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Current directory: [] / pkgsrc / mail

Current tag: netbsd-6-1

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[DIR] GNUMail/
[DIR] OSBF-lua/
[DIR] Pantomime/
[DIR] R-mime/
[DIR] YoSucker/
[DIR] akonadi/
[DIR] alpine/
[DIR] amavis-perl/
[DIR] amavisd-milter/
[DIR] amavisd-new/
[DIR] anomy-sanitizer/
[DIR] archivemail/
[DIR] autorespond/
[DIR] avenger/
[DIR] balsa/
[DIR] balsa2/
[DIR] bbmail/
[DIR] bmf/
[DIR] bogofilter/
[DIR] bulk_mailer/
[DIR] clamav/
[DIR] clamsmtp/
[DIR] clamsmtpd/
[DIR] claws-mail/
[DIR] claws-mail-archive/
[DIR] claws-mail-attachwarner/
[DIR] claws-mail-attremover/
[DIR] claws-mail-bogofilter/
[DIR] claws-mail-cachesaver/
[DIR] claws-mail-clamav/
[DIR] claws-mail-dillo-viewer/
[DIR] claws-mail-fetchinfo/
[DIR] claws-mail-gtkhtml/
[DIR] claws-mail-mailmbox/
[DIR] claws-mail-managesieve/
[DIR] claws-mail-newmail/
[DIR] claws-mail-notification/
[DIR] claws-mail-pdf_viewer/
[DIR] claws-mail-pgp/
[DIR] claws-mail-pgpcore/
[DIR] claws-mail-pgpinline/
[DIR] claws-mail-pgpmime/
[DIR] claws-mail-rssyl/
[DIR] claws-mail-smime/
[DIR] claws-mail-spamassassin/
[DIR] claws-mail-spamreport/
[DIR] claws-mail-synce/
[DIR] claws-mail-tnef/
[DIR] claws-mail-trayicon/
[DIR] claws-mail-vcalendar/
[DIR] clawsker/
[DIR] columba/
[DIR] cone/
[DIR] coolmail/
[DIR] courier-analog/
[DIR] courier-auth/
[DIR] courier-authldap/
[DIR] courier-authmysql/
[DIR] courier-authpgsql/
[DIR] courier-imap/
[DIR] courier-imap-ldap/
[DIR] courier-maildir/
[DIR] courier-maildirmake/
[DIR] courier-mta/
[DIR] courier-unicode/
[DIR] cucipop/
[DIR] cue/
[DIR] cyrus/
[DIR] cyrus-imapd/
[DIR] cyrus-imapd21/
[DIR] cyrus-imapd22/
[DIR] cyrus-imapd23/
[DIR] cyrus-imapd24/
[DIR] cyrus-sasl/
[DIR] dbmail/
[DIR] dcc/
[DIR] deforaos-mailer/
[DIR] deliver/
[DIR] demime/
[DIR] distribute/
[DIR] dk-milter/
[DIR] dkim-milter/
[DIR] dnsbl-milter/
[DIR] dot-forward/
[DIR] dovecot/
[DIR] dovecot-devel/
[DIR] dovecot-sieve/
[DIR] dovecot2/
[DIR] dovecot2-antispam-plugin/
[DIR] dovecot2-gssapi/
[DIR] dovecot2-ldap/
[DIR] dovecot2-mysql/
[DIR] dovecot2-pgsql/
[DIR] dovecot2-pigeonhole/
[DIR] dovecot2-sqlite/
[DIR] drac/
[DIR] dspam/
[DIR] elm/
[DIR] elm-me/
[DIR] elmo/
[DIR] enma/
[DIR] esmtp/
[DIR] etach/
[DIR] etpan/
[DIR] evolution/
[DIR] evolution-data-server/
[DIR] evolution-exchange/
[DIR] evolution-sharp/
[DIR] evolution12/
[DIR] evolution14/
[DIR] exim/
[DIR] exim-exiscan/
[DIR] exim-html/
[DIR] exim-user/
[DIR] exim3/
[DIR] exmh/
[DIR] ezmlm/
[DIR] ezmlm-idx/
[DIR] faces/
[DIR] fastforward/
[DIR] fdm/
[DIR] feed2exec/
[DIR] fetchmail/
[DIR] fetchmailconf/
[DIR] fetchyahoo/
[DIR] fix-mime-charset/
[DIR] flim/
[DIR] fml/
[DIR] fml4/
[DIR] freepops/
[DIR] fromto/
[DIR] getmail/
[DIR] gld/
[DIR] gmime/
[DIR] gmime20/
[DIR] gmime24/
[DIR] gmime3/
[DIR] gnarwl/
[DIR] gnus/
[DIR] gotmail/
[DIR] greetdelay/
[DIR] grepmail/
[DIR] greylisting-spp/
[DIR] heirloom-mailx/
[DIR] hypermail/
