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Revision 1.12, Fri Sep 10 15:09:32 2021 UTC (2 months, 3 weeks ago) by jperkin
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2021Q3-base, pkgsrc-2021Q3
Changes since 1.11: +0 -0 lines

rust: Update to 1.54.

Requested by gdt@, taken from wip, any mismerges are mine and I'll follow up.
While here pull in an additional fix from newer wip to disable the docs (they
are absolutely huge and not all that useful).

Version 1.54.0 (2021-07-29)


- [You can now use macros for values in built-in attribute macros.][83366]
  While a seemingly minor addition on its own, this enables a lot of
  powerful functionality when combined correctly. Most notably you can
  now include external documentation in your crate by writing the following.
  #![doc = include_str!("README.md")]
  You can also use this to include auto-generated modules:
  #[path = concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/generated.rs")]
  mod generated;

- [You can now cast between unsized slice types (and types which contain
  unsized slices) in `const fn`.][85078]
- [You can now use multiple generic lifetimes with `impl Trait` where the
   lifetimes don't explicitly outlive another.][84701] In code this means
   that you can now have `impl Trait<'a, 'b>` where as before you could
   only have `impl Trait<'a, 'b> where 'b: 'a`.


- [Rustc will now search for custom JSON targets in
  `/lib/rustlib/<target-triple>/target.json` where `/` is the "sysroot"
  directory.][83800] You can find your sysroot directory by running
  `rustc --print sysroot`.
- [Added `wasm` as a `target_family` for WebAssembly platforms.][84072]
- [You can now use `#[target_feature]` on safe functions when targeting
  WebAssembly platforms.][84988]
- [Improved debugger output for enums on Windows MSVC platforms.][85292]
- [Added tier 3\* support for `bpfel-unknown-none`
   and `bpfeb-unknown-none`.][79608]


- [`panic::panic_any` will now `#[track_caller]`.][85745]
- [Added `OutOfMemory` as a variant of `io::ErrorKind`.][84744]
- [ `proc_macro::Literal` now implements `FromStr`.][84717]
- [The implementations of vendor intrinsics in core::arch have been
   significantly refactored.][83278] The main user-visible changes are
   a 50% reduction in the size of libcore.rlib and stricter validation
   of constant operands passed to intrinsics. The latter is technically
   a breaking change, but allows Rust to more closely match the C vendor
   intrinsics API.

Stabilized APIs

- [`BTreeMap::into_keys`]
- [`BTreeMap::into_values`]
- [`HashMap::into_keys`]
- [`HashMap::into_values`]
- [`arch::wasm32`]
- [`VecDeque::binary_search`]
- [`VecDeque::binary_search_by`]
- [`VecDeque::binary_search_by_key`]
- [`VecDeque::partition_point`]


- [Added the `--prune <spec>` option to `cargo-tree` to remove a package from
  the dependency graph.][cargo/9520]
- [Added the `--depth` option to `cargo-tree` to print only to a certain depth
  in the tree ][cargo/9499]
- [Added the `no-proc-macro` value to `cargo-tree --edges` to hide procedural
  macro dependencies.][cargo/9488]
- [A new environment variable named `CARGO_TARGET_TMPDIR` is available.][cargo/9375]
  This variable points to a directory that integration tests and benches
  can use as a "scratchpad" for testing filesystem operations.

Compatibility Notes
- [Mixing Option and Result via `?` is no longer permitted in closures for inferred types.][86831]
- [Previously unsound code is no longer permitted where different constructors in branches
  could require different lifetimes.][85574]
- As previously mentioned the [`std::arch` instrinsics now uses stricter const checking][83278]
  than before and may reject some previously accepted code.
- [`i128` multiplication on Cortex M0+ platforms currently unconditionally causes overflow
   when compiled with `codegen-units = 1`.][86063]

Version 1.53.0 (2021-06-17)

- [You can now use unicode for identifiers.][83799] This allows multilingual
  identifiers but still doesn't allow glyphs that are not considered characters
  such as `~W~F` or `~_~@`. More specifically you can now use any identifier that
  matches the UAX #31 "Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax" standard. This
  is the same standard as languages like Python, however Rust uses NFC
  normalization which may be different from other languages.
- [You can now specify "or patterns" inside pattern matches.][79278]
  Previously you could only use `|` (OR) on complete patterns. E.g.
  let x = Some(2u8);
  // Before
  matches!(x, Some(1) | Some(2));
  // Now
  matches!(x, Some(1 | 2));
- [Added the `:pat_param` `macro_rules!` matcher.][83386] This matcher
  has the same semantics as the `:pat` matcher. This is to allow `:pat`
  to change semantics to being a pattern fragment in a future edition.

