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Diff for /pkgsrc/mail/dovecot/Makefile between version 1.110 and 1.111

version 1.110, 2008/01/01 20:47:57 version 1.111, 2008/01/03 14:06:20
Line 45  SUBST_FILES.paths= dovecot-example.conf
Line 45  SUBST_FILES.paths= dovecot-example.conf
 SUBST_SED.paths+=       -e 's,@PREFIX@,${PREFIX},g'  SUBST_SED.paths+=       -e 's,@PREFIX@,${PREFIX},g'
 SUBST_STAGE.paths=      pre-configure  SUBST_STAGE.paths=      pre-configure
   BUILD_DEFS+=            VARBASE
 post-build:  post-build:
         ${SED} "s|/etc/ssl/|${SSLDIR}/|" ${WRKSRC}/dovecot-example.conf \          ${SED} "s|/etc/ssl/|${SSLDIR}/|" ${WRKSRC}/dovecot-example.conf \
                                                 > ${WRKDIR}/dovecot-example.conf                                                  > ${WRKDIR}/dovecot-example.conf

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