[DIR] ifile/
[DIR] ifile-procmail/
[DIR] im/
[DIR] imap-uw/
[DIR] imap-uw-utils/
[DIR] imapfilter/
[DIR] imapproxy/
[DIR] imapsync/
[DIR] imp/
[DIR] imp4/
[DIR] incm/
[DIR] ingo/
[DIR] isync/
[DIR] ja-mh/
[DIR] ja-squirrelmail/
[DIR] jchkmail/
[DIR] kbiff/
[DIR] kimap/
[DIR] kmbox/
[DIR] kmime/
[DIR] ksmtp/
[DIR] libesmtp/
[DIR] libetpan/
[DIR] libmilter/
[DIR] libmilter812/
[DIR] libsieve/
[DIR] libsnert/
[DIR] libspf-alt/
[DIR] libspf2/
[DIR] libsrs2/
[DIR] libsylph/
[DIR] libytnef/
[DIR] lua-OSBF/
[DIR] mail-notification/
[DIR] mailagent/
[DIR] mailcrypt/
[DIR] maildrop/
[DIR] mailfront/
[DIR] mailgraph/
[DIR] mailhops/
[DIR] mailman/
[DIR] mailscanner/
[DIR] mailsend/
[DIR] mailserv/
[DIR] mailsort/
[DIR] mailsync/
[DIR] mailwrapper/
[DIR] mairix/
[DIR] majordomo/
[DIR] mb2md/
[DIR] mblaze/
[DIR] mdfrm/
[DIR] mess822/
[DIR] metamail/
[DIR] mew/
[DIR] mew-xemacs/
[DIR] mew3/
[DIR] mhonarc/
[DIR] mhpgp/
[DIR] milter-greylist/
[DIR] milter-manager/
[DIR] milter-regex/
[DIR] milter-sender/
[DIR] milter-spamc/
[DIR] mime-construct/
[DIR] mimedefang/
[DIR] mimp/
[DIR] mini_sendmail/
[DIR] minimalist/
[DIR] mlmmj/
[DIR] mopher/
[DIR] mpop/
[DIR] msmtp/
[DIR] mush/
[DIR] mutt/
[DIR] mutt-current/
[DIR] mutt-devel/
[DIR] mutt-kz/
[DIR] mutt-unstable/
[DIR] nail/
[DIR] neomutt/
[DIR] netbiff/
[DIR] netqmail/
[DIR] newmail/
[DIR] newspipe/
[DIR] nmh/
[DIR] nmzmail/
[DIR] nopop3d/
[DIR] notmuch/
[DIR] nullmailer/
[DIR] oe2mbx/
[DIR] offlineimap/
[DIR] opendkim/
[DIR] opendmarc/
[DIR] opensmtpd/
[DIR] p5-App-Siesh/
[DIR] p5-Catalyst-View-Email/
[DIR] p5-Email-Abstract/
[DIR] p5-Email-Address/
[DIR] p5-Email-Address-List/
[DIR] p5-Email-Address-XS/
[DIR] p5-Email-Date/
[DIR] p5-Email-Date-Format/
[DIR] p5-Email-Find/
[DIR] p5-Email-Folder/
[DIR] p5-Email-FolderType/
[DIR] p5-Email-LocalDelivery/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-ContentType/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-Creator/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-Encodings/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-Modifier/
[DIR] p5-Email-MIME-RFC2047/
[DIR] p5-Email-MessageID/
[DIR] p5-Email-Reply/
[DIR] p5-Email-Send/
[DIR] p5-Email-Sender/
[DIR] p5-Email-Simple/
[DIR] p5-Email-Simple-Creator/
[DIR] p5-Email-Stuff/
[DIR] p5-Email-Valid/
[DIR] p5-Email-Valid-Loose/
[DIR] p5-GMail-IMAPD/
[DIR] p5-IMAP-Admin/
[DIR] p5-IMAP-Client/
[DIR] p5-MIME-Charset/
[DIR] p5-MIME-EncWords/
[DIR] p5-MIME-Lite/
[DIR] p5-MIME-Lite-HTML/
[DIR] p5-MIME-Types/
[DIR] p5-MIME-tools/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Alias/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Audit/
[DIR] p5-Mail-AuthenticationResults/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Box/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Box-IMAP4/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Box-IMPAP4/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Box-POP3/
[DIR] p5-Mail-ClamAV/
