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Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Dec 2 16:42:14 2019 UTC (4 months ago) by schmonz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4
Changes since 1.4: +2 -3 lines
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Update to 20190914.0. From the changelog:

- Fixed typos in base.pod and recipes.pod
- Remove re-prompting for port when an invalid service name was
  supplied. Just error and exit instead
- Cleaning up error messages that contained extra newlines
- Remove interactive prompts for helo and from when hostname
  cannot be determined internally.  Just error instead.
- Rearrange internal option definition structure in preparation
  for major rework
- Rework how the --show-time-lapse option is tracked internally
  and displayed in --dump output
- --protocol's argument was incorrectly marked as optional
- Updating copyright year to 2019
- --use-old-data-tokens was not completely removed, clean up
- --tls-optional-strict was incorrectly marked internally as
  optionally accepting an argument
- Fix handling of --option=arg option format which prevented it
  from being used with --header and --attach* options
- --attach option processing was calling die() instead of
  ptrans/exit on error
- If the arg to --data looks like a file but is not openable,
  error and exit instead of using it the file name as the raw
  data value
- Add %NEWLINE% as a new --data token
- Small code tidy around %DATE% token replacement
- Enforce key=value format for arguments to --auth-extra and
- Clarify how XCLIENT arguments are grouped in --xclient doc
- Typo in documentation for --ehlo, reported by Konstantin Stephan
- Adding data and dot as valid --drop-after-send and --drop-after
- Add documentation for missing --quit-after synonym STARTTLS
- Update copyright year to 2019
- --copy-routing should error when no argument given.
- Add validation to --proxy-family (when proxy-version=1) and
  --proxy-version options.
- Turn off option bundling. No practical use and it could cause
  real confusion (with bundling turned on, -foobar was "-f oobar"
  instead of an unknown option.
- Turn on case-sensitivity for configuration options.  Needed to
  make -S distinct from -s, as documented.
- Add a flag for --dump-mail in the OUTPUT section of --dump
- --version and --help should work even if they aren't the very
  first option.
- When processing config file options with no leading '-' and any
  environment variable config, prefix the option with '--' for
  processing, not '-'. Bandaid for very minor difference between
  '-' and '--' option processing which I hope to fix soon.
- Adding an ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES section to the doc.
- Tidying and clarifying the OPTION PROCESSING section of the docs.
- Fix bug causing in "no-" option processing to work unreliably.
- Document the unreliability of using environment variables to unset
  other environment variable options with the "no-" prefix.
- Document the general rule that when processing duplicate options,
  the last option specified wins, both inter- and intra-method.
- Since there is no inherent order to options provided in environment
  variables, sort them before processing to define an order.
- Config file fixes around searching default $SWAKS_HOME, $HOME,
  and $LOGDIR locations:
    - Searching default locations for the first existing
      PATH/.swaksrc did not actually work as documented.
    - If none of the default search environment variables was set,
      Swaks would not process the "portable" defaults optionally
      stored in the actual swaks script.
- Implement --body-attach option to allow more granularity in
  setting body information (different mime types, alternatives, etc).
- Fix --attach* option processing to remove possibly ambiguity
- Fix issue with malformed headers.  Don't fall over if header
  doesn't contain a colon or looks like an illegal continuation.
- Doc fix for default body - %SWAKS_VERSION% missing trailing char.
- --add-header documentation was still referencing a single-char,
  no longer valid, replacement token. Replace with the correct token.

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