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[TXT] adobe-acrobat-license  1.1   16 years  wiz   Add adobe acrobat reader license, from
[TXT] amiwm-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] astrolog-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license for misc/astrolog.
[TXT] cyberbit-ttf-license  1.1   16 years  salo   Add Bitstream Cyberbit license.
[TXT] eclipse-license  1.1   14 years  jschauma   add the eclipse-license, which refers several other open source licenses
[TXT] emiclock-license  1.2   18 years  jtb   Fix RCS tags (from the original files).
[TXT] glimpse-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add COPYRIGHT file from textproc/glimpse.
[TXT] hptools-license  1.1   16 years  cjep   Add hptools-license for devel/hptools. From PR#19345.
[TXT] inlineegg-license  1.1   15 years  adrianp   Note addition of py-InlineEgg and appropriate license
[TXT] intel-ipw-license  1.1   15 years  lukem   Add license for sysutils/ipw-firmware
[TXT] jdk-license  1.1   18 years  agc   Add jdk licence to the licenses/ directory, so that "make show-license" in pkgsr...
[TXT] jdk13-license  1.2   18 years  wiz   Remove some spaces at eol which made it weird to read in 80 columns.
[TXT] kermit-license  1.1   18 years  agc   Add the licences from the opera and kermit packages. They have been added to pk...
[TXT] majordomo-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add LICENSE file from majordomo distribution.
[TXT] molden-license  1.2   15 years  wiz   Update from webpage at
[TXT] ms-ttf-license  1.1   17 years  seb   Mention ms-ttf-license in the list of ACCEPTABLE_LICENCES. Add the license for t...
[TXT] mush-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add the license for mush. This is the relevant section taken from the README fi...
[TXT] nntpclnt-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] pine-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add pine license, (CPYRIGHT file in pine source distribution).
[TXT] povray-license  1.1   16 years  gavan   Update povray to version 3.50c Summary of changes in version 3.5: Major new fe...
[TXT] pvs-license  1.1   17 years  jschauma   Add a license for freshly imported /devel/pvs. Also available online at http://...
[TXT] radiance-license  1.1   14 years  jschauma   Add the radiance license (a BSD-style license)
[TXT] rar-license  1.1   15 years  wiz   Add license for rar-linux.
[TXT] scsl3-jini-tsa-1.0-license  1.1   17 years  jschauma   branches: 1.1.2; Add Sun Community Source License, Version 3.0 Jini Technology ...
[TXT] speedtouch-firmware-license  1.1   14 years  skrll   Update speedtouch to 1.3.1. The main changes is to support revision 4 modems (s...
[TXT] srp_client-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license for srp_client
[TXT] sun-swing-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] tdir-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] trn-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add LICENSE file from trn distribution.
[TXT] unarj-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add the unarj license. This is the appropriate section extracted from unarj.doc...
[TXT] unrar-license  1.2   16 years  wiz   Whitespace cleanup.
[TXT] vmware-license  1.1   18 years  veego   VMWare license in preparation for the package in emulators/vmware.
[TXT] zoo-license  1.1   18 years  jtb   Add license file for zoo archiver.

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