[DIR] p5-Mail-DKIM/
[DIR] p5-Mail-DeliveryStatus-BounceParser/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Ezmlm/
[DIR] p5-Mail-IMAPClient/
[DIR] p5-Mail-IMAPClient2/
[DIR] p5-Mail-ListDetector/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Message/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Milter/
[DIR] p5-Mail-POP3Client/
[DIR] p5-Mail-RFC822-Address/
[DIR] p5-Mail-SPF/
[DIR] p5-Mail-SPF-Query/
[DIR] p5-Mail-SRS/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Sender/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Sender-Easy/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Sendmail/
[DIR] p5-Mail-SpamAssassin/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Transport/
[DIR] p5-Mail-Webmail-Gmail/
[DIR] p5-MailTools/
[DIR] p5-Net-LMTP/
[DIR] p5-Net-ManageSieve/
[DIR] p5-Net-SMTP-SSL/
[DIR] p5-Net-SMTP_auth/
[DIR] p5-Net-validMX/
[DIR] p5-Parse-MIME/
[DIR] p5-Sendmail-AccessDB/
[DIR] p5-Sendmail-PMilter/
[DIR] p5-Simple-Creator/
[DIR] p5-Test-Email/
[DIR] p5-Tie-Handle-SkipHeader/
[DIR] p5-URI-imap/
[DIR] p5-User-Identity/
[DIR] p5-razor-agents/
[DIR] pear-Auth_SASL/
[DIR] pear-Mail/
[DIR] pear-Mail_Mime/
[DIR] pear-Mail_mimeDecode/
[DIR] perdition/
[DIR] perdition-bdb/
[DIR] perdition-gdbm/
[DIR] perdition-ldap/
[DIR] perdition-mysql/
[DIR] perdition-odbc/
[DIR] perdition-postgresql/
[DIR] petidomo/
[DIR] pfqueue/
[DIR] php-imap/
[DIR] php-mailparse/
[DIR] php4-imap/
[DIR] pine/
[DIR] pine-pgp-filters/
[DIR] pkg/
[DIR] policyd/
[DIR] policyd-weight/
[DIR] popa3d/
[DIR] poppassd/
[DIR] popper/
[DIR] poppy/
[DIR] postfix/
[DIR] postfix-cdb/
[DIR] postfix-current/
[DIR] postfix-ldap/
[DIR] postfix-lmdb/
[DIR] postfix-mysql/
[DIR] postfix-pcre/
[DIR] postfix-pgsql/
[DIR] postfix-sqlite/
[DIR] postforward/
[DIR] postgrey/
[DIR] postsrsd/
[DIR] prayer/
[DIR] procmail/
[DIR] proxsmtp/
[DIR] pst-utils/
[DIR] pulsar/
[DIR] py-aiosmtpd/
[DIR] py-authres/
[DIR] py-email_validator/
[DIR] py-flufl.bounce/
[DIR] py-imapclient/
[DIR] py-libgmail/
[DIR] py-policyd-spf/
[DIR] py-sendmail-admin/
[DIR] py-spf/
[DIR] py-ukpostcodeparser/
[DIR] py-validate-email-address/
[DIR] pymsgauth/
[DIR] qcheck/
[DIR] qconfirm/
[DIR] qgreylist/
[DIR] qmHandle/
[DIR] qmail/
[DIR] qmail-acceptutils/
[DIR] qmail-autoresponder/
[DIR] qmail-conf/
[DIR] qmail-lint/
[DIR] qmail-qfilter/
[DIR] qmail-rejectutils/
[DIR] qmail-run/
[DIR] qmail-spp-spf/
[DIR] qmail-users/
[DIR] qmailanalog/
[DIR] qmqtool/
[DIR] qpopper/
[DIR] qremote/
[DIR] qsmtp/
[DIR] qtools/
[DIR] queue-fix/
[DIR] queue-repair/
[DIR] queue_repair/
[DIR] quickml/
[DIR] rblcheck/
[DIR] re-alpine/
[DIR] relay-ctrl/
[DIR] ripmime/
[DIR] rmail-mime/
[DIR] roundcube/
[DIR] roundcube-plugin-carddav/
[DIR] roundcube-plugin-enigma/
[DIR] roundcube-plugin-password/
[DIR] roundcube-plugin-zipdownload/
[DIR] rspamd/