- [Updated the minimum external LLVM version to LLVM 10.][83387]
- [Added Tier 3\* support for the `wasm64-unknown-unknown` target.][80525]
- [Improved debuginfo for closures and async functions on Windows MSVC.][83941]

- [Abort messages will now forward to `android_set_abort_message` on
  Android platforms when available.][81469]
- [`slice::IterMut<'_, T>` now implements `AsRef<[T]>`][82771]
- [Arrays of any length now implement `IntoIterator`.][84147]
  Currently calling `.into_iter()` as a method on an array will
  return `impl Iterator<Item=&T>`, but this may change in a
  future edition to change `Item` to `T`. Calling `IntoIterator::into_iter`
  directly on arrays will provide `impl Iterator<Item=T>` as expected.
- [`leading_zeros`, and `trailing_zeros` are now available on all
  `NonZero` integer types.][84082]
- [`{f32, f64}::from_str` now parse and print special values
  (`NaN`, `-0`) according to IEEE RFC 754.][78618]
- [You can now index into slices using `(Bound<usize>, Bound<usize>)`.][77704]
- [Add the `BITS` associated constant to all numeric types.][82565]

Stabilised APIs
- [`AtomicBool::fetch_update`]
- [`AtomicPtr::fetch_update`]
- [`BTreeMap::retain`]
- [`BTreeSet::retain`]
- [`BufReader::seek_relative`]
- [`DebugStruct::non_exhaustive`]
- [`Duration::MAX`]
- [`Duration::ZERO`]
- [`Duration::is_zero`]
- [`Duration::saturating_add`]
- [`Duration::saturating_mul`]
- [`Duration::saturating_sub`]
- [`ErrorKind::Unsupported`]
- [`Option::insert`]
- [`Ordering::is_eq`]
- [`Ordering::is_ge`]
- [`Ordering::is_gt`]
- [`Ordering::is_le`]
- [`Ordering::is_lt`]
- [`Ordering::is_ne`]
- [`OsStr::is_ascii`]
- [`OsStr::make_ascii_lowercase`]
- [`OsStr::make_ascii_uppercase`]
- [`OsStr::to_ascii_lowercase`]
- [`OsStr::to_ascii_uppercase`]
- [`Peekable::peek_mut`]
- [`Rc::decrement_strong_count`]
- [`Rc::increment_strong_count`]
- [`Vec::extend_from_within`]
- [`array::from_mut`]
- [`array::from_ref`]
- [`cmp::max_by_key`]
- [`cmp::max_by`]
- [`cmp::min_by_key`]
- [`cmp::min_by`]
- [`f32::is_subnormal`]
- [`f64::is_subnormal`]

- [Cargo now supports git repositories where the default `HEAD` branch is not
  "master".][cargo/9392] This also includes a switch to the version 3 `Cargo.lock` format
  which can handle default branches correctly.
- [macOS targets now default to `unpacked` split-debuginfo.][cargo/9298]
- [The `authors` field is no longer included in `Cargo.toml` for new

- [Added the `rustdoc::bare_urls` lint that warns when you have URLs
  without hyperlinks.][81764]

Compatibility Notes
- [Implement token-based handling of attributes during expansion][82608]
- [`Ipv4::from_str` will now reject octal format IP addresses in addition
  to rejecting hexadecimal IP addresses.][83652] The octal format can lead
  to confusion and potential security vulnerabilities and [is no
  longer recommended][ietf6943].
- [The added `BITS` constant may conflict with external definitions.][85667]
  In particular, this was known to be a problem in the `lexical-core` crate,
  but they have published fixes for semantic versions 0.4 through 0.7. To
  update this dependency alone, use `cargo update -p lexical-core`.
- Incremental compilation remains off by default, unless one uses the
  `RUSTC_FORCE_INCREMENTAL=1` environment variable added in 1.52.1.

Internal Only
These changes provide no direct user facing benefits, but represent significant
improvements to the internals and overall performance of rustc and
related tools.

- [Rework the `std::sys::windows::alloc` implementation.][83065]
- [rustdoc: Don't enter an infer_ctxt in get_blanket_impls for impls that aren't blanket impls.][82864]
- [rustdoc: Only look at blanket impls in `get_blanket_impls`][83681]
- [Rework rustdoc const type][82873]

# $NetBSD: platform.mk,v 1.12 2021/09/10 15:09:32 jperkin Exp $

# This file encodes whether a given platform has support for rust.

# Platforms where rust ought to work but does not require a link to an
# open PR.


# Rust needs NetBSD>7
.  for rust_arch in aarch64 earmv7hf i386 powerpc sparc64 x86_64
.    for rust_os in Darwin FreeBSD Linux NetBSD SunOS
# rust fails to build on NetBSD/earmv7
# http://gnats.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/query-pr-single.pl?number=54621
.      if ${OPSYS} != "NetBSD" || empty(OS_VERSION:M[0-7].*)
RUST_PLATFORMS+=	${rust_os}-*-${rust_arch}
.      endif
.    endfor
.  endfor

.  for rust_platform in ${RUST_PLATFORMS}
.    if !empty(MACHINE_PLATFORM:M${rust_platform})
.    endif
.  endfor

.endif # !defined(PLATFORM_SUPPORTS_RUST)