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Annotation of pkgsrc/lang/python27/DESCR, Revision

1.1       obache      1: Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented
                      2: programming language that combines remarkable power with
                      3: very clear syntax. For an introduction to programming in
                      4: Python you are referred to the Python Tutorial. The
                      5: Python Library Reference documents built-in and standard
                      6: types, constants, functions and modules. Finally, the
                      7: Python Reference Manual describes the syntax and semantics
                      8: of the core language in (perhaps too) much detail.
                     10: Python's basic power can be extended with your own modules
                     11: written in C or C++. On most systems such modules may be
                     12: dynamically loaded. Python is also adaptable as an exten-
                     13: sion language for existing applications. See the internal
                     14: documentation for hints.

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