[DIR] rss2email/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailbox60/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer3/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer31/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer32/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer42/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer51/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer52/
[DIR] ruby-actionmailer60/
[DIR] ruby-mail/
[DIR] ruby-mail22/
[DIR] ruby-mail23/
[DIR] ruby-mail24/
[DIR] ruby-mail25/
[DIR] ruby-mailfactory/
[DIR] ruby-mime-types/
[DIR] ruby-mime-types-data/
[DIR] ruby-mime-types1/
[DIR] ruby-mime-types2/
[DIR] ruby-mini_mime/
[DIR] ruby-roadie/
[DIR] ruby-roadie-rails/
[DIR] ruby-tmail/
[DIR] safecat/
[DIR] seamonkey-enigmail/
[DIR] semi/
[DIR] sendmail/
[DIR] sendmail-cidrexpand/
[DIR] sendmail-current/
[DIR] sendmail-qtool/
[DIR] sendmail811/
[DIR] sendmail812/
[DIR] sendmail813/
[DIR] sendmail88/
[DIR] sendymail/
[DIR] serialmail/
[DIR] sid-milter/
[DIR] sieve-connect/
[DIR] sigrot/
[DIR] sma/
[DIR] smtp-vilter/
[DIR] smtpfeed/
[DIR] solid-pop3d/
[DIR] spamass-milter/
[DIR] spamassassin/
[DIR] spamd/
[DIR] spamdyke/
[DIR] spamprobe/
[DIR] spruce/
[DIR] sq-attachment-handlers/
[DIR] sq-squirrelspell/
[DIR] sqlgrey/
[DIR] squirrelmail/
[DIR] squirrelmail-decode/
[DIR] squirrelmail-locales/
[DIR] sqwebmail/
[DIR] ssmtp/
[DIR] swaks/
[DIR] sylpheed/
[DIR] sylpheed-claws/
[DIR] sylpheed-claws-dillo-viewer/
[DIR] sylpheed-claws-ghostscript-viewer/
[DIR] sylpheed-claws-image-viewer/
[DIR] sylpheed-claws-trayicon/
[DIR] sylpheed-devel/
[DIR] sylpheed-gtk2/
[DIR] sympa/
[DIR] t-prot/
[DIR] teapop/
[DIR] thunderbird/
[DIR] thunderbird-bin/
[DIR] thunderbird-bin-nightly/
[DIR] thunderbird-enigmail/
[DIR] thunderbird-gtk1/
[DIR] thunderbird-gtk2/
[DIR] thunderbird-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird10/
[DIR] thunderbird10-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird15/
[DIR] thunderbird15-gtk1/
[DIR] thunderbird17/
[DIR] thunderbird17-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird2/
[DIR] thunderbird24/
[DIR] thunderbird24-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird31/
[DIR] thunderbird31-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird38/
[DIR] thunderbird38-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird45/
[DIR] thunderbird45-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird52/
[DIR] thunderbird52-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird60/
[DIR] thunderbird60-l10n/
[DIR] thunderbird68/
[DIR] thunderbird68-l10n/
[DIR] tmda/
[DIR] tnef/
[DIR] tnef2txt/
[DIR] trojita/
[DIR] turba/
[DIR] up-imappproxy/
[DIR] up-imapproxy/
[DIR] vm/
[DIR] wl/
[DIR] wl-snapshot/
[DIR] wmbiff/
[DIR] wmmail/
[DIR] xbiff/
[DIR] xbuffy/
[DIR] xfce4-mailwatch-plugin/
[DIR] xfmail/
[DIR] ximian-connector/
[DIR] xmailbox/
[DIR] xmailwatcher/
[DIR] yatsvrs/
[DIR] yatsvrs5/
[DIR] ytnef/

NOTE: There are 1 files, but none matches the current tag (netbsd-6-1).

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