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[TXT] unrar-license  1.4   8 years  wiz   Update unrar to 4.1.4. Changes not documented. License wording was changed, but ...
[TXT] djb-nonlicense  1.3   13 years  schmonz   Remove statement of questionable merit, pending outcome of internal discussion. ...
[TXT] xdoom-license  1.3   10 years  wiz   Re-add xdoom, requested by drochner. Address PR 24024 by marking it as not-for-l...
[TXT] amiwm-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] emiclock-license  1.2   18 years  jtb   Fix RCS tags (from the original files).
[TXT] epsg-license  1.2   12 years  gdt   Update to 6.13, provided by Brook Milligan. Update license, and unset RESTRICTE...
[TXT] ipafont  1.2   9 years  obache   Add the header line.
[TXT] jdk13-license  1.2   18 years  wiz   Remove some spaces at eol which made it weird to read in 80 columns.
[TXT] mame-license  1.2   9 years  wiz   Update to latest version distributed with source. No relevant changes.
[TXT] molden-license  1.2   15 years  wiz   Update from webpage at
[TXT] mozilla-trademark-license  1.2   11 years  ghen   Clarify that you are not required to accept this license - the official branding...
[TXT] nntpclnt-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] original-bsd  1.2   10 years  wiz   Fix pasto -- this is "original-bsd", not "modified-bsd".
[TXT] rsaref-license  1.2   14 years  wiz   Just use original license without comments.
[TXT] sap-license  1.2   10 years  wiz   Fix a typo.
[TXT] sun-swing-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] tdir-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] ttd-pseudolicense  1.2   11 years  tnn   fix typo
[TXT] 2-clause-bsd  1.1   10 years  heinz   After discussion on tech-pkg@ I decided to add the license file for the 2-clause...
[TXT] adobe-acrobat-license  1.1   17 years  wiz   Add adobe acrobat reader license, from
[TXT] adobe-flashsupport-license  1.1   8 years  abs   Add adobe-flashsupport-license for use with multimedia/libflashsupport
[TXT] amap-license  1.1   14 years  adrianp   - Add license for amap
[TXT] amazon-software-license  1.1   9 years  jym   Add amazon-software-license, which is used by EC2 tools provided by Amazon.
[TXT] apache-1.1  1.1   10 years  gdt   apache 1.1 license, from Listed as F...
[TXT] apache-2.0  1.1   12 years  heinz   Initial import (and probably last commit :-).
[TXT] apple-admin-license  1.1   14 years  jschauma   Add a license for systutils/xraidadmin.
[TXT] apple-public-source-license  1.1   13 years  adam   Added Apple Public Source License needed for Darwin Streaming Server
[TXT] artistic  1.1   10 years  seb   Add the "Artistic License" which comes with Perl 5.10.0 tarball as the file perl...
[TXT] artistic-2.0  1.1   11 years  heinz   Added Artistic License 2.0 from
[TXT] astrolog-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license for misc/astrolog.
[TXT] bcmfw-license  1.1   13 years  plunky   sysutils/bcmfw Because the firmware files do not strictly fall into the Free or...
[TXT] beer-ware  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add beer-ware license for py-carddav.
[TXT] bicom-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   Add bicom-license and point to it. Set RESTRICTED and NO_*_ON_* because no perm...
[TXT] boost-license  1.1   9 years  adam   Changes 1.46.0: New Libraries * Icl: Interval Container Library, interval sets a...
[TXT] cardboard-schedule-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license, add NO_BIN_ON_FTP
[TXT] cc-by-nc-nd-v2.5-license  1.1   8 years  gdt   Add cc-by-nc-nd-v2.5. This is a non-Free license (nc, nd), so it has the -licen...
[TXT] cc-by-sa-v3.0  1.1   8 years  ryoon   * Add M+ Font License as mplusfont. * Add Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlik...
[TXT] cddl-1.0  1.1   10 years  jym   Add cddl-1.0 to pkgsrc.
[TXT] cdif-license  1.1   11 years  apb   Add cdif-license, which was alread referred to by textproc/cdif/Makefile
[TXT] cisco-license  1.1   8 years  pettai   Add cisco license for both tacacs packages
[TXT] citrix_ica-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license file for net/citrix_ica.
[TXT] corecode-license  1.1   12 years  wiz   Add license for Code from Simon 'corecode' Schubert.
[TXT] corel-license  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add license for AfterShotPro.
[TXT] cpl-1.0  1.1   10 years  martti   Added CPL version 1.0
[TXT] cucipop-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license for mail/cucipop.
[TXT] cyberbit-ttf-license  1.1   16 years  salo   Add Bitstream Cyberbit license.
[TXT] dbz-ttf-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license file for dbz-ttf.
[TXT] dcc-free-license  1.1   9 years  gdt   Add dcc license preparatory to import from wip.
[TXT] dungeon-license  1.1   10 years  pgoyette   Ooops - forgot the dungeon-specific non-license
[TXT] eclipse-license  1.1   15 years  jschauma   add the eclipse-license, which refers several other open source licenses
[TXT] edcommon-license  1.1   10 years  rh   The edcommon framework comes with its own licence.
[TXT] epl-v1.0  1.1   8 years  ryoon   Add "Eclipse Public License - v 1.0" as epl-v1.0
[TXT] erlang-public-license  1.1   9 years  martti   Added EPL.
[TXT] estic-license  1.1   8 years  is   ESTIC license.
[TXT] f-prot-antivirus-license  1.1   10 years  taca   Replace fprot-workstation-license by f-prot-antivirus-license.
[TXT] faces-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license for mail/faces.
[TXT] fep-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license for misc/fep.
[TXT] flash-license  1.1   13 years  wiz   Add flash license.
[TXT] foiltex-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license
[TXT] fs-kit-license  1.1   14 years  agc   Add the fs-kit licence.
[TXT] gate88-license  1.1   11 years  wiz   Add license for games/gate88.
[TXT] gated-license  1.1   12 years  gdt   add license (from "Licensing")
[TXT] generic-nonlicense  1.1   13 years  gdt   Add a (non)license file explaining the situation where permission to redistribut...
[TXT] glimpse-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add COPYRIGHT file from textproc/glimpse.
[TXT] gnu-agpl-v3  1.1   8 years  ryoon   Add GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3 as gnu-agpl-v3
[TXT] gnu-fdl-v1.1  1.1   10 years  wiz   Add GNU Free Documentation Licenses, versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, from http://www...
[TXT] gnu-fdl-v1.2  1.1   10 years  wiz   Add GNU Free Documentation Licenses, versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, from http://www...
[TXT] gnu-fdl-v1.3  1.1   10 years  wiz   Add GNU Free Documentation Licenses, versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, from http://www...
[TXT] gnu-gpl-v1  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add GNU GPL v1 from
[TXT] gnu-gpl-v2  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] gnu-gpl-v3  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] gnu-lgpl-v2  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] gnu-lgpl-v2.1  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] gnu-lgpl-v3  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] hptools-license  1.1   17 years  cjep   Add hptools-license for devel/hptools. From PR#19345.
[TXT] hydra-license  1.1   14 years  adrianp   - Add the license for the security/hydra package
[TXT] info-zip  1.1   10 years  heinz   Added Info-Zip license (retrieved from today...
[TXT] inlineegg-license  1.1   15 years  adrianp   Note addition of py-InlineEgg and appropriate license
[TXT] intel-acpica-license  1.1   10 years  tnn   Add intel ACPICA license, downloaded from
[TXT] intel-icc11-license  1.1   8 years  alnsn   Add a licence for Intel(R) C++ Compiler for Linux version 11.1.
[TXT] intel-ipw-license  1.1   15 years  lukem   Add license for sysutils/ipw-firmware
[TXT] ion-license  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add ion-license for notion.
[TXT] iozone-license  1.1   8 years  hauke   Actually add the IOzone license file that the package has pointed to for a while...
[TXT] isc  1.1   9 years  obache   Add open source intiative approved ISC License (ISCL).
[TXT] jbuilder-jit-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add jbuilder-jit license.
[TXT] jdk-license  1.1   19 years  agc   Add jdk licence to the licenses/ directory, so that "make show-license" in pkgsr...
[TXT] jpeg2ps-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license
[TXT] kermit-license  1.1   19 years  agc   Add the licences from the opera and kermit packages. They have been added to pk...
[TXT] kreativekorp-free-license  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add license for fonts/urbanrenewal-ttf.
[TXT] lc-license  1.1   13 years  dmcmahill   add license for cad/lc
[TXT] ldpc-license  1.1   9 years  agc   Add the license for devel/ldpc (Low Density Parity Check Codes)
[TXT] lft-license  1.1   8 years  gls   Add lft-license file
[TXT] lha-license  1.1   13 years  obache   Add LHa distribution notice from lha's manual page. Only avaiable Japanese EUC-J...
[TXT] libFoundation-license  1.1   10 years  rh   Update libFoundation to This makes libFoundation play nice with the ...
[TXT] lppl-1.3c  1.1   8 years  minskim   Add the most recent version of the LaTeX project public license (1.3c).
[TXT] m2crypto-license  1.1   8 years  apb   Add m2crypto-license, for the security/py-m2crypto package.
[TXT] mac-license  1.1   9 years  wiz   Add license for audio/mac.
[TXT] magic-license  1.1   9 years  dmcmahill   add license for cad/magic
[TXT] majordomo-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add LICENSE file from majordomo distribution.
[TXT] miros  1.1   10 years  ahoka   Follow the convention: miros-license -> miros
[TXT] mit  1.1   10 years  he   Add the "MIT" license, from
[TXT] modified-bsd  1.1   10 years  gdt   Add original (4-clause) and modified (3-clause) BSD licenses.
[TXT] morganstanley-license  1.1   14 years  erh   Add the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter license used by p5-Date-Business. Avoid inter...
[TXT] mpg123-license  1.1   12 years  gdt   replace no-commercial-use with actual license
[TXT] mpl-1.0  1.1   10 years  wiz   Add mpl-1.0 (Mozilla Public License), and allow it by default. (We already had v...
[TXT] mpl-1.1  1.1   10 years  tron   Mozilla Public License 1.1 (which is OSI approved).
[TXT] mpl-2.0  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add Mozilla Public License v2.0 (mpl-2.0) and mark it as default-acceptable.
[TXT] mplayer-codec-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   add
[TXT] mplusfont  1.1   8 years  ryoon   * Add M+ Font License as mplusfont. * Add Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlik...
[TXT] ms-ttf-license  1.1   17 years  seb   Mention ms-ttf-license in the list of ACCEPTABLE_LICENCES. Add the license for t...
[TXT] mush-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add the license for mush. This is the relevant section taken from the README fi...
[TXT] nethack-license  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add nethack license.
[TXT] nntpcache-license  1.1   11 years  obache   Add news/nntpcache license file.
[TXT] nvidia-license  1.1   14 years  manu   License for nvnet, a binary driver for nVidia networking
[TXT] openmotif-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   Add license for "Open Motif".
[TXT] opera-1100-license  1.1   7 years  asau   Add Opera 11 licence.
[TXT] opera-eula  1.1   9 years  ahoka   remove old opera licenses and copy the actual opera EULA here from 11.00
[TXT] pcc-license  1.1   8 years  he   Add a file containing the different licenses used in the pcc source code. These ...
[TXT] pcps-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   License file for pcps.
[TXT] php  1.1   8 years  taca   Add php license as better its file name.
[TXT] phylip-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   Add license, and rewrite RESTRICTED based on it (basically similar).
[TXT] pine-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add pine license, (CPYRIGHT file in pine source distribution).
[TXT] postfix-license  1.1   12 years  martti   Added the postfix license.
[TXT] postgresql-license  1.1   8 years  adam   Added postgresql-license
[TXT] povray-license  1.1   16 years  gavan   Update povray to version 3.50c Summary of changes in version 3.5: Major new fe...
[TXT] powder-license  1.1   9 years  wiz   Add license for powder.
[TXT] public-domain  1.1   12 years  gdt   add 'public-domain' non-license file that explains that it is to be a target for...
[TXT] pvs-license  1.1   17 years  jschauma   Add a license for freshly imported /devel/pvs. Also available online at http://...
[TXT] python-software-foundation  1.1   10 years  heinz   The OSI uses the name 'python' to refer to the license of older Python versions ...
[TXT] qpl-v1.0  1.1   9 years  hauke   Add Trolltech Q Public License for math/cgal package.
[TXT] quake3arena-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   Add license, and note that it's too complicated to figure out.
[TXT] quakedata-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license file for quakedata.
[TXT] radiance-license  1.1   15 years  jschauma   Add the radiance license (a BSD-style license)
[TXT] rar-license  1.1   15 years  wiz   Add license for rar-linux.
[TXT] ruby-license  1.1   10 years  taca   Add Ruby programming language license.
[TXT] scsl23-license  1.1   13 years  tv   Add scsl-jdk15 and scsl-jre15, SCSL licensed versions of sun-jdk15 and sun-jre15...
[TXT] scsl3-jini-tsa-1.0-license  1.1   17 years  jschauma   branches: 1.1.2; Add Sun Community Source License, Version 3.0 Jini Technology ...
[TXT] sendmail-license  1.1   13 years  adrianp   Add the proper license for sendmail
[TXT] sendmail-open-source-license  1.1   12 years  gdt   Add sendmail-open-source-license as found in tarballs, and remove inexplicable a...
[TXT] shorten-license  1.1   12 years  tnn   Add a license file for audio/shorten
[TXT] simian-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license for cad/simian.
[TXT] skype21-license  1.1   7 years  wiz   Update skype license for net/skype1 to currently valid one. Add skype21 license ...
[TXT] softmaker-office-demo-license  1.1   12 years  wiz   Add license file for softmaker-office-demo, set LICENSE, and update RESTRICTED.
[TXT] speedtouch-firmware-license  1.1   15 years  skrll   Update speedtouch to 1.3.1. The main changes is to support revision 4 modems (s...
[TXT] spim-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license
[TXT] squeezeboxserver-license  1.1   9 years  cube   Add the licence for the upcoming SqueezeboxServer package.
[TXT] srp_client-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license for srp_client
[TXT] ssh-communications-security-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   This software does not qualify as either Free or Open Source. Add LICENSE=, and ...
[TXT] su2-license  1.1   12 years  gdt   add license, set RESTRICTED
[TXT] sun-jrl-16-license  1.1   12 years  tnn   Add the Sun Java Research License, version 1.6
[TXT] sun-jsdk20-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license file for www/jsdk20.
[TXT] sun-openlook-license  1.1   10 years  abs   Add sun-openlook-licence ( s/ce$/se/ to pacify our transatlantic cousins )
[TXT] sysinfo-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license
[TXT] szip-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   branches: 1.1.2; COPYING file from szip tarball
[TXT] tarsnap-license  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add tarsnap license.
[TXT] teamspeak-license-200700213  1.1   12 years  abs   Since the Teamspeak licence has changed ensure it uses a different name, so user...
[TXT] teapot-license  1.1   9 years  hauke   Add teapot-license for math/teapot.
[TXT] tin-license  1.1   12 years  wiz   Add license file for tin, and make news/tin use it.
[TXT] titrax-license  1.1   11 years  gdt   add license
[TXT] trn-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add LICENSE file from trn distribution.
[TXT] unace-license  1.1   12 years  wiz   Add unace-license for archivers/unace-bin.
[TXT] unace-source-license  1.1   12 years  wiz   Add license for archivers/unace.
[TXT] unarj-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add the unarj license. This is the appropriate section extracted from unarj.doc...
[TXT] unlicense  1.1   8 years  bad   Add unlicense from and add it to DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENS...
[TXT] velena-license  1.1   12 years  rillig   I got the velena license wrong and assumed it were public domain, but it isn't. ...
[TXT] vhf-public-license  1.1   10 years  rh   Make this build with the new gnustep-make. While at it, enable user-destdir ins...
[TXT] vim-license  1.1   12 years  martti   Added into pkgsrc.
[TXT] vmware-license  1.1   18 years  veego   VMWare license in preparation for the package in emulators/vmware.
[TXT] xanim-license  1.1   13 years  wiz   Add xanim license.
[TXT] xephem-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   Add xephem-license, set LICENSE, and set RESTRICTED and NO_*_ON_*.
[TXT] xmill-license  1.1   13 years  gdt   Add LICENSE= and license. Add comments to RESTRICTED; this license is perhaps n...
[TXT] xv-license  1.1   14 years  wiz   Add license file for graphics/xv.
[TXT] zlib  1.1   8 years  wiz   Add zlib license.
[TXT] zoo-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license file for zoo archiver.

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