v0.33  -- Fixed "small" variant for mp_div() which would munge with negative dividends...
       -- Fixed bug in mp_prime_random_ex() which would set the most significant byte to zero when
          no special flags were set
       -- Fixed overflow [minor] bug in fast_s_mp_sqr()
       -- Made the makefiles easier to configure the group/user that ltm will install as
       -- Fixed "final carry" bug in comba multipliers. (Volkan Ceylan)
       -- Matt Johnston pointed out a missing semi-colon in mp_exptmod

October 29th, 2004
v0.32  -- Added "makefile.shared" for shared object support
       -- Added more to the build options/configs in the manual
       -- Started the Depends framework, wrote dep.pl to scan deps and
          produce "callgraph.txt" ;-)
       -- Wrote SC_RSA_1 which will enable close to the minimum required to perform
          RSA on 32-bit [or 64-bit] platforms with LibTomCrypt
       -- Merged in the small/slower mp_div replacement.  You can now toggle which
          you want to use as your mp_div() at build time.  Saves roughly 8KB or so.
       -- Renamed a few files and changed some comments to make depends system work better.
          (No changes to function names)
       -- Merged in new Combas that perform 2 reads per inner loop instead of the older
          3reads/2writes per inner loop of the old code.  Really though if you want speed
          learn to use TomsFastMath ;-)

August 9th, 2004
v0.31  -- "profiled" builds now :-) new timings for Intel Northwoods
       -- Added "pretty" build target
       -- Update mp_init() to actually assign 0's instead of relying on calloc()
       -- "Wolfgang Ehrhardt" <Wolfgang.Ehrhardt@munich.netsurf.de> found a bug in mp_mul() where if
          you multiply a negative by zero you get negative zero as the result.  Oops.
       -- J Harper from PeerSec let me toy with his AMD64 and I got 60-bit digits working properly
          [this also means that I fixed a bug where if sizeof(int) < sizeof(mp_digit) it would bug]

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