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Revision 1.4, Thu May 5 01:58:35 2022 UTC (8 weeks ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, HEAD
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(math/R-broom) Updated 0.7.9 to 0.8.0

# broom 0.8.0
This update  makes significant improvements to  documentation, fixes a
number of bugs,  and brings the development flow of  the package up to
date with other packages in the tidymodels.

In the big picture, this release:

* Makes many improvements to documentation:

     - All tidiers now have example code demonstrating usage in their
       documentation. Tidiers for base packages as well as selected
       others also include sample code for visualization of results
       with ggplot2.

     - Code examples in the documentation largely now follow
       consistent style---these changes were made largely to reflect
       the tidyverse style guide, addressing spacing, object naming,
       and commenting, among other things.

     - Examples previously marked with `\dontrun` or `\donttest` have
       been workshopped to run reliably.  * Clarifies errors and
       warnings for deprecated and un-maintained tidiers.  * Ensures
       that tidiers are placed in files named according to the
       model-supplying package rather than the model object class for
       easier navigability of the source code.

### Bug fixes and other improvements

* Fix `glance.fixest` error when model includes only fixed effects and
  no regressors (`#1018` by `@arcruz0`, `#1088` by

* Address excessive messaging from `tidy.speedlm` (`#1084` by
  `@cgoo4`, `#1087` by `@vincentarelbundock`).

* Add `nobs` column to the output of `glance.svyglm` (`#1085` by
  `@fschaffner`, `#1086` by `@vincentarelbundock`).

* Ensure `tidy.prcomp` description entries use consistent punctuation
  (`#1072` by `@PursuitOfDataScience`).

* Address breaking changes in `glance.fixest` and `tidy.btergm`.

* Simplify handling of `MASS::polr` output in the corresponding `tidy`
  and `augment` methods.

* Align continuous integration with current standards in tidymodels

# broom 0.7.12
Nearly identical source to broom 0.7.11„ŗ«÷pdates the maintainer email
address to an address listed in other CRAN packages maintained by the
same person.

# broom 0.7.11
* Addressed issue with the ordering of original observations in
  `augment.rqs`. Now function preserves the original `data.frame`
  names also when the input `data.frame` only has one column (`#1052`
  by `@ilapros`).

* Addressed warning from `tidy.rma` when `x$ddf` has length greater
  than 1 (`#1064` by `@wviechtb`).

* Fix errors in `glance.lavaan` in anticipation of upcoming `tidyr`
  release (`#1067` by `@DavisVaughan`).

* Corrected the confidence interval in `tidy.crr()`. The
  `tidy.crr(conf.level=)` argument was previously ignored (`#1068` by

# broom 0.7.10
* Clarifies error when `pysch::mediate` output is dispatched to
  `tidy.mediate` (`#1037` by `@LukasWallrich`).

* Allows user to specify confidence level for `tidy.rma` (`#1041` by

* Clarifies documentation related to usage of `augment_columns()`;
  most package users should use `augment()` in favor of
  `augment_columns()`. See `?augment_columns` for more details.

* Extends support for `emmeans` by fixing non-standard column names in
  case of asymptotically derived inferential statistics. (`#1046` by

* Fixes use of index columns in `augment.mlogit` and adds `.resid`
column to output. (`#1045`, `#1053`, `#1055`, and `#1056` by
`@jamesrrae` and `@gregmacfarlane`)

* Correct column naming of standard error measures in

* Various bug fixes and improvements to documentation.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.4 2022/05/05 01:58:35 mef Exp